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The Accu Chek Performa – A Reliable Blood Glucose Meter

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If you’re among the millions who need to track your blood glucose levels, then the Accu Chek Performa is a meter that you can count on. This meter is made with your convenience in mind by keeping things simple.

Made in the USA by Roche Diagnostics this meter is one of the most accurate and reliable on the market today because it is backed by the technical expertise of Roche Diagnostics out of Germany, the meters designer.

Ensuring Accuracy is Simple with Control Testing

Like anything that is a calibrated instrument, the meter needs to be tested to ensure that it is providing the most accurate results. Control testing is used to validate test results, which gives you peace of mind to know that you are getting reliable test results or that you need to have your meter recalibrated or replaced.

The point of control testing is two-fold, first it is to establish the meter is working correctly and secondly it is used to validate the test strips are providing reliable input to the meter.

To be sure that you are getting the right results from your control test there are a few thing you need to make sure of:

  • Make sure the strips are not expired
  • That the strips have been stored in a dry location with temperatures that range between thirty-six and eighty-ninedegrees (2 to 32 degrees Celsius).
  • The test strip number matches the number from the container it was stored in
  • Only use Accu Chek Performa test strips
  • Only use Accu Chek Performa control solutions

Accurate Reliable Results

The results that you will get from the meter will be very reliable and accurate so much so that they are relied upon by medical professionals, so you can feel confident that you will be making educated decisions about your treatment in your daily life.

This level of reliability is a result of the technology that is incorporated in the meter that performs self checks detecting any faults or errors with the meter. To help take the reliability and accuracy even higher a code chip, that is inserted into the meter, is included with the test strips. The code chip is calibrated exactly to specific test strips, which ensures accuracy.

Of course, like anything, correctly the results will not be accurate or reliable, so following the easy instructions provided with the meter is the best thing you can do to ensure you are getting results that are precise. If you are unsure that your test results are any good perform a control test to be certain that the meter is testing well within the required parameters.

Results – Putting Them to Work for You

Being able to track your results is something that enables you to take control of your situation, especially if you are pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic, you could definitely improve your condition and maybe even reverse it if you make good decisions based off of the results you are tracking. Of course anyone with type 1 diabetes would benefit as well.

What makes the tracking powerful is the meters ability to store five-hundred results in its memory. Taking five-hundred results and laying them out in a chart or graph makes certain trends and spikes apparent, which in turn allows you to make adjustments to your treatment plan that can have a profound effect.

The meter is also capable of transferring the test results to a PDA or computer, with the right software, so you can track and chart your results as well as your doctor.

Identifying certain trends and spikes is a valuable tool, but being able to identify why there may have been a spike or why certain trends are popping up is even more valuable and that is what you can do with by flagging and day or event, a feature that makes this meter a real asset.

Staying On Time & Safe

To make this meter even more convenient a clock and calendar feature is included. Now you don’t have to miss a test by using the alarm setting that is included with the clock feature.

To help keep you safe you can set another alarm to sound if your results are outside of your normal test results. Speak to your health care provider to help you determine what your high and low glucose level is to help you avoid any false alarms.

This meter, with all its great abilities and features has one more feature that is the icing on the cake. If there is ever an error while you are testing you will get an alarm notifying you of the error, even if you don’t set any of the alarms systems.

Avoid Stress by Maintaining Your Life’s Balance

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Stress is very harmful for us because it can cause various problems in our system. We can no longer respond properly to our system’s needs if we are under the influence of stress, and for that reason we will surely be disturbed emotionally and physically. Handling too much brain pressure is the reason why a person became stress. There are several reasons why a person became stress and it is the stressors to blame. We are all aware that we are handling too much problems but we just ignored it because we need to find solutions. Logically thinking, we are aware that we are in the influence of stress but we just ignored it. Well, you really need to maintain your life’s balance so that you can motivate yourself by being tough enough in handling stress.

Since the origin of stress is on our brain then we must reduce brain pressures. We must rest our mind by doing relaxing things like for example, watching movies, listening to music, shopping, and sleeping. The things that will make you enjoy are those who can negate stress. You can elude from stress by doing those things that can relax your mind and body. Acupuncture is also one of the best things to do in avoiding anxiety.

Maintain Your Life’s Balance

Maintaining your life’s balance will be the greatest thing to do in avoiding not only stress but also different emotional problems that we are going through. We can also avoid having sickness if we balance our life. Everything that is excessive is not good for everyone, therefore; we really need to set limits and balance everything.

If you are stressed and you really want to get over it then you must find ways. Organizing everything is also a factor to become at ease. Never make stress as a problem but make it as a challenge. Our problem is the main reason why we got stress, we are considering unnecessary things to become our problem, and it will just torture your mind in finding a solution the whole day. It is better for you to just sit down for a while and do something relaxing so that stress won’t strike upon you in dealing with such problems.

Balance everything and you will surely get rid from stress. Also, don’t forget to have a healthy lifestyle because being healthy is a great foundation for our immunity.