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Anti-Inflammation. A few words about.

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Over the years, I have continually tried to simplify the Zone Food Block system, and I came up with the development of Zone Points. Zone Points are simply another accounting system to keep your glycemic load under control from meal to meal. Since you are only as hormonally good as your last meal and will only be as hormonally good as your next meal, you want to have the same glycemic load at every meal. This is because the glycemic load at each meal determines the amount of insulin that will be secreted.

Zone Points are based on the glycemic load of various carbohydrates in serving sizes that will keep you satiated without being stuffed. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your total Zone Points for any one meal are no more than 15 if you’re female, and no more than 20 if you’re male. A typical Zone snack would contain about 5 Zone Points. Just as with the Zone Carbohydrate Blocks, you just keep adding carbohydrates to your dish until you hit the maximum you are allowed at that meal and then stop.

Let me use the Zone Point system to illustrate why I am not a big fan of whole-grain carbohydrates, even though they are politically correct. First, most foods labeled “whole grain” really aren’t. Whole-grain foods are extremely perishable. Real whole-grain products contain fats that go rancid at room temperature, and that’s why they are found in the frozen section of the supermarket. When was the last time you bought a loaf of bread from the freezer section? Dried whole grains, like steel-cut oats, need to be cooked for at least 30 minutes before eating. Even though I love real whole grains (especially oatmeal and barley), I still consume them sparingly.

Lung Detoxification

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Lung detoxification is a growing trend as people become more aware of the dangers of smoking and the terrible effects it can have on your lungs. Problems such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, throat infections, strokes, heart attacks and of course the biggest danger… Lung cancer. If you have been smoking for just a year or more you have massively increased your chances of succumbing to these problems in fact as the tar and chemicals you breathe in are very difficult for the body to remove without added help. Once you remove the toxins and tar however the reduce these risks dramatically and you will be able to feel the difference as you breath.

As such here are 3 lung detoxification tips that can help you clean up your lungs to avoid becoming another health statistic.

Quit Smoking – Just in case you are still smoking and reading this you can not begin to clean out your lungs of tar and carcinogens if you continue to smoke. You must completely kick the cigarette addiction before you can do any real lasting actions to detox your lungs. However detoxifying your lungs can help you quit smoking if you do both at the same time. There are many methods for this but if you understand your mental addiction to smoking then cold turkey is the best way to go.
Breathing Exercises – Your lungs have hardened over time due to the tar that seeps into the lung tissue. Further inactivity by many smokers further weaken this essential organ because exercise is more difficult with tar filled lungs. Taking time every day to do simply breathing exercises can expand the lungs which allows more oxygen into your system. Try breathing in and holding that breath then breathing out for a few minutes. Then try breathing out as far as you can go before breathing in again to focus on the other extreme. IF you get dizzy and light headed do stop though. Start slowly then build on your results.
Boost Your Immune System – Your immune system is desperately trying to clean your lungs but is blocked by the layer of tar most of the time leaving the problem particles and chemicals sitting in your lungs for years. The better your body is at cleaning itself the faster those dangerous toxins can be ejected from your system. A big part of lung detoxification is improving your lifestyle to increase your body’s natural defences. This involves exercise, nutrition and rest as well as a deep understanding of your mental state that can boost your physical resistances. There are also detoxification herbs and detoxification diets that can speed this process along.