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Emotional Binge Eating

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Emotional eating is a condition which millions of people suffer from and which can drastically affect your life for the worse. In this article I want to share some tips on how to better cope with emotional binge eating so you can make progress and finally overcome this issue in your life.
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So, how do you begin to cope with this problem?

1. You have to be positive – A lot of people with emotional eating issues simply give up. They may have read some books on the topic or tried one or two techniques. When that didn’t work (most likely because what they tried was useless) they began to view themselves as failures, as if they will never be able to overcome emotional eating.

If you feel that way, you’re only making yourself feel worse and making it harder and harder on yourself to avoid overeating. You need to have faith that you will find a solution and you will.

2. Take baby steps – Don’t try to stop overeating in one huge step. Take smaller steps that will get you to that goal gradually. For instance, focus all your will power on not overeating one specific food for 2-3 weeks and don’t worry about others. This will help you create a new habit of not-overeating on that food. Then, turn your will power to create a new habit such as not eating after a certain hour of night. Do this and you will slowly get more control over what you eat and when.

3. Get accountability – Right now you may feel like you’re disappointing yourself. I want you to also start worrying about disappointing other people as well. I want you to find just one person you can trust and share what you’re going through. Make that person your “accountability agent” by promising to share with them whenever you overeat. Being able to share will have you cope with overeating and not wanting to disappoint this person will give you extra strength to be able to resist your cravings.

4. Start your day in a healthy way by having a good, solid breakfast with nutritious, non-fattening foods and a little bit of exercise. This will set you in the right mindset and you won’t want to “ruin” your day, so to speak by overeating.

Use these tips to help you deal with emotional eating better and you will see tremendous improvement.

Holistic Health Medicine

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Under: Medicine

Holistic health medicine is based on the concept in medical practice that all aspects of people’s needs, psychological, physical, and social, should be considered and seen as a whole. Basically, the concept is based on a belief that both the physical and mental aspects of life are interconnected and result into the overall health and wellness of a person. Holistic health is generally associated with the topic of alternative medicine, but it is becoming more popular today.

The concept of holistic medicine is not new and it is ages old concept and many people around the world have experienced the benefits of this treatment technique. It came into limelight recently. There is a certain kind of laziness in the medical field and sometimes it is extremely slow to accept new ways of treatment or thinking.

Generally, it is based more on the approach of how the individual should be treated. There are mainly two types of approaches to treat an individual – physical and mental. Physical approach involved use of medicines and other techniques to help the individual overcome the disease. On the other hand, mental approach incorporates emotional and spiritual aspects as well. It states that achieving a good health is more than simply taking care of the different parts of our physical bodies but also involves emotional factors too. The ultimate aim of holistic medicine is complete wellness, not simply a lack of disease of physical pain.

Many people believe that the concept of holistic medicine is fake; everything is related to physical aspect. Still, many researchers are working on the study to find out the truth of holistic health medicine but whatever the result will be, the prime aim of any kind of therapy is to help the individual achieve complete health and wellness.
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Divine Wellness is a well known name in the field of holistic health medicine. Divine Wellness is providing high quality consulting and e-learning services on herbal alternative medicine and alternative holistic health benefits.

How to Alleviate Allergies

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Under: Allergies

There are many people suffering from allergies. One of the most common allergies is to sneeze every morning. The level of the allergies is commonly increasing when the spring comes. Therefore, these are going to give you the information about some best ways to alleviate your allergies.

Controlling the temperature in your home is one of the best ways to control allergies. By using a thermostat, you will be able to control the temperature in your home at the 65 level during the night time and at the 70 level during the day. You have to make sure that the air is not too cold because it can lead to the increase of allergies. Do not set your humidifier too high. You have to set it not less than 50 or 40.

If you have a rug in your home, cleaning this furniture can help you to improve your health as well as prevent your allergies to come back. Make sure that the dust in your home is completely eliminated. It is because dust can become the most common cause of people to suffer from allergies.

Moreover, you have to change your sheets for at least twice a week. Changing your sheets regularly can really help you to prevent your allergies. If you let your sheets dirty, it is potential to carry dust so that you will be easily suffered from allergies. So, just wash your sheets regularly so that you can stay away from allergies.

Furthermore, since mold can also cause severe allergies, you need to clean your bathroom in order to stop the growth of mold. You have to do it for at least three times a week. Instead of stopping the growth of mold, keeping your bathroom clean will also become a great way to keep your body healthy.

Additionally, it is very common for people to keep their books from college that they thought the books were important. As the time goes, these books are dusty so that they increase allergies. Thus, it is better if you donate some of your books to the library. Or, if your books are not useful anymore, you can just throw them away.

For those who like to keep many foods on refrigerator, do not forget to clean the refrigerator in order to avoid the mold grows. Also, do not leave your foods expired for many days in your refrigerator. Cleaning your refrigerator every weekend can improve your health and keep you away from allergies.

Teen Suicide

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Experiencing a sense of sadness, anxiety, and despair is part and parcel to teenage life. In fact, they’re normal reactions to loss, rejection, or disappointment, but for those suffering from an underlying mental illness, these “normal” reactions can prove deadly. “According to the National Institute of Mental Health, scientific evidence has shown that almost all people who take their own lives have a diagnosable mental or substance abuse disorder, and the majority have more than one disorder.” It makes sense, then, that we educate ourselves as parents and re-focus our parenting lenses in an effort to capture early warning signs before they wreak devastation.

The statistics are grim:

For youth between the ages of 10-24, suicide is the third leading cause of death. It results in approximately 4500 lives lost each year.

A nationwide survey of youth in grades 9-12 in public and private schools in the United States (U.S.) found that 15% of students reported seriously considering suicide, 11% reported creating a plan, and 7% reporting trying to take their own life in the 12 months preceding the survey.

Boys are more likely than girls to die from suicide. Of the reported suicides, 83% of the deaths were males and 17% were females.

Girls are more likely to report attempting suicide than boys.

Sadly, it’s often the victim who is blamed, and family and friends are left with the aftermath and often times regarded with shame. The shame-based secrecy of suicide leaves us with a considerable public health issue, and those working to prevent suicide are presented with the rather Sisyphean task of fighting a veiled problem.

Some risk factors to look for include:

  • Extreme personality changes
  • Loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyable
  • Significant loss or gain in appetite
  • Difficulty falling asleep or wanting to sleep all day
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Neglect of personal appearance or hygiene
  • Sadness, irritability, or indifference
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Extreme anxiety or panic
  • Drug or alcohol use or abuse
  • Aggressive, destructive, or defiant behavior
  • Poor school performance
  • Hallucinations or unusual beliefs
  • Putting one’s affairs in order, such as giving away of throwing away favorite belongings
  • History of previous suicide attempts

Substance abuse and suicide often go hand in hand. If you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal ideologies and/or drug abuse, then family support and adolescent treatment may be the best first step on the path to recovery. It’s in our willingness to let go that we may find freedom from suffering.

Anti Aging Skin Care

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Under: Skin Care

Fighting the aging process is one thing many individuals run into sooner or later in life but most women and men don’t realize that using just a little anti aging skin care it’s achievable. However, on top of that, most people prefer a simple and effortless system to follow, yes or no?
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Why Most People Fail In Getting Beautiful And Clear Skin

Unfortunately, most anti aging skin cream programs often make using it extremely complicated not to mention impractical. Have you ever been excited regarding the latest anti aging skin care program that’s intended to help keep your skin complexion beautiful and younger looking but only to discover that there are countless guidelines and methods to follow.

Sadly, it becomes way too difficult to maintain, and that’s when the majority of individuals fall directly into their previous routines. This does not help those folks achieve their long- term goals of stopping or preventing the telltale signs of aging.

Thankfully there are a number of straightforward simple techniques that can be done to keep skin looking younger.

Below you will find one of those techniques:

You’ve probably heard it before but make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Of course, it might sound somewhat silly nevertheless drinking the proper amount of water every day is among the most effective steps you can take not just for skin care, but steps your entire body love you for.

Here’s A Proven Fact About Your Skin

Did you know the human body is approximately seventy percent water? Did you know the biggest organ in the body is the skin? This organ needs lots of water every day. Natural dehydration happens if the skin does not get sufficient water.

It will start becoming dried out not only on the outside but the cells on the inside of the body will start to dry out plus the skin will lose its elasticity and can result in loose skin, those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines.

Here Is One Of Your First Steps To Great Skin

The basic guideline all of us should follow is to drink eight cups of water per day. Stay away from sugary drinks like most juices and sodas. Getting the right amount of water will have a huge impact on the overall health of your skin and is you first step to anti aging skin care.

This Fact Is Beneficial And Crucial At The Same Time
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Another crucial tip is to reduce the amount of sun exposure to an absolute minimum. As beneficial as the sun is, it is a huge problem when considering anti aging skin care.

Stop Smoking: Popular options

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Under: Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is never easy, especially if you have had the habit for a few years or more. Once you have made up your mind to stop you must keep focussed and believe that you can achieve what you have previously only dreamed of. Believe me, you can do it no matter how long you’ve smoked. I smoked for twenty years and I stopped and so can you.

Willpower plays a very important part, but most people cannot do it alone. Smoking is a habit, but we all know that. Changing a habit is something we have to learn how to do. Throwing away the packet with the intention of never smoking again is very brave and it’s something most people cannot do, and I understand why because I’ve been there.

Many smokers who quit, for some silly reason start back up, and then quit again some time later, then start smoking again, and quit again and they will continue this cycle for years. Some will even give up giving up. A sudden problem in normal life, a set back or an emotional shock can make you grab for that cigarette packet and to be lost once again in a blue haze of smoke.

If you are using a physical product such as gum or patches, when the cards are down you’re going to need your strongest resolve. You must have the willpower and motivation if you are to stand a chance. But once you have decided that you are truly ready for this, you may want to consider what your options are so that you have the best chance of success.

Here are the popular choices:

  • Throw away the packet and rely on willpower (difficult for most)
  • Nicotine Gum (can be successful but can literally make your jaw ache constantly chewing)
  • Nicotine Patches (discreet, can be successful and can be purchased locally)
  • Nicotine Nasal Spray (spray solution into the nostrils, some find that unpleasant, can be purchased locally)
  • Inhaler (mouthpiece and cartridge which you draw on, like an imitation cigarette)
  • Hypnosis (can be purchased on CD which is discreet, play anytime, it changes the way you think about cigarettes)

Many people have tried physical products such as gum and patches but the craving for cigarettes has remained. My own personal preference was for Hypnotherapy which as I said changes the way you think about smoking. It forces your subconscious mind to change the thoughts about cigarettes which became the habit you were used to. It sort of, reconditions your mind (don’t worry it’s completely painless and you don’t even realize it’s happening). I found it awesome and it worked for me after many years on the “quit and start again” cycle. I found it easy, unobtrusive and more importantly successful.

Sleep and Growth Hormone

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Under: Health care

Human Growth Hormone Mexico is one of your truest friends and the research shows that it is very dependent on the amount of sleep that you get each night. Anti-aging researchers and proponents are interested in this very powerful hormone as it directly and positively effects fat loss, weight management and brain function.

So how dependent is it on sleep quality and time? Just as with testosterone, one study showed that sleep deprivation leads to no normal nocturnal Growth Hormone surge. Zip. Nada. It’s this simple: if you deny yourself sleep, you get a drastically blunted Growth Hormone response. One set of researchers summarized that “the nocturnal Growth Hormone surge is largely sleep-dependent.” That’s pretty clear language for scientific researchers: if you want to rebuild your body and mind, you must have lengthy, quality sleep.

You might be saying, “Well, that only applies to those fools who engage in total sleep deprivation”. Au contraire! One study found, as is the case with testosterone, an almost linear relationship between Growth Hormone and slow-wave sleep. This kind of deep sleep becomes progressively more difficult as we age: sometimes we just plain have to work at it. The linearity that the researchers discovered means on a practical level that the more you sleep, the more of this hormone that you’ll have and the more sleep you lose, the less that you’ll have, all other things being equal.

Optimizing Growth Hormone is often a concern of many dads who want their child to be as tall as possible, since it governs height for those of us with kids. Of course, height is mostly a function of heredity, but I tell them that the safest way to optimize this critical hormone is through sleep. There is no study that I know that correlates height and sleep, but it is likely somewhat of a factor in the growth and development of your kids.

By the way, did I mention that Growth Hormone even stimulates additional testosterone production? It actually creates a cascade of increasing IGF-1, FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), LH (Leutinizing Hormone), which ultimately leads to increases in testosterone (and estrogen but proportionally of course). The increases may not be huge but every little bit helps!

So the bottom line is that optimization and maximization of your growth hormone output requires you to just be disciplined and put your head down on that pillow.

Hyperhidrosis Treatments

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If you want to stop excessive sweating, then there are several hyperhidrosis treatments available to you. But how to know which one will work best?

Types of Hyperhidrosis

There are different types, for example palmar (that means sweaty hands), plantar (that means sweaty feet), facial (that means sweaty face), axillary (that means heavy underarm sweating) and general hyperhidrosis. For palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis, iontophoresis might be a good treatment choice – but in the case of axillary or a general sweating problem, it is not only ineffective, but even extremely painful.

Causes Of Hyperhidrosis
There are many possible causes of hyperhidrosis. In about 50% of the cases it’s hereditary – your genes. In all cases it is a imbalance in the regulatory mechanism that controls your sweat glands. However, even if you have hyperhidrosis for genetic reasons, it is still curable.
Obese people also tend to suffer from hyperhidrosis more often than others.

Treatment Options
The easiest and most common form are topical treatments like anti-perspirants which you simply apply on the areas where you want to avoid sweating. Most of them are aluminum chloride-based.

Focal Botox injections are also becoming more popular – Botox basically blocks the nerve endings that lead to the sweat glands. This treatment is however very expensive and needs to be renewed every couple of weeks.

Another common treatment is iontophoresis – basically a low-powered electric current is sent through the affected area to reduce the activity of the sweat glands. This treatment is most commonly used for palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.

Surgery is almost not being used anymore – newer scientific findings showed that it is pretty ineffective. While it does permanently stop the excessive sweating in the area where it is performed, it can often (in as much as 90 percent of all cases) lead to compensatory sweating in other areas of the body.

CBT Therapy For Depression

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a abbreviated form of psychological used in the direction of adults and children with natural depression. Its focusing is on prevalent issues and symptoms versus more traditional forms of therapy which tend to focus on a someone’s past yesteryear. The usual format is weekly therapy sessions coupled with daily praxis exercises designed to help the sufferer apply CBT skills in their home surroundings.

CBT for depression involves respective important features: identifying and correcting unfaithful thoughts associated with depressed sensitivity (cognitive restructuring), helping patients to pursue more often in gratifying activities (behavioural activation), and enhancing problem-solving skills. The first of these components, cognitive restructuring, involves cooperation between the patient and the expert to reckon and modify habitual errors in thinking that are associated with depression. Depressed patients often undergo contorted thoughts about themselves (e.g. I am stupid), their environment (e.g. My life is direful) and their prospective (e.g. There is no sensation in going forward, nothing will work out for me). Message from the patient’s current experience, bygone history, and future prospects is used to counter these distorted thoughts. In addition to self-critical thoughts, patients with depression typically cut back on activities that have the possible to be enjoyable to them, because they expect that such activities will not be worth their exertion. Regrettably this usually results in a deplorable cycle, wherein dispirited mood leads to less activity, which in turn results in further depressed mood, etc.

