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Are You Sitting on the Couch Smoking and Eating A Bologna Sandwich?

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Many of us have begun to realize that heart ailments such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, or stroke can prevent us from achieving our long term goals and bring to the forefront quality of life issues. And that is the good news since almost half of those who have a heart attack die before they are able to get help. Additionally, all of the top 5 causes of death in the United States are either heart ailments such as heart attack or stroke or specific types of cancer.

The good thing about many heart ailments compared to cancer is that there are many different steps we can take to not only prevent their occurrence but also reverse prior damage.

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One of the main components for achieving heart health is to reduce the drag placed on our hearts.

It is easy to think of the heart as an organ rather than a muscle which is working constantly to supply our cells with blood and oxygen. In many ways it is the engine that drives the car we refer to as our body to just about anywhere we want to go.

  1. Perhaps you have had a family member, relative, or friend who has never really recovered from a heart attack or struggles with the symptoms of advanced atherosclerosis. They may no longer be able exercise enough to keep mind and body healthy. Their mental sharpness may not quite be what it used to be. Their breathing may be labored. They may have fluid accumulation around the ankles or in the lungs. Their color may have become ashen signaling circulatory problems. They may experience chest pain or excessive sweating.
  2. On the other hand you may have a family member, relative, or friend who is still as sharp as a tack at even the most advanced age and still participates in rigorous daily exercise and is still as active today as they were years ago.

Which would you prefer?

No if you answered the first example you should immediately close this page and head to ice box for a high cholesterol/high fat snack of some kind. Maybe a bologna and double cheese sandwich with mayo on white bread. After eating go straight to the couch, light up a cigarette, and watch some really stressful news. After that go ahead and call emergency services and tell them to stay on the line because the big one is sure to hit any minute.

On the other hand if your goal is to avoid heart ailments and stay vibrant and healthy there are a number of steps you can take starting right now to achieve cardiovascular health.

These would include managing diabetes and high blood pressure successfully, stay as far away from cigarette smoke as possible, participate in doctor approved daily exercise, maintain weight in a healthy range, consume no more than 8 percent (16 grams) or calories from saturated fat, and consume no more than 200 mg of cholesterol daily.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking?

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It’s the start of a new day. You roll out of bed, make a pot of coffee and light up the first cigarette of the day. Any smoker will tell you that the first cigarette of the day is the most enjoyable. Or is it the cigarette they have on their way to work? It could be the one that comes after a good meal. No wait, it’s the cigarette that comes after a romantic encounter when the one they love. Yeah that’s the one. The cigarette they have before going to bed?

When people first start smoking they only have a few here and there, but before they know it they’re smoking more often than they care to. Then they get fed up and decide they’re going to stop only to realize they can’t. What just happened? It’s not that people have a self control weakness, it’s the chemicals the tobacco companies put in the cigarettes that make you become addicted to their products.

Congratulations! You’ve just become addicted to nicotine. This is a scenario that happens every single day to unsuspecting consumers of tobacco products. What really is upsetting about this is the tobacco companies are intentionally finding unique ways to increase the level of nicotine in their cigarettes.

The technology is available where these companies could actually reduce the amount of addictive substances being used but of course they turn a blind eye because the less people becoming addicted means less revenue for them. The tobacco companies are now adding nicotine to the tobacco after it’s already been harvested and have recently developed ways to add nicotine into the filters and paper.

Why is nicotine so addictive? It acts like dopamine, a hormone that tells the brain how much pleasure we find in things like sex and food. Gee, if only cigarettes were as healthy for us as sex and food are.

With the added nicotine in cigarettes it becomes even harder to quit smoking. The withdrawal symptoms are worse because we are trying to rid our bodies of more than just the added nicotine, but all the other additives being used that cause people to become hooked on their products.

80% of all people who smoke wish they never started, but sadly only 10% of people who try to quit are successful. These numbers shouldn’t be surprising when you understand the method of operation behind these tobacco giants.
Don’t be part of the 90% group of people who try to quit smoking be don’t succeed.

