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Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are those swollen veins that are found only in the anus and within the rectum and is usually common among many individuals. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external depending on whether they are inside the rectum or outside the anus.

Studies have shown that many people are now reporting cases of hemorrhoids as they are now able to identify the symptoms associated with it.

Symptoms associated with this condition.

With an internal hemorrhoid, they are usually found inside the rectum. It often causes painless bleeding especially at the end of bowel movement. However when there is signs of blood it is often best to seek medical help. Other symptoms include the sensation of fullness which makes you feel as if you want to stool even though there is nothing. When this feeling occurs many people try to strain to pass bowel movement which only worsens the situation.

External hemorrhoids which are found around the anus usually causes pain, itching and irritation especially around the anus. External hemorrhoids occur when the hemorrhoids have prolapsed and are seen hanging outside the anus. It can also occur when hemorrhoids become twisted or a blood clot has happened. Painful lump and swelling is also another symptom of hemorrhoid.

How to prevent Hemorrhoids.

There are generally a few preventative methods to follow in order to prevent hemorrhoids.

First you can ensure that exercise becomes a daily part of you life. Secondly increase your intake of water. Studies have shown that not many people drink water and drinking water on a daily basis helps to soften stool therefore reducing your need to strain whenever you visit the bathroom. Thirdly, increase the intake of fiber in the diet.

Hemorrhoids are sometimes confused with anal fissures but what you need to realize is that though similar, they are very different. Anal fissures are caused by constipation. When stools are hard and dry the anal cavity is forced to open wider which results in tear or anal fissure.

This condition also causes sharp stinging and pain when passing bowel movement whereas hemorrhoids cause bleeding but no pain. Often times when people see bright red spots on your toilet paper and experience pain during bowel movement they usually mistake it for a hemorrhoid. But this can be an indication that you have an anal fissure

You should now be able to recognize symptoms of hemorrhoids without delay and try to find solutions or visit a doctor to try and get treatment.

I know having this condition can be a drag and it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable especially when you realize that you can’t even sit on your bottom. But do not despair. You want to know why.
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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

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Many people know about hemorrhoids and they know that these are not good as the problem of hemorrhoids makes the life very painful. There are many types of hemorrhoids about which many people are not aware. They know only one thing that hemorrhoids are very painful diseases where a patient deals with the formation of hemorrhoids and pain. One of the least talked about types of hemorrhoids is a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are very bad and painful which no one wants to suffer with them. However, if you think you that you have them then you should look them at right away and at least go to the doctor for their treatment.

The first thing that you should know is that what thromboseds hemorrhoids are. These hemorrhoids are clotted inside the anus thus they are very painful. The actual meaning of thrombosed is on the inside. Generally these hemorrhoids form on the veins in your rectum which is present just under the skin. There are also external thrombosed hemorrhoids that can be easily seen and felt. If you are able to see them, then you will realize that they may be hard or soft in touch. Many times you will notice that the color of a thrombosed hemorrhoid is going to be blue which makes you sure that these are external thrombosed hemorrhoids. If you are still not sure about it then you should concern about them with your doctor.

The bad thing about these types of hemorrhoids is that they are extremely painful in comparison of all other types of hemorrhoids. But the good news about them is they do not require any kind of surgery in their treatment. You should try not to annoy or inflame these hemorrhoids by messing with them. Many times these types of hemorrhoids get treated just by only taking the warm baths. You can also use creams that are available for their treatment in the medical stores. According to the suggestion of most of the doctors, you should include more fiber to your diet in order to treat a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

However if above mentioned things do not work at all then the final thing to treat these types of hemorrhoids is to do the surgery. Surgery is the last option that is adopted by the doctors for their patient if all other things fail in order to treat these hemorrhoids. However you should not worry or get panic in these cases. Whenever you feel that you have these types of hemorrhoids, you should directly bring it up with your doctor.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids

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Bleeding hemorrhoids usually occur within the anal canal or rectum and are caused by putting too much pressure while bearing down during defecation. The veins in the rectum tend to become overstretched or enlarged due to too much blood accumulation. Whenever we put force on a certain part of the body, blood rushes to it in order to provide the cells in that area with oxygen to accommodate the workload. In bleeding hemorrhoids, the dilated veins tend to bulge out. The initial visible sign of bleeding hemorrhoids would be blood streaks in the stools. It is greatly advised that you should have a check-up with your physician as soon as blood is present in your stools. One of the main reasons why it is necessary to have an urgent consultation is to check if the blood streaks are indicative of hemorrhoids or of other digestive tract related ailments such as colon cancer. Take note that the blood streaks from hemorrhoids are bright red in color; whereas in other digestive health problems, it is usually darker.

Patients who never heard of bleeding hemorrhoids would be startled at first and some would even panic. Bleeding hemorrhoids is very scary, this condition could become worse if the patient is constipated due to the fact that the more pressure you put to the anal canal due to hardened stools, the more blood would come out. There are even instances that the toilet will be filled with blood. One health problem associated with bleeding hemorrhoids would be anemia because of blood loss. Immediate replacement therapy is needed when anemia becomes severe.

There are several reasons why bleeding hemorrhoid occurs:

Weak veins – frail veins can have the tendency to collapse when there is a huge amount of blood flow to the veins in the rectum while straining. When straining, these veins tend to stretch themselves up to its limit especially in constipated patients.
Pregnancy and Obesity- being overweight means more effort while straining.
Wrong posture while defecating – although this may sound a bit awkward to some, the best way to defecate is by squatting. The digestive tract is like a tube where food enters and feces goes out. When a person is in sitting position, the passage way of the stools tend to bend which makes it harder for excretion and more effort is required. Whereas in a squat position, the passageway of stools is not bent or curved, thus there is an easier way for stools to pass through. There is minimal effort in squatting position compared to sitting position Lesser effort in straining means lesser pressure on the veins; lesser pressure on the veins means lesser chance of having hemorrhoids.
Too much caffeine and alcohol intake- Drinks high in caffeine such as coffee, cola and alcoholic drinks cause dehydration. When a person has very amount of fluids in his body, the stools tend to harden which makes it more difficult to excrete.

There are so many ways to cure bleeding hemorrhoids but the best way to avoid them is through knowing what it is and by finding ways to prevent it.