Strategies To Stop Smoking

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Smoking is bad for your health – we all know that. Because it is an addiction, quitting is a big problem nearly every cigarette smoker faces. Most strategies like gum, patches and so forth are a waste of time because you are still addicted to the substance – nicotine. What needs to be done so you stop smoking then?

Actually, substance abuse can be treated through hypnosis and self-help. The causes of cigarette addiction are similar to any substance abuse. It can be due to biological, social, or psychological factors. Oftentimes, children of parents with nicotine dependence are more likely to be addicted to cigarette or chain smoking.

Psychological factors specify the use of nicotine as a coping mechanism to relieve tension or stress, decrease psychological pain, or increase the feelings of influence over other people (hypnosis is a good tool when you need to overcome these factors). Social factors include experimentation or curiosity over the substance that leads to addiction. The addiction is caused by nicotine. Nicotine excites parts of the brain that emit happy feelings. Symptoms of cigarette addiction include yellow teeth because of tar, dark gums, and bad breath. These are the physical symptoms while the emotional symptoms are agitation, irritability and anger once smoking is stopped immediately. These symptoms make smokers go back to smoking because they cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms.

Below are some ways that will help you to quit smoking:

  1. Understand why you need to stop smoking. Probably, this will help you realize why you really need to stop smoking. This will help you develop determination in doing so. You can fool others but you can’t fool yourself. Hypnosis helps here.
  2. Most people think you should stop gradually not abruptly. They say that addiction does not develop overnight. It took you years to progress from that addiction that you have now. Interestingly, hypnosis has immediate positive results when you want to stop smoking – the sooner you stop the better.
  3. Increase your determination. You might want to try leaving a couple of smoked cigarettes in the last pack. This would assist you in removing the addiction every time you see it. This will assist you in empowering your thoughts.

Smoking is not just addiction. It has thousands of toxins. In every stick you consume, you are going to inhale 4,000 chemicals. Think what your family breathes in when you smoke. It is more dangerous for them. You can try talking to people who already stopped smoking to gain confidence and knowledge. You will be able to think of it as encouragement to quit smoking.

When you’re ready to see why Hypnosis can be your best resource when you want to quit smoking.

Belly Fat Removal

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Are you one of the obese or overweight people who have been searching for belly fat removal? Are you sick and tired of taking belly fat pills and ab gadgets that have never given you the result you ever desired? Are you willing now to do extra effort to remove that belly fat, that extra roll from all dimensions in your tummy region?

Belly fat has always been the number one part of the body that is so easy to gain but very hard to lose. It is even called stubborn because no matter how you tried doing everything to lose it, such as liposuction and spot reduction exercises, it has not changed, and even when it was removed, it comes back from time to time. It can also pose health problems, as fat in the tummy is close to the vital organs such as liver and kidney, it can cause problems on such parts, and it can increase your risk for heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and increase blood cholesterol. So in any attempt to lose belly fat, you are attempting to lose weight in general because fats in the belly are effectively remove when total body fats are also removed. You cannot simply spot reduce the belly with your abdominal exercises, but you have to work out your total body. It is a must!

Although there are lots of ways to remove belly fat, the differences among those ways are the effectiveness they can give, and the person who will performs the ways. If with correct perception and knowledge about it, sure you can have the best result in time.

Let’s take considerations some expensive “In demand” procedures for belly fat removal, and also the cheapest but the most effective of all. Read and learn.

The Things You Know! Remove Belly Fat Now!

Before starting, the most important thing you must know is to give time, sacrifice and effort when doing the tips below. The success of removing belly fat depends on your consistency and determination. As much as possible, incorporate these in your life, make it a routine, a habit that you will forever be doing, and you will see how it can positively affect your life and health.

1. Start Choosing The Right Food

One way to help you remove belly fat is your proper and well balanced diet. You have to eat well but the calories must be less than what you burn. Reducing the calorie intake from your diet can help but do not practice the habit of starving yourself to death. It will not help. What you need to learn is starving can starve your body too. The metabolism process of the body will slow down, causing you to store more fat that are not burn.