The Different Types Of Paleo Snacks

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Under: Weight Loss

A Paleolithic diet (commonly called a Paleo or “caveman” diet) is a diet lifestyle based on the theory that our bodies aren’t designed to eat processed foods and we should only eat those foods that would have been available during the Paleolithic era. It emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods that can be eaten without preparation. Paleo diet advocates claim that health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease are “diseases of civilization” caused by modern, packaged and processed foods.

The very first thing on the list of “Paleo Snacks” is “Fresh fruit of any kind. ” Nuts are on there (limit to 4 ounces a day if you’re trying to lose weight) and dried fruit (limit to 2 ounces a day). Cold meats, raw vegetables, avocado and/or tomato slices, homemade salmon and beef jerky, hard boiled egg (limit to six a week — he’s not a big fan of eggs) and unsalted sunflower seeds (limit to 4 ounces a day) are all on there.

Beef recipes are packed with nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, and proteins. Beef can be called a powerhouse of nutrients because it is loaded with 10 vital nutrients, that aids in tissue repair and promotes body functions. Beef dishes are tasty and filling too. You can prepare these beef dishes on all special occasions or otherwise.

An excellent Paleo recipes resource is cookbooks. Paleo Cookbooks are a compilation of the best Paleo recipes available and they gather recipes for different types of meals. When you make stone age recipes with modern foods, remember you want to insure that all of the ingredients are free of

  1. Grains,
  2. Legumes including peanuts, beans, peas, soybeans, tofu, soy milk and flour (almond flour is ok),
  3. Dairy products (unless you are a scadanavian dairy farmer),
  4. Salt,
  5. Yeast including bread goods, pickled foods, vinegar, fermented foods and fermented beverages (all contain yeast),
  6. processed sugars,
  7. excessive added fats except for permitted oils. You should try and choose the leanest cuts of grass-fed free-range meats. Remember, the mainstays of the paleo diet are fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats and seafood.

Nutrition is the ultimate legal drug that can make or break your performance, drastically improve recovery, and give you the added mental clarity and focus needed to get through nine grueling events in 48 hours.

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: Dead lift, clean, squat, presses, clean and jerk, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, paralettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports.

Going “paleo” is about creating a new lifestyle habit. It’s about lifelong dietary change. Not the typical 2 week diet where you count calories, lose 5 pounds of water weight, then gain it back a week later.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

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Under: Hypertension

A lot of people wonder what high blood pressure is. This question is no longer just limited to older people, as even the younger generation have started expressing their concern regarding this condition. Those with parents or relatives who have suffered from strokes and other heart problems realize the need to find out the causes of these health problems. Since inconsistencies in one’s blood pressure can lead to these problems, it is necessary to find out what exactly it constitutes.

A person’s BP essentially refers to the amount of pressure that the blood exerts as it flows through the veins for each time the heart beats. It is imperative that the flow of blood throughout the whole body be regulated, lest the arteries burst as a result of increased blood flow. When this force increases, a person becomes more prone to certain heart conditions. High BP is basically the condition wherein the heart pumps too much blood, beyond what the arteries are capable of accommodating. The normal blood pressure for an average person is 120 over 80. Anything above the numbers provided would mean that you are suffering from high blood pressure. It would be best to consult with your doctor in the event that you find out that yours is higher than it should be.

It is imperative for everyone to know what constitutes high BP, especially since no one is exempted for being at risk of suffering from heart problems and other health conditions that may be a direct result of it. If you want to save yourself from having to deal with any heart problems in the future, it is best to keep a close eye on your blood pressure. Those who are suffering from heart problems typically do so due to the lifestyle they have. The food you eat can have such a huge impact on your BP. If you eat food with very high levels of cholesterol, you are increasing your chances of suffering from such heart conditions. If you want to regulate your BP, then you should employ a sensible diet. Avoid eating too much foods that are high in fat and bad cholesterol. If you are already suffering from high BP, then it becomes even more imperative to be particular about the food you eat, especially if you don’t want the condition to escalate into something worse.

If you know what constitutes high blood pressure, including its major causes, it would be a whole lot easier for you to prevent it, as you can easily change your lifestyle. Being conscious of it will make it easier for you to avoid any health problems and other health conditions in the future. While it is a common notion that only older people suffer from high BP, everyone is actually at risk. In fact, some people have started suffering from high BP early on in life. If you want to protect yourself or if you want to find out if you are showing any signs of high BP, then you should start conducting tests for yourself. It is best to know as much as you can about the condition if you want to avoid it later on in life. You can conduct some research online to find out more or ask your doctor about it. Make it a point have an annual general checkup so that you can keep track of your health. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being conscious about your health if it means detecting high blood pressure before it is too late.

Ethical Inequalities

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Under: Health care

Maybe I’m just an old fashioned capitalist who believe in a free enterprise way of doing things. That’s the way I was brought up as a first generation American. That’s the way I was enlightened in graduate school. I also happen to believe that income inequality is not bad thing; it is a natural and desirable part of aforementioned free and prosperous way of doing things.

One of the many problems with this reporting is that it leads readers to conclude that if you are a minority you will be charged more for your loan. This is a huge misconception about the lending process and quite honestly we take offence to this naive interpretation.

First-year members are given a discounted membership fee rate, in recognition of their early career status, and the APA offers a graduated dues structure that slowly increases the rate marginally over an eight year period of time thereafter.

Researchers have recognized and identified the top causes of stress in the workplace. Being able to identify the triggers of your stress will help you avoid or cope with the situation that cause them to arise in the first place.

I was inspired by Sam Wilson of EcoEvents who has done so much homework in creating ways for events to be more ethically run, but also (and just as importantly) defined systems and mechanisms for measuring the successes and failures, and making the organizers of the events accountable.

This is the gap in your creativity. What you don’t have the resources or time to make yourself, but you still have a desire for, and therefore have to buy off the capitalist. S/he – on the other hand – has perceived your need and has gone into business producing it on your behalf, having done the research that there’s more than one of you out there.

A Maximum Wage Law would protect professional and skilled workers like the Minimum Wage Law protects the lowest paid workers. In most companies pay for all employees would increase. If no one in the company could make more than ten times the average, the leadership of the company would have a big incentive to make the company successful so it could raise the average compensation.

As therapists you willingly take on a highly responsible and often challenging job in the hope of enabling healing and growing. In both roles you have the desire and capacity to use your power magnificently to repair harm and to promote well-being. We all want and need to be able to use our personal and professional power to manifest our desires and goals.

There is an answer to our weakened economy, an answer to greed and irresponsibility an answer to the hard choices of lost homes, an answer to the costly health care and failing schools. The answer is for every student, business owner, consumer, and government official to be required to take classes in International Business Ethics offered at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Dreadlocks or bindis have been fondly adopted by many westerners and not merely despite but precisely because of their ethnic flavour.

Cheap Gout Relief Remedies

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Under: Arthritis

If you are looking for cheap gout relief, try making, and drinking some black bean broth. Black beans are a natural remedy that is very rich in anthocyanins…the same ones that are found in cherries and other dark berries.

All you have to do is simmer seven ounces of black beans in two liters of water. Start timing after it has come to a boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for ninety minutes. Strain out the broth, and toss the beans. After it cools, drink one fourth of the liquid. You can drink it daily as a preventative measure, or at the first sign of a gout attack.

Certain bacteria consume uric acid before it can cause a problem. If you have gout, it is an indication that there is an imbalance in the intestines. Get some cheap gout relief by eating lots of raw vegetables and fruits (more fruits than veggies), and eating some yogurt. Cultured cabbage juice is really good, too.

But at the same time you need to be avoiding the foods that exacerbate the problem…like yeast, alcohol (especially beer, since it contains yeast), fatty meats, seafood, and mushrooms, to name a few.

For a topical treatment, you can rub rosemary oil in the inflamed area, avoiding any broken skin. If the oil itself seems to irritate the area, dilute it by adding some olive oil to it.

The bromelain in pineapple reduces inflammation, allowing blood to get to the area and easing the joint much faster. Burdock is a plant high in bromelain, but it is grown mostly in Japan and Europe, making it a bit pricier than pineapple

You cannot beat fresh fruit (when it is in season) and eight or more glasses of water per day for cheap gout relief. But be aware that it takes a lot of fruit…a pint of strawberries or half a pound of cherries every day to make a difference. Tree of Life makes a cherry concentrate that can be mixed with water, and there are cherry extract capsules that you can use if you don’t mind a small expense for taking this route.,

There are other options available; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. On the Internet, there are lots of reports and e-books, but one of the best ones I found comes without hype or lies. It’s a short report that spells out where you can get inexpensive gout help that’s natural and easy to implement.

The Colitis Habit

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A good habit would be considered a good quality and a bad habit a bad quality, in our character. Whatever we consider to be our best qualities, we can usually identify as being a result of good habits. Colitis is a condition, not a habit; but it is the result of habits – habits which are not in our best interests. Habits are formed at various stages in our lives for many reasons. Some are purposefully established whether from our own choice or by the imposition of someone else such as a parent, teacher or officer. Bad habits are usually copied from peers or people we admire – for the wrong reasons.

The real consideration of any habit whether it be good or bad are the consequences. Let’s get rid of the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In doing so we will clarify an important aspect of our lives; no less the remission of colitis. In the case of colitis as with many other things in life, it is whether it is in our better interests or not. Ignorance is pain; ignorance of the consequences of any action will usually result in pain. An action that becomes a habit will be considered a good habit or a bad habit depending on whether it results in pain or loss.

A person who continues to practice bad habits which inflict pain and loss on themselves and those around them is misguided – or a fool. Isn’t a fool simply someone who hasn’t yet learned the necessary lesson which will stop the pain and the loss? (Been there…!) In a sense, pain and loss are both one and the same thing. Colitis is pain as anyone like yourself will testify. But it is also loss when you are unable to do the things you would like to do for yourself and for others to enjoy. Here’s a stinging question: What habits do you have that have greatly contributed to you experiencing the pain of colitis right now? Would you agree that the conventional habits of eating unnatural (overly processed) foods, quickly and irregularly, have contributed to the condition you find yourself in? The over consumption of branded, unnatural drinks that have been cleverly sold to you have also contributed to your suffering – Is there a lesson there too?

* Is it ‘cool’ to be a follower of the media madness that is modern mass advertising?

* Is it ‘cool’ to abuse your system that has taken hundreds of thousands of years to become what it is now: a beautifully formed functioning bio-system that should self-maintain itself for a hundred years?

* Does it make sense that massive profits are made by multimillion dollar manufacturers of artificial foods that have so cleverly been sold to the masses as to change the daily eating and living habits of hundreds of millions of people worldwide in just a couple of generations and have resulted in the devastating cost of digestive conditions (as well as coronary heart disease among other problems) such as colitis, IBS, and even such ‘minor’ conditions as chronic indigestion and constipation? Simple answer: NO! But you DO have a choice and the choice lies in the power of breaking BAD (Backfires Against Digestion) habits to making some new GOOD (Genuine Ordinary Old-fashioned Diets) habits that will eventually build a colitis resistant colon.

“Good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits”

Robert Puller

What did they (multinational food processing conglomerates) do? They changed habits. The result: They changed the health of millions of digestive systems in the process. All of these digestive dysfunctions are…. man-made. If they are man-made, then man can change them back again; this is the responsibility of the individual. New habits by individuals establish a new condition in the body. But first the mind must establish new patterns, attitudes and habits. This is done by seeing through the haze of fashion, ‘cool’ advertising, media lies, deception, big time money maker’s cynical and voracious appetite for more and more and more….. What they (multinational food processing conglomerates) do, is their business – what you do is yours.