The second portion of CBT Therapy, behavioral activation, seeks to remediation this downward spiral by negotiating increases in potentially satisfying activities with the patient. When patients are depressed, problems in daily realistic often seem unsurmountable. In the final, the CBT therapist provides and counsel in special strategies for solving problems (e.g. breaking problems down into small steps).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a scientifically well-established and effective treatment for depression. Over 75% of patients show noteworthy improvements.

Summary of CBT Therapy

First, remember that we cannot present Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in one web page, or in a few paragraphs. But, the marrow of cognitive therapy is the hypothesis that unreasoning thoughts and beliefs, overgeneralization of antagonistic events, a hopeless outlook on life, a tendency to focus on problems and failures, and negative self assessment, as well as other cognitive distortions, further the development of psychological problems, particularly depression. Psychologists use cognitive behavioral therapy to help you identify and understand how these cognitive distortions affect your lifetime. CBT therapy helps you to alteration, so that these issues will not conception your life.

Beat Osteoarthritis Pain

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Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint syndrome (DJD), is the most common form of arthritis and by far the most prevalent form of joint inflammation. More than half of adults over age thirty suffer some form of it. In fact, it affects about 16million Americans.

Osteoarthritis results from the breakdown of the cartilage between the bony surfaces that form affected joints. This degeneration leads to bony growths (‘spurs’) next to affected joint. Cartilage in joints deteriorates from stress, overweight, or injury and typical trouble spots include the fingers, feet, knees and hips.

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and stiffness. These symptoms can be greatly minimized by the eating habits or diets of its sufferers. There are different types of food you can incorporate into your diet to help you fight the scourge. They are categorized as follows:

  • Antioxidant-Rich Foods
  • Antioxidants help in fighting free radicals in the body. The free radicals roam about the body, attacking and destroying healthy tissue, including the tissue found in the joints.

    Vitamins A, C and E, as well as the mineral Selenium, are powerful antioxidants and they are readily available.

    Vitamin A, beta carotene and the carotenoids are found mostly in apricots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, mangoes, papaya and dark-green leafy vegetables. It is also found in liver, turkey, and milk.

    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant in many fruits, such as grapefruit, papaya, kiwi, pineapples, tomatoes and red peppers. Fruits and vegetables should be as fresh as possible. Only cook or microwave them for a short time if you have to, because vitamin C is heat-sensitive and easily destroyed by cooking or processing. Cutting these foods after cooking those (rather than before) helps to maintain the vitamin C content

    The primary sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils such as sunflower and safflower; sunflower seeds, nuts, avocadoes, wheat germ, whole grain breads and cereals, peaches, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, dried prunes and peanut butter.

    Selenium has been proved to help keep the immune system functioning properly, apart from its antioxidant activity. Good sources of selenium include salmon, tuna, swordfish, sunflower seeds, oysters, shrimp, and cracked wheat bread.

    The mineral Boron also possesses some antioxidant properties although it is not considered a true antioxidant. It is important in maintaining overall health and helps to keep some cells from releasing free radicals. Studies have shown that people whose boron intakes are low have more risk of developing osteoarthritis.

    Good sources of Boron are apples and cauliflower with their skins.

    If you choose to take these antioxidants as food supplements, the recommended daily doses are as follows:

  • Vitamin A- 5000IU
  • Vitamin C- 500- 4000mg
  • Vitamin E- 100-400 IU
  • Selenium- 55-200mcg
  • Boron- 3mg for adults
  • Control Stress

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    When you ask ‘How can I control Stress?’ in part because we’ve already discussed how it can affect your health, this won’t do anything to help with stress. You can tell a smoker that he or she could contract lung cancer or COPD, but that won’t make them stop. Indeed, so far as stress is concerned, it could make matters even worse.
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    It could give you other stressors to worry about.
    “This job’s causing me so much stress, and now I’m going to die of a heart attack.”

    So we must bring your stress index way down. Bring out the old pen and paper again. Let’s assume that your job is causing you a great deal of stress, more every day. They’re piling work on you that you simply can’t cope with because there’s just too much. Write this down.

    Reason for Stress. Unacceptable level of work.


    • Keep going as I am.
    • Hand in resignation.
    • Go to the boss, tell him or her that I can’t keep up.
    • Risk. Being fired.
    • Alternative. Inevitable crack-up. Burnout.

    Obvious answer, go to boss.

    You have to ask yourself the question. Am I really stressed over the amount of work they’re piling on to me, or am I scared stiff of being fired? Is this the deeper reason? The problem is that it’s now at the stage where you’re bringing goodness knows how much work home in an effort to catch up. Ever thought that the more you do, the more they pile on you, because they think you’re managing well?

    In the final analysis, whichever way the cat jumps, a stop must be put to this, or you’re going to end up a physical and mental wreck. And this business of firing you. Do you know this for a fact? Have you proof of their action in this respect? Or do you simply imagine they will? It’s 99.9% certain that you simply think they will.

    But by writing things out in this way, it’s amazing how you can reach logical conclusions that can brook no argument.

    Tell them that you’ve been taking work home with you and coming in early in an effort to catch up, and it’s almost certain that they’ll be very surprised and perhaps scold you for not speaking out sooner. Frankly, if they do fire you, then they aren’t worth working for anyway. But either way, slip out from under before something very serious happens to you.

    People become stressed over different things. What affects one person badly, won’t even phase another. Relaxation is vitally important, and it comes in many forms. If you’re a reader, read. If an athlete, go to the gym. But if you find that stress is interfering even with your relaxation, then something must be done about it. Don’t procrastinate and don’t run to the pill bottle.

    If you can do something about the stressor, do it. If there’s nothing you can do, then Let it go

    Asthma Treatment

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    A Class-X student in Mohali died recently following a suspected asthma bout. Doctors commented on this incident that many asthma cases remain unnoticed among people, especially children. With pollution being considered as the main reason behind Asthma, many are struggling against dust and dirt in many places. Recently, Tribune News Service reported that there is 40-50 per cent increase in the number of children and adults at urban hospitals and rural dispensaries suffering from asthma, bronchitis and laryngitis followed by distress and difficulty in breathing.

    Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the respiratory organs resulting in a block in the normal air passage. Early warning signs occur in the form of wheezing, coughing, stuffy feeling in the chest, and sometimes mild chest pain.

    The causes of asthma differ from person to person. Mostly, allergens from air particles, dust, pollen, climatic changes, etc. cause asthma. You are prone to asthma if:

  • You have a family history of asthma
  • You are more prone to dust
  • Your mother had the habit of smoking when she was pregnant with you
  • You have a sinusitis problem
  • You are obese
  • The first step towards treating asthma is learning about your type of asthma. If dust is what causing allergy, avoid it. For some people, it will be the change of climate or extreme weather conditions that cause asthma. Try to avoid these before you go for any kind of medication.

    Consult a doctor and explain all the symptoms you have. Blood test will be taken to confirm asthma. Spirometry test will also be conducted to analyse air flow normalcy. Once asthma is confirmed, oral medicines will be prescribed. Depending on the type of asthma, there will be long term/short term medications. Long term oral medicines are to control persistent asthma attacks. The most commonly used medicines are salbutamol, bitolterol, ephedrine etc. Please take medicines with the help of prescriptions from a doctor.

    Inhalers are mostly used for sudden relief. (MDI’s) or Metered-dose inhalers are the most commonly used. This helps the patient to inhale a short dose of aerosolized medicine. There are dry powder inhalers available as well. They are more expensive than MDI, but are being used popularly now.

    You may also try some simple home remedies to treat asthma.

  • Drinking carrot juice 3 times a day helps treat asthma.
  • Intake of gooseberry every day is extremely good to treat allergic asthma.
  • Boil milk and put 10 cloves of garlic in it. Keep it for some time and drink. Make this a habit every day.
  • Practice yoga and breathing exercises. You will be able to control asthma to a large extent. Avoid tension and stress in life. Again, yoga helps to avoid such unwanted physical and mental stress.

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