If you are eating unhealthily as in indulging yourself from fried foods, chocolates, breads, pasta, etc. you need to switch from a healthy diet, foods rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals but less fat, carbohydrates, sugar and salt. Add more vegetables and fruits because even if you eat more of those, the more they can help you burn calories. Add some lean cuts of meat, legumes and nut too. They are rich in protein that can make you feel full longer and prevents you from overeating. Whole grains are also advisable; consume brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta as these are light and healthy. No to high processed, salty and sugary foods. It is also advised to avoid soft drinks, and drink more water instead. Water has zero calories and soft drinks have lots of it, and it has been considered the cause of bloating of tummy among many.

Remember to eat less but regularly. You can eat several times daily, 5-6 small meals daily. This can satisfy your hunger and prevents overeating. This is also effective in removing belly fat or total body fat because once the body is give enough nutrients to function, it’s burning process also is stimulated, thus increasing its rate of function.

Although reducing calorie intake to lose belly fat is not easy and hard to keep the track of calories you are consuming, it is beneficial and a big help for you to browse a book or check online to see the amount of calories your foods have.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is always important in our life. It doesn’t only help you to keep in shape but it can help improve your overall health. Exercise is best combined with diet which is mentioned above. Exercises can be done such as your cardio training and strength training exercises. Your cardio exercise will work out your total body, leading a total body fat loss, including fats in the area. These are best done for 30 minutes daily, early in the morning 1 hour before breakfast, 3-5 days weekly.

These are your jogging, brisk walking, bicycling, swimming, dancing, etc. Strength training exercises with abdominal workouts include:

  • Abdominal crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • The plank
  • Shoulder press
  • Side bending
  • Leg lifts
  • Vertical crunch
  • Back press

These exercises are also done 20-30 minutes in alternation with cardio training. In exercising, you are burning calories. It can also improve circulation, breathing and heart’s pumping ability. More so, the metabolism of the body is increased, thus resulting to burning belly fat.

3. These are surgical ways that can also be possible to remove belly fat especially for obese people that losing of fat cannot be effective with diet and exercise…

SmartLipo is a new advanced option in liposuction surgery. It makes use of laser therapy to melt fats and tighten the skin.
Stomach stapling or gastric bypass is another form of removing belly fat. These are recommended for extremely obese people.
Traditional liposuction is still in demand now and it is also one of the means for belly fat removal. This is an invasive procedure that requires you to be sound healthy for the successful process and result. It sculpts your body in removing fats and diet is still required.

What Are Fish Oil Pills Good For?

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Have you seen fish oil pills turning up everywhere in the media? They’re being proclaimed from the rooftops as a cure-all but until your read the reports or see your doctor, you might wonder what are fish oil pills good for.

It turns out, they’re good for everything. Really, 1000’s of studies from Harvard to the University of California show they’re natural anti-inflammatories. So, they reduce inflammation. Inflammation you may have heard is linked to virtually every disease including the common cold, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even heart disease.

It’s also good for your skin and hair and a study at the University of California found fish oil may even reduce aging. A six month study found people who took these oils actually slowed down their DNA than the control group who didn’t take them.

What’s the big deal with fish oil? It’s full of essential fatty acids. EPA and DHA “feed” your brain and body. In children they help develop the brain so children gain motor skills and perform better in skill.

Of course, it’s up to mom and dad to make sure they get the nutrition they need.

In seniors, these fatty acids can help keep memories sharp and reduce inflammation to protect them from diseases.

In everyone, studies show they can stabilize your moods and even make you happier.

It turns out fish oil pills are good for your health, your brain, your moods and your skin and hair. They’re rich resources in these “good for you” nutrients and doctors say most people are deficient in them.

I think you’ll agree, if they have so much power and can even play an important role in your longer, healthier life and the lives of your loved ones, they deserve a closer look.

Here’s what a Harvard University found: They linked a nutritional deficiency–specifically in omega 3 fatty acids–to premature deaths of nearly 100,000 Americans per year.

The reason is that our modern diets don’t include a lot of these nutrients which are found in fish and some nuts and vegetables. Fish by far are one of the best resources though. And fish oil supplements are popular because they’re easy ways to get the nutrients you need-without fear of mercury and other toxins that can be found in some fish.

Tribulus Terrestris

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There are many known factors that cause high blood pressure and a lot of people are known to suffer from this condition. There are a lot of people however, who do not know or are unaware that they do have this condition and eventually develop other complications and health problems. This is why this condition is also termed as “silent killer” as there are people who live with the condition undetected. And because this condition could be left undetected, it is then vital for each and every one of us to be well educated about it, its causes, and ways of lowering it.

There are many known causes of high blood pressure that one must look out for. The most common cause of this problem is salt and sodium intake. Too much salt accounts for the major causes of heart attacks and strokes. Smoking, poor eating habits, stress, lack of physical activity are also other causes of hypertension. Another factor that causes this is heredity or family history.

Knowing about the different causes of an increase in the pressure of your blood you now have an idea of how you can lower or even prevent it. Since salt or sodium is one of the major causes of hypertension, this means that you should lower your salt and sodium intake. Poor eating habits or even poor diet also cause it so it is important for you to watch what you eat. Too much calories, fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates could lead to a rise in your blood’s pressure. Too much fat and cholesterol could also lead to the clogging of the arteries. You should also engage in more physical activities to lower your high blood pressure as being active helps you maintain a healthy weight and even helps you get rid of those unwanted fats and cholesterol stored in your body. High blood pressure is helped lowered by quitting smoking and reducing or regulating your alcohol intake.

Another way of controlling hypertension is through taking herbal supplements. Nowadays, there are a lot of different kinds of these supplements available for each kind of health problem or concern. For controlling hypertension, you can find heart care herbal supplements. These heart care herbal supplements contain ingredients that are known to improve the heart’s health and even treat different heart problems. Tribulus Terrestris (Gokharu Ghana) is one of the ingredients contained in herbal supplements as this is believed to help lower pressure. It is also used as a rejuvenation tonic. This herb is also used in addressing problems such as urinary disorders, kidney diseases, impotence, gravel, gout, and a lot more. It is also very helpful in addressing diseases of the heart and a lot more other conditions.

Watch Your Back

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The three weakest links in the body are the neck, knees and back. If any of these three parts are out of commission, you know it. Your whole day is affected. With winter on its way and snow shoveling just around the corner, you must be extra careful with your back. Just about everything you do affects your back. Most people will have back pain at some point in their life. Back pain can be caused by being overweight, performing repetitive movements, sitting, standing, stress and improper lifting procedures. The back is very complicated and taking care of it now can go a long way toward preventing many forms of back problems in the future.

Here are some tips for keeping your back healthy and strong:

  • Practice good posture. Slouching puts undue stress on your back.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight puts stress on the back.
  • Eat well. We need calcium and vitamin D among other nutrients to keep bones in good shape.
  • Quit smoking. Studies suggest that smokers are more likely to experience disc problems.
  • Strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. By keeping your abdominal muscles strong and maintaining good posture, you will be creating a natural “girdle” around your body to give your back good support.
  • Keep the spine flexible with yoga and gentle exercises. It’s been said that a flexible spine is the secret to a youthful body.
  • Exercise regularly to keep your body fit and strong. Many back injuries happen when people who are not active play a vigorous game of football or softball on the weekend. Condition your body with regular exercises so you can play sports without pain.
  • Reduce stress. Tense people often have tense backs. Get enough sleep, exercise, be positive and practice deep breathing regularly.
  • Be comfortable. Avoid restrictive clothing and high-heeled shoes which can put stress on your back.
  • If you stand for long periods of time, raise one foot on a box to lessen the strain on your back. Check your posture and try to maintain the natural curve in your spine. Take frequent breaks if possible.
  • If you must sit for long periods of time, get up every 30 minutes, walk around and do a few stretches.
  • If you work at a computer, adjust your chair so your elbows to wrists are parallel to the floor and the screen is at eye level.
  • Use your legs when lifting. Bend at the knees and straighten your legs as you lift the object. This puts less strain on your back.

We often don’t appreciate a healthy back until we’re laid up with a bad one. Take a proactive approach to a strong, healthy and pain-free back.

Anxiety – It’s Not Your Fault!

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Anxiety is a common problem in America today, with tens of millions of adults and teenagers being medicated to treat the symptoms. But it should be noted that it is not the same from person to person – and that medication is not really necessary in a large number of these cases.

If we created a scale from 1 to 10, a panic attack (which is the most powerful form of anxiety) would register at a 9 or 10. Complete relaxation would be around 1. The typical person living in a big city might have a stress level of around 3 or 4 on a daily basis.

In comparison, a person with general anxiety (sometimes called Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD) are around the 5 to 8 range. People with GAD vary in the intensity of what they experience, but typically they have feelings of anxiety that are not triggered by any specific incidents, and they often experience anxious thoughts and worry constantly.

People who have GAD spend their days in the upper level of our scale, almost as if their “dial” is stuck on a permanent high setting of sensitivity. This constant anxiety makes them jumpy, irritable, and physically feel bad. They are habitually tense and uncomfortable, and they become obsessed with anxious thoughts.

Some symptoms that people can experience include…

  • Becoming nauseated
  • Being dizzy
  • Becoming exhausted
  • Problems with eyesight
  • Cramps and stomach pains
  • Intrusive thoughts they can’t control
  • Depression
  • Feelings of unreality
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Difficulty concentrating

The good news is that if you have general anxiety (and if you only think you do, you should consult a doctor or therapist to get a professional diagnosis), it’s not an illness. Your brain is just fine, and so is your body. You merely suffer from a sensitized, anxious state. Basically, your body is attuned to a higher level of readiness to act – you’re in a constant state of “fight or flight.”

If you think about it, this sort of anxiousness might have been a benefit to our ancestors. If people 6000 years ago lived under the threat of being eaten by a tiger, people who constantly worried about tigers and scanned their surroundings stood a better chance of NOT being surprised and eaten by a tiger. People who were relaxed and unconcerned about dangers probably didn’t live as long!

The problem comes in that the vast majority of humanity doesn’t have to worry about physical dangers as much as our ancestors did. But in people with general anxiety, their brains just don’t have the same physical capacity of shutting down.

But it is a process that can be learned, and learned quickly and easily.

Conditions of Premature Babies

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Premature babies, or preemies, are born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Since they are born too early, they weigh much less than full-term babies. Their organs are not yet develop, causing them to have health problems and thus they need special and close monitoring in a NICU or neonatal intensive care unit by a neonatologist to assess their medical condition. Babies are discharged out of NICU when their organs are already developed.

Since organs of premature babies are not fully developed, they may have the following conditions: apnea of prematurity (AOP)-a condition which premature infants stop breathing for 15 to 20 seconds during sleep; bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)-is a serious lung condition that affects premature infants needing oxygen therapy; intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH)-is bleeding inside or around the ventricles, the spaces in the brain containing cerebral spinal fluid; necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)-a gastrointestinal disease involving infection and inflammation that causes destruction of the bowel or part of the bowel; patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)- a heart problem that characterized by the occurrence of abnormal blood flow between the two major arteries connected to the heart; periventricular leukomalacia (PLV)-is characterized by the death of the white matter of the brain due to softening of the brain tissue which is brought about by the lack of oxygen or blood flow to the periventricular area of the brain; respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)- is brought about by immature lungs which cannot produce enough surfactant. Surfactant is a liquid coating that allows lungs to open and not to collapse while breathing; retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)-occurs when abnormal blood vessels grow and spread throughout the retina which causes scarring and pulling out of the retina in position that further leads to visual impairment and blindness; transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN)-a lung condition which causes newborns’ breathing during the first hour of life more rapid and labored than normal; very low birth weight-babies who are born weighing less than 1,500 grams (3 pounds, 4 ounces).