Make your decision today and change those habits that require a change and replace them with habits that are in your own interest like health and wealth and happiness. Their (multinational food processing conglomerates) business is to maximize profits for their shareholders – your business is to safeguard your precious natural health. If being ‘cool’ means undermining your health then the price is high. If being seduced by expensive, hypnotic, cynical, clever, persistent, all-pervading expensive advertising (which accounts for a large percentage of products) that pulls you under the spell of jingles, offers and visual magic, then the sense of personal judgment has been eroded to a dangerous degree. And the price is high in quality of life and health. Pain and loss are not our birthright; health, optimism and happiness are in the main, the result of forming the ‘right’ habits. Colitis requires the right habits in order to reclaim a healthy colon.

How To Understand Child Autism

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Autism in children can be a very hard thing to understand and to deal with. Autism can produce behaviours in your child that can be very misleading, it can be easy to observe your autistic child and jump to the conclusion that your child is just plain bad. The truth is that it is actually less likely for an autistic child to behave badly, if by bad behaviour you mean the deliberate act of rebellion or misbehaviour.

Autism affects the way that your child interacts with the world, and what may be a normal (if there is such a thing) reaction for most children, may not be what you see or experience with an autistic child. Autistic children are prone to unexpectedly running out of the room, to screaming and lashing out with their hands or feet or climbing on top of furniture. This behavior could be misunderstood as naughty behavior, and indeed it would be with a non-autistic child. But as said, autism affects the way that a child interacts with the world, and so often what can be assumed to be bad behavior is simply your child seeing their stimulus through the lens of their autism and reacting to it.

It is possible for a parent to come to terms and find ways to live with and cope with autism. Coping strategies are essential for a parent of an autistic child if they want anything close to a normal life. It will certainly take more work on the part of the parent, and a keen eye to observe subtle changes in behavior and notice patterns in that behavior.

The secret to understanding child autism is to realize that they are likely to understand that they are likely to react strongly to either under stimulation or over stimulation. Your child will have tell-tale signs that can be identified, that can be as simple as a panicked look in their eye before they lose it. Once the tell-tale signs have been identified, it is a case of altering the stimulus to correct the situation. With under stimulation you need to get your child active quickly. This can be through playing a game or focused communication or anything that takes the child’s attention.

Over stimulation can be harder to deal with, since you would only generally have limited control over all the stimulation. Things like loud music or excessive noise can over stimulate, or visual stimulation like strobe lighting or television. When tell-tale signs are spotted then you need to either remove the stimulation source, or remove the child from the situation. Calming tones and touch can really help with a child.

It is important to realize that although this advice can really help, you need to set your expectations for your child correctly. It may be perfectly acceptable to expect one child to sit contently for a cross country plane journey, but an autistic child would not fare so well with this. It is possible to cope with this kind of scenario, but it takes a little more work to get there.

How You Can Conquer High Blood Pressure Problem

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Under: Hypertension

Nowadays, a lot of people are facing the problems of high blood pressure and hypertension. Perhaps, this is because of the fast-paced life and the all-round competition that is prevalent now. The stress caused due to such a competitive environment and a wrong lifestyle consisting of injudicious eating and lack of exercises may result in high blood pressure.

You should first understand that blood pressure is not a disease but is a lifestyle problem. This can cause many serious problems like heart ailments, etc. So, it is necessary that you should make a few changes in your lifestyle to avoid getting it or if you have already been affected by it, to bring it under control.

But, before that, you should know what high blood pressure is. When your blood-carrying arteries do not allow blood to flow smoothly, your heart is forced to work harder or exert more pressure to pump blood to all the parts of the body. This is what is called high blood pressure.

– The first thing you should do is to watch your diet. You should switch to a nutritious diet regimen. Fresh fruits, salads, foods made with whole grains and cereals should find more space on your platter than other unhealthy foods. If you are a meat-eater, you must choose only low fat meat. Most importantly, you must reduce your salt intake because salt has been found to increase blood pressure. You must also reduce drinking of alcoholic beverages, coffee, etc. because they may raise your blood pressure if you consume them more. Smoking is another habit that may cause immense damage to the arteries.

– You must take all steps to maintain the right body weight. Overweight and obesity are the main causes for high blood pressure. By following judicious diet and exercise regimens, you can guard against overweight and obesity. If you are already having high blood pressure, you should consult your physician because you may not be allowed to do certain intensive exercises. Most probably, you will be advised to go for a normal walk daily for about 30 to 45 minutes. Keeping your blood pressure under control is as important as burning your calories. You should strike a balance and choose the most appropriate exercises.

– You should have sufficient sleep during the nights. It has been proved that people who are not able to have a good night’s sleep are more likely to be affected by this problem. Even if you are not able to sleep, you should lie down, close your eyes, relax and rest. This will do a world of good to your health.

– Stress and anxiety are great enemies to high blood pressure. You should learn to manage your stress levels. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing may help you to bring your stress levels under control. In most of the cases, anxiety is caused due to a feeling of insecurity. You must learn to analyze things in the proper perspective. For tackling your anxiety, you should learn the technique of acceptance. This means, whenever you face a problem, you should be prepared to face the worst and try to improve upon the situation by taking appropriate action. If you can change the outcome, you should work towards it. If you have no control over the outcome, you should do your best and stop worrying.

The above tips may help you to keep your blood pressure at the right levels. They will also help you to maintain good health even if you already have the problem.

Healthy Sleep Routine and a Memory Foam Mattress

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Those with irregular sleeping patterns tend to struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to maintain a structured routine in order to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep should play a prominent role in any lifestyle with the fresh and energetic feeling allowing you to be productive the following day. Sleeping and waking at certain times sets the body in a structured rhythm which makes it easier to wake and prevents restless nights. It is important to set yourself into a routine which is easy to follow or adapt to.

Some struggle to get a solid night’s sleep and suffer from sleep deprivation or insomnia. The damages to health which comes with not getting enough sleep can effect a variety of areas, fatigue and depression are common symptoms brought on by lack of sleep. Getting into a set sleeping pattern and waking up the same time everyday is important in living a healthy lifestyle. However, some people find it difficult to get to sleep and there are many possible reasons why this is.

A positive sleeping routine is possible with the correct sleeping environment, as a bedroom designed in a way which relaxes you is far easier place to rest then somewhere which would stimulate your mind and body. Excess light pollution or noises from outside the window are likely to keep you awake, which is why it is important to make sure your bedroom is a dark room void of distractions which could keep your mind active. Overcrowding your bedroom is also a major problem as the extra belongings in the room distract you and stimulate the body.

Maintaining a healthy diet and eating at sensible times helps to keep the structure of a healthy diet. Drinking caffeine drinks after 3pm will still have some affect on you when you are trying to sleep. Eating late should never be encouraged, as the body works to digest the food and the energy stimulates the mind leaving you feeling awake. A good balanced diet goes a long way in helping to structure your sleeping pattern and sustain a healthy structure. If your body is fit and well, sleeping shouldn’t be a problem as you won’t be as easy to develop aches and pains whilst sleeping and in everyday life.

The mattress you choose should fit perfectly into your sleep routine, and provide comfort throughout the night. An old fashioned spring mattress does not provide support to your body and the springs work against your weight instead of taking the pressure. A memory foam mattress with its temperature sensitive material provides a comfortable base on which to structure your sleep routine. The scientific, technological material uses your body heat to mould to your figure. Memory foam has become a much sought after material, with the medical advantages of the product resulting in its use by many medical authorities through mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Sleep is sometimes seen as unimportant, when it is not the case. A good night’s sleep on a memory foam mattress and maintaining a balanced sleeping pattern is crucial when living a healthy lifestyle.

