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Different Methods of Hair Thickening by Hairdreams

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Hair Thickening by Hairdreams is a method of thickening thin, fine hair or hair that has experienced some loss. People suffer from hair loss or thinning for a variety of different reasons, whether it is just general old age, a hereditary condition, poor diet, stress or a reaction to medication; whatever the cause the result can leave a person feeling unattractive and low. There are lots of products on the market designed to encourage healthy hair growth or give a much-needed boost of volume to thin hair and whilst some of these products are successful, some others only provide a temporary solution to a serious problem.

If you have tried all the products out there to no avail then it might be time to consider a more permanent solution. Hair Thickening by Hairdreams is an innovative way of providing thin or fine hair with the body and volume it needs. Hairdreams can even solve hair loss problems and cover bald patches or thinning anywhere on the head. If you feel like its time to stop letting your hair hold you back then you need Hairdreams to restore it to its former glory!

Hair Thickening by Hairdreams process is gentle and non-damaging and works by integrating the client’s natural hair with high-grade human hair that matches completely in terms of colour, texture and structure. The client feels like they are wearing their own hair and no-one will be able to tell it isn’t their own. There are no noteworthy lifestyle limitations and a person can continue to swim, exercise and do the majority of things that they did before the treatment.

There are various hair thickening options depending on the desired hairstyle and the condition of the client’s own hair. If you have fine hair that has damage to the ends due to heat styling you can thicken your hair with Hairdreams individual strands of the same length or longer depending on preference. Extra strands of Hairdreams high quality extension hair can make a dramatic difference to fine hair that is in need of a good boost of volume. Adding thickness also opens the client up to a world of different styling options!

The Microlines thickening system is ideally suited to replenish natural volume on the top of the head for people who have suffered thinning or even advanced hair loss. The Microlines system uses a micro-fine, virtually invisible net that is integrated into the client’s hair. The hair net has strands of high quality Hairdreams hair attached to it which matches the client’s own hair perfectly. Microlines give body and volume to thinning hair and cover any signs of advanced hair loss. The normal wearing period of a Microlines is 6-8 months.

The innovative TopHair System by Hairdreams is a fast, convenient and flexible way of thickening up thin or fine hair on the top of the head. This system is especially suitable for hair styles with longer hair on the top and partings. It uses breathable high-tech fabric that has Hairdreams hair attached to it. Depending on preference, this can be attached permanently or with the use of clips so that the client can remove and attach the hair whenever they want.

The new Hairdreams HairLines system provides considerably more volume on the top of the head for very fine and slightly thinning hair. This is done with micro-fine, invisible threads, which are integrated into the client’s own hair and have Hairdreams strands attached to them. If the client so wishes, these strands can be a different colour so as to give the appearance of highlights or lowlights. All this is done in a gentle, non-chemical process!

Hair Loss Drugs

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The problem of hair loss isn’t always something permanent, as some types of hair loss are only temporary. However, if the condition has become too serious and it is affecting your level of self confidence, taking a more intensive approach to cure the problem is needed. Though there are many natural treatment for loss of hair, using hair loss drugs is sometimes required for a specific type of loss of hair.

To help with your hair problem, you can consider taking  – as it is one of the most commonly used and recommended hair loss drugs. Upon taking the medication, the effect can be felt within a couple of weeks. Even on the first day of usage you will already be able to notice some improvement, as the medication helps lower your DHT levels.

The Propecia won’t disappoint when it comes to good result. In a matter of 12 weeks, you will notice a significant slowing down of loss of hair. And by the sixth month of usage, you will even experience hair growth. If you regularly take the medication, by the end of the first year of usage you will regain all the hair that you have lost.

Bear in mind though that regular usage is needed to get maximum result. It is recommended to use it for at least six months to really start seeing significant result. Because Propecia is safe to be used for a long period, do not stop using it when you start seeing improvement.

Another popular medication that can be used to treat loss of hair is the Rogaine online Canada. This product is actually one of the very first pharmaceutical offerings that have been medically proven to treat many types of loss of hair – but most especially hereditary hair loss. In the span of a couple of years, around six million people all over the world have used Rogaine to regain their self confidence back — no wonder it is one of the most popular hair loss drugs in the country.

To make full use of Rogaine, it is recommended to take the medication consistently and regularly. If you want the improvement to last, you should consider using it for at least a couple of months.

Whatever hair loss drugs you decide to use, remember that in the case of loss of hair, staying positive is important. In addition to taking the treatment, you should try to live a healthier lifestyle, do regular exercises and drink plenty of water every day.

Secrets to Increase Hair Growth

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Does your father, brother, uncle, grandpa and other relatives balding? Are you scared of getting bald or thinning at the hair? Does your forehead looking bigger than normal? If you are, then you are at risk of getting bald. Getting bald is generally not a good thing to have. Generally, non-bald people tend to be attracted to the opposite sex than bald people. Baldness is also a sign of losing your masculinity and sex drive. Hence, it is best to avoid being bald. But, here are 5 secret ways to stop you getting bald, but also increasing your hair growth!
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1. Exercise at least half an hour a day

Exercise in general will boost your hair growth. This is because when you exercise, you increase general blood circulation all over your body. Hair in general requires very good blood circulation. If it doesn’t than hair tissue tend to die off and then you have thinning of the hair or even baldness.

Running is the best thing to make your hair grow faster and better because it will pump blood to your head much better than any exercise!

2. Massage your head

Massaging your head increases hair growth dramatically. This is because massaging stimulates hair growth and also increases the circulation to your hair. Hair requires constant nutrition to stay healthy and strong. When you massage your head, you increase the nutrition to your hair by increasing circulation from your head. It will also stimulate growth because the roots of your hair is being stimulated.

3. Drink green tea

Drinking green tea will help to grow more thick hair. This is because green tea contains anti-oxidants which help reduce aging and tissue damage. It will protect your hair from getting broken off from the roots of your hair and also increases the strength of your hair.

4. Avoid wearing hats

People who wear hats tend to get bald when they grow older. This is because you are damaging your hair when you wear a hat. When wearing a hat, you are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your hair roots. Avoid this at all cost by avoiding wearing hats.

5. Soak your head in warm water

Soaking your head in warm water for 5 minutes a day will help promote growth. This is because warm water acts as a muscle relaxant in the skull. When the muscles in your head gets tense, it stunts hair growth. So simple soaking your head in warm water will help relax your head muscles and promote growth!

Hair Loss Havoc

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Although more common in men than women, hair loss does affect both the male and female population and it can strike at any age and for a variety of reasons. The most common causes for hair loss are rarely worrisome but there are times that they can be health related and require a doctors attention. Some of the more common causes for hair loss are very straightforward and in direct relation to “how” one treats his hair as opposed to any other factor. For example, wearing hair in overly-tight ponytails/braids, twisting/pulling on strands and/or forcefully brushing through knots can either make the hair break (“snap”) or make it fall out directly from the root. Being that all of these “losses” are a result of harsh human treatment they can, for the most part, quite easily be diminished with simple changes in human behaviour; wear hair loosely so as not to disturb the roots, remove knots and tangles “gently” while brushing and, when it comes to twisting/pulling your hair, well, the short answer to this is to simply…stop!

There are, though, other factors to take into consideration when it comes to hair loss. It is normal (and natural) to lose some hair everyday but, being that the hair follicles on your scalp go through their hair growth “stages” at different times, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how much hair loss per day is considered normal. Some experts believe the “norm” to be a loss of 50 to 100 hairs per day while others conclude it to be anywhere up to 200. Therefore, anything in excess of 200 hairs lost per day should be viewed as “out-of-the-norm” and finding the cause for such loss should be investigated. On the flip side, losses of such an extravagant amount are not always a cause for concern and may, indeed, be completely normal. Being that there are such a wide variety of factors behind hair loss (age and genetics being two of them) finding the “root problem” (pun intended) really needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, most hair loss is not the result of systemic or internal disease but, even so, it would be wise to check with your doctor if ever you are unsure as to why you are experiencing hair loss.

So, what options are available to treat and/or “hide” hair loss? Well, there are several to choose from, actually, but not all of them will necessarily be “right” for you nor do all of them always “fulfill on their promise(s).” Often, you will see over-the-counter products (such as shampoo, conditioners, vitamins, etc) that claim to slow down, or even cure, hair loss. However, as harmless as most of these products are, they are just as useless as well.

Save your money and time by not falling into false claim traps such as these and look elsewhere for something you know to be “tried and true”. If in doubt, ask your doctor to refer you to someone well-knowledged in the department and who can best direct you on which way to go. Dependant on what may be causing your hair loss your doctor might choose to send you to an endocrinologist, dermatologist or other professional for an initial diagnosis. For example, if your doctor suspects something hormone related an endocrinologist is who you will likely see while, if it is a skin condition that is under scrutiny, a dermatologist would be the most likely source for finding an answer.

Of course, there are also those people who could care less to see a professional for their hair loss issues and feel more comfortable with “self-correcting” instead. This can be fine if you know (for fact) that your hair loss is non-health related and does not require professional intervention. In this case, those few things that you can do to try and “disguise” your “hair-that’s-not-there” dilemma (wigs, hairpieces, weaves, spray-ons, makeup, tattooing, etc) might be worth giving a try. However, on the same token, not all “quick fixes” will give you desirable results and not all are easy to work with nor are they always easy on the wallet (some are considerably costly). In addition, for an unfortunate few, these quick fixes can also sometimes be deemed as “not so easy on the eyes” (ie: bad comb over). Hence, if it is a full head of “natural” looking hair you are looking for it would be highly suggested you look further than just your local drugstores cosmetics aisle.