Feeding becomes the most important during babies’ stay in the NICU to ensure growth and development, therefore breastfeeding is encouraged. Breast milk has a lot of benefits for babies especially for premature and sick ones. However, premature babies aren’t ready to suck yet. They are feed through a tube. Mothers should learn how to pump their milk so it can be delivered by tube to the babies’ stomach.

Parents having premature babies are often worried, may feel anxiety and confusion; not only because of the medical condition of their babies but also because of the various equipment in the NICU that may threaten them about their babies. Some of the common reactions by parents are fear, anger, guilt, loss, and powerlessness. Talking with the NICU team may help reduce the discomfort. It will help in understanding babies’ conditions and needs as well as of the parents’ conditions and capacity to handle the situation therein. Through this, they can set their level of expectations and cope with the NICU experience.

Keep Things Simple to Find Happiness

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Can you recollect the days of your childhood? Life was so easy at that time and nothing was tough or complicated. We never cared about those things that we did not identify because we were totally unaware of those things that might make us worried.

Over time, we get worried about those things that we see and observe daily, like life and casualties, achievements and failures and many others. The one main thing which should always be kept in mind is this. Events and situations do not make you worried but the way you interpret them does!

By recalling the carefree days of childhood, you can easily determine what to do now in order to enjoy life. You simply have to take life easy as much as possible and that is exactly what children do. Few precious points that can help you a lot in this respect are given below:

Enjoy the simple things and try discovering the influence of a smile, laughter, kiss or a hug. If you want to enjoy life, you are required to believe in dreams, imaginations and kindness.

Do not take your mistakes too seriously and try to laugh at them, this will keep you relaxed. Have you ever been in situation when you were in the middle of your speech and forgot some sentences? No doubt that is embarrassing but your audience does not take such things too seriously. We all make mistakes occasionally so instead of making such errors a life time issue we should try to forget them as early as possible.

Make your environment and surrounding beautiful by filling it with things that you love. Stay away from things that make you feel depressed and down. If you do not like your high paying job anymore, you should find another job that interests you before quitting.

Some people try to please everyone but this is not possible. If you want to make somebody’s day, start with those whom you love. Pleasing everyone is almost impossible, so it is better to give priority to those whom you love.

Keep yourself fit and try to be as attractive as you want yourself to be. Enjoy your health and do not feel sick or ill because of any physical deficiency. It’s the fantastic way of telling the world that you are putting your best side forward.

Trust yourself and never assume things before they have actually happened. If you are assuming that you will mess up during the interview, you are making yourself down and depressed without any reason. Anticipate the worst to make yourself more alert and active whilst preventing you from becoming down hearted.

You should learn how to ignore things that you do not like. You know yourself more than anyone else, so do not allow yourself to feel depressed in the case of any criticism.

The Role of Fiber in Your Diet

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There are TV commercials, print ads and even ads on-line promoting products that contain fiber. Most of them are discreet about the reason it’s so important, but these products do more than just “keep you regular”.

Cholesterol: Cholesterol comes from two sources, what you eat and your own body. While there are medications that can cut down how much your body produces, using what you eat and drink is a better idea. Adequate intake can actually block your digestive system from absorbing it.
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Constipation: The commercials are right, if you have difficulties “going,” a boost in fiber intake can resolve the problem without harsh chemical (or herbal) laxatives. If you choose bulk fiber, there is a word of warning. Follow the instructions exactly, as you’ll need to have enough liquid in your diet to prevent problems.

Satiation: One of the hardest aspects of dieting is hunger. Filling foods can resolve that, though you’ll have to make sure they’re within your calorie budget. Watch out for products that have too much additional fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium, as they can cause more problems than they solve.

Toxins: Some of what we eat is broken down in the body, and then eliminated either through urine or feces. Unfortunately, if your digestive track is not functioning properly, some of those toxins can be left behind. Fiber can do more than block cholesterol absorption, it can act as an intestinal broom and get the stuff out of your body.

If you absolutely cannot get enough of this necessary roughage, a supplement may be a good idea. There are many different products available. Some may even taste all right, but many of them tend to taste like cardboard. If you go the supplement route, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Most bulk supplements can’t be taken with your medications, as it will block absorption. Take your medicines an hour before or two hours after your supplement. This will insure that you get the full benefits of both. No bulk laxative can be taken with licorice root. It can mess up your ability to use potassium, a necessary mineral.

To be honest, it’s best to get enough roughage from your food over a supplement. Whole grains and most fruits and vegetables contain a great deal, and adding them to your diet may mean you don’t need to take bulk products.

If you have any medical conditions or take medications, be sure to talk to your doctor about what is best for you in this area. This will help you avoid side effects and supplement/medication interactions.


How Type 2 Diabetics Can Fight Morning Hunger Or Cravings and Lose Weight

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Type 2 diabetics and everybody else gets told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The problem for Type 2 diabetics is that breakfast is also often the biggest meal of the day. People with diabetes wake up in the morning ready to eat eggs, sausages, cereal, doughnuts, potatoes, juice, tomatoes, ready to eat everything in sight. But there is a way to fight off morning cravings.

Dr. Karen R. Kelly of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio in the United States tried an experiment with 17 diabetic volunteers, all of them between 65 and 67 years old. Keeping all the volunteers on a constant-calorie diet (that is no additional food, but no weight loss dieting either), Dr. Kelly assigned:

9 volunteers to eat a high-glycemic index diet, averaging over 80, and
8 volunteers to eat a low-glycemic index diet, averaging below 40

  • A high-glycemic index diet includes potatoes, bread, rice, sweets, and breakfast cereals, although not in unlimited quantities. Remember, these test subjects did not get to eat extra calories.
  • A low-glycemic index diet eliminates potatoes, bread, rice, sweets, and breakfast cereals, and really does not leave a lot of room for fruit. There can be small servings of fruit, maybe a single piece of candy every few days, and so on, but mostly the diet is high-protein, low-fat foods plus vegetables.

All the volunteers were assigned to an exercise program 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. Remarkably, (this is actually rare in exercise programs), the participants lost an average of 16.7 pounds (7.6 kg), some as much as 3 pounds (1.5kg) more, and some as much as 3 pounds or 1.5 kgs less! But all the participants lost weight by doing exercise, because they did not consume more calories.

This study shows Type 2 diabetics actually can lose weight eating the “wrong” foods if they just exercise and do not eat too much. But the volunteers who ate the high-glycemic index diet found that to be a lot harder to do. Dr. Kelly looked for the underlying reason why.

There is something about eating foods that are low on the glycemic index that reduces secretion of the hormone GLP-1, also known as glucagon-like peptide-1. This is the hormone the small intestine secretes when there’s digested food inside. It signals the pancreas to release insulin to transport sugar and store fat. It also tells your stomach that its work is done and you are ready for more.

Because the volunteers in both groups limited the amount of food they ate, they did not have high blood sugars and they also lost weight. But the people in the high-glycemic index group made more GLP-1. Their stomachs got the signal, “OK, fill me up again,” and it was especially strong in the morning. This study tells us that if you don’t want to wake up hungry and stay hungry all day, eat vegetables, low-glycemic index fruits, and protein foods.

What Actually Is A Laminotomy?

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There are not few people in existence out there who suffer from spinal stenosis. However, a large portion of these people are often unfortunate enough that they cannot get over their sickness with physical medications and therapy. This makes is necessary for these people to undergo a surgery as their last resort in attempts and hopes of recovering from their sickness. A spinal surgery is usually capable of creating some spaces in their vertebrae for the purpose of relieving the pain and pressure on their nerve system. Speaking of surgeries intended to treat spinal stenosis, there are usually laminectomy, foraminotomy and laminotomy. In this case, only laminotomy will be discussed.

Laminotomy ends with the suffix “otomy”. This means creating an incision. With that being said, what a laminotomy actually means is a process of cutting away those spine ache sufferers’ lamina in part. This is also meant to give more spaces so that those trapped nerves can be released.

But there is one thing that those spine ache sufferers will have to bear in mind. If they happen to experience more severe spine ache cases, laminotomy may not be able to help them anymore. They will need to undergo a laminectomy treatment instead which attempts to remove their lamina as a whole.

A laminotomy surgery is a far less invasive surgery compared to laminectomy. With that being said, those spine ache sufferers who undergo this treatment will not experience quite a major bleeding or noticeable scar, if there is even any bleeding or scar at all. What this may also mean is that those sufferers will need less time in order to fully recover from their sickness. They will not need to spend too many nights staying at the hospitals.

However, before any back pain or spine ache sufferers even think about undergoing a laminotomy at all, it may be a wise thing to do if they try healing themselves with other non surgical methods in advance. If the normal non surgical methods do not seem to work at all, they may want to try the more adverse non surgical methods. Steroid injections are one good example in this case. However, this is only a temporary healing method and it may have adverse effects.

A surgery healing method such as the laminotomy, on the other hand, may often seem to be an extreme one. However, with the help of the right spine surgeon — preferably someone with a fellowship in spine treatment and experiences in treating a large number of spine patients — and the right operation procedures, this surgery healing method may prove to heal the pain and all other symptoms that the spine ache sufferers may have been experiencing due to their spine problems quite easily indeed.

Contact Lenses or Glasses?

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Everyone has seen the specs, but not everyone wears them from morning until evening.

How nice and helpful eyewear is – this is debatable – many are bored with their helplessness without them, others by the inconvenience during sports and other mobile activities, but when your vision depends on them, you must not be capricious. Or maybe you do?

For a long time on the market, there are small and inconspicuous substitutes for glasses – contact lenses. They are divided into two main types – soft and hard. Soft lenses have a much greater application in eye practice because they are physiological.

Their selection should not be done indiscriminately, as it is necessary to adhere to several indicators – radius, diameter, diopter, and the type of material. Last but not least contacts comply with the occupation of the patient. Lenses should not be over worn. In general, the patient must comply with several rules when wearing lenses, and also follow the doctor’s instructions.

In one year of use the lenses need to be properly cared for: disinfected and cleaned by a special solution. The main problem occurs if there was no good maintenance or one of them stop “working” properly.

For the last 5 years the range of parameters of these lenses has grown. The lenses have acquired other qualities – UV protection, corrections astigmatism, huge selection of colors, and lenses with unusual views – Crazy and Wild eyes.

The advantages of lenses compared to glasses are that they provide much better visual acuity and no field restriction. Having in mind the quality and materials which they are produced from, the contact lenses provide a significant comfort. Glasses naturally remain in practice, they also have their place, but contact lenses are preferred mostly by young people, ones with high diopter and those who have a significant difference in vision between both eyes, which cannot be corrected with glasses, as they raise separation of images from both eyes in the cerebral cortex.

What to choose – glasses or contact lenses? Everything depends on the patient’s age, on his/her profession, and are there any medical indications for wearing contact lenses. If the one in need of a means of vision correction is an athlete for example, of course, the contact lenses are better than glasses. Lenses are not recommended for people with certain eye diseases or when their side effects have already occurred – allergic reactions and others. Of course, everyone who uses contact lenses should have a pair of glasses – as a backup.

The reasons for which we give up on glasses and try contact lenses are various. Some people are unsatisfied by their appearance or they try to make their life more convenient. Others are willing to change their look and attract other people’s attention. Whatever the causes are to resort to the lens, the glasses have their advantages. They make us look more intelligent and charming.

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