Eyelid Surgery

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Under: Vision

Eyelid surgery is a simple procedure that addresses those sagging or puffy eyelids. Increasingly as we age our eyelids begin to sag down over our eyes. Generally, this is genetically linked, as some people suffer more than others from this frustrating occurrence.

If you suffer from eyelids that show your age, alter your appearance or even hinder your vision, eyelid surgery is an easy way to address the issue. It is a simple procedure that can do wonders when it comes to making you look younger. Unlike facelifts, surgical procedures on your eyes have a relatively quick turn around time. Depending on how much tissue is taken from your eyes, you could be back to work in a couple of days.

It is important to note that the procedure is not just limited to the tissue above your eyes. Some patients will have tissue removed from below their eyes as well. Normally, removing the extraneous under eye tissue can be done by the same doctor during the initial procedure. So, if you are one of those people with very puffy under eyes, address this with your surgeon as well.

The surgical procedure on your eyes is a very subtle way of making yourself look younger. When you choose to have the puffiness or sagginess or your eyes addressed, you are merely updating your look. With reconstructive procedures and some brow or facelifts, you may feel you are altering your appearance. Looking like a different person is not what you are going for by updating your eyes.

The procedure merely takes away years of sun damage and stress by removing the tissue or weight that has gathered around your eye. Over many years, the skin around your eyes becomes weaker and less elastic. Eventually creams and special eye make-up do nothing to affect the puffiness. Yet, surgical procedures can reverse the aging, stress and sun damage very quickly.

If you are curious about how eyelid surgery may affect your life, chat with your doctor to get a referral to a local plastic surgeon. They should be able to recommend a quality surgeon known for updating eyes. Talk with the surgeon about cost and what to expect from the procedure. They will be able to go through the process with you step-by-step.

Your doctor may tell you that you need the procedure for other reasons beyond updating your appearance. If sagging eyelids are hindering your vision, then having the surgical procedure done becomes less elective and more necessary. If your eyelids are affecting the way you drive, read or work, the procedure should become a top priority. In fact, in some cases, if you can prove the procedure is for medical reasons, you can receive help from your insurance company to cover the cost.

Eyelid surgery doesn’t have to be a face altering or life changing experience. It is an easy way to address those frustrating, saggy eyes.

Top 3 Ways to Treat Severe Acne

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One of the most common cause of acne is a surge in hormonal activity in your body during puberty. While a lot of people get mild or occasional acne, some people can get really severe acne. Such acne is usually a difficult to treat with the help of home remedies and spots creams. Treating severe acne requires much more than that.

Top 3 Ways to Treat Severe Acne

  1. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is an excellent source to clean your pores and remove dirt or grime from your skin pores. It is a great antibacterial and germicidal and one of its most properties is that it does not make your skin dry like soap. One of the most common mistake people do when trying to cure acne is that they tend to wash their face too often. This can strip your skin of its natural oil barrier which can make it produce more oil.A face wash containing tea tree oil is the best ways to cleanse your face and clam down pimples. Not just this, it can also moisturize your skin without making it oily.
  2. Try Witch HazelWitch hazel is one of the best treatments for acne. It is a natural astringent and is far better than those that contain chemicals. Once you have cleaned your pores it is important to have them closed with the help of an astringent and witch hazel proves to be an excellent astringent. Not only this, it also makes your skin smooth and destroys free radicals.
  3. Green TeaGreen tea is great for your overall health and body but it can be equally effective in curing acne as well. This is because it is rich in antioxidants that flush out toxins from your system.

There are some brands of green tea that are specifically aimed at treating acne. They blend chysanthemum, licorice root and peppermint with green tea formulate a high quality anti acne tea.


Acne is basically an inflammation and such an acne tea tends to serve as a great anti-inflammatory agent. Licorice root can be extremely effective in curing acne since it helps eliminate bacteria that causes acne. Peppermint, on the other hand, prevents future flare ups.

When all of the three are used in a combination, they can cure even the most stubborn pimples or sever acne and make your face acne free.

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