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Coping With Depression

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Depression is one of the darkest illness that can ever befall a person. It’s an illness that can only be fully explained and understood by someone going through it. I visit some of the blogs kept by people who are suffering from episodes of depression just in other to understand the illness more and encourage them, and the way they describe the feeling is pitable.

But luckily those who put the time and consistent effort to fight depression eventually overcome it, and you can too.

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Coping with depression is one of the most difficult challenges there is, but it’s still within your control. You definitely can overcome depression as many have done, and are now in charge of their lives again. You just need to understand the cause of the illness for you and start the process of fighting it.

How to Overcome Depression

Do some research and educate yourself about the disease, learn about the disease, it possible causes, risk factors, symptoms and the available treatments for it. Also learn necessary skills for coping with depression.

Speak with a qualified doctor and decide on the best treatment for your type of depression and be patient with the treatment process. Give your treatment time to work. After a while if there is no positive changes in your condition, discuss with your doctor to try another treatment.

You see, there is no one for all treatment for depression, in most cases sufferer’s have to go through several treatment options before they find the one suitable for them. Meaning you’ll have to endure to find what will work for you.

Depression Coping Skills

The skills below is to compliment your treatment and help improve your mood regularly.

Do some form of exercise regularly: Professionals have agreed that exercise can be as helpful as antidepressant drug, it’s gives you back some of your energy and lift your mood. Don’t go to the extreme with this, especially when just starting out, regular short walks around your neighborhood or to a friend’s place could just be all you need everyday to restore your energy and keep your mood right.

Don’t keep feelings bottled up: Refraining from expressing how you feel and what you think will keep you in a dark mood and depressed, so try sharing your feelings with a friend or family member, a counselor, writing it out on a dairy, a blog or express them through drawing.

Try Mediation: Meditation is another known way to handle the dark mood depression causes. Among other things it helps you relax. There are different techniques you can try, mindful meditation, visualization, Self-Inquiry and e.t.c.

Get extra help: Don’t do it alone, let your friends and loved ones help you through the crisis. Self help books can also be helpful, the authors are usually professionals in the field or those you’ve been where you are right now, and so suggestions from them can be helpful. Find a reputable internet forum for depression to join and also register for a local depression group, with this kind of support, you’ll have the strength required to fight depression.

The Truth About MSG, Obesity and Headaches

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MSG or monosodium glutamate is a highly debatable food additive whether it is good or bad o our health. Most often I hear people saying that MSG can cause various diseases in our body including cancer. Some say that it can harm vital organs in our body while some say this substance produces free radicals which in turn cause cancer.

The funny thing is that our environment is full of carcinogens; pollutions caused by smoke, waste and other harmful substances that are detrimental to our health. We cannot blame MSG alone for all the sicknesses that are happening out there. In my opinion, there are two major things that we should concern ourselves in consuming MSG.

1. Cause for Obesity

MSG makes our food taste better. It is a well known food addictive and this will definitely make our appetite increase if this substance is used with our favorite dish. Obesity is one known cause of cardiovascular problems and other problems caused by being overweight. And this is one good reason why you should be avoiding consumption of MSG if you have a big appetite for tasty foods.

But then again, we shouldn’t be blaming this substance in making a person overweight. It is still the individual’s eating habits that should be corrected rather than blaming to a substance that only do its job in making the food tastier.

2. Cause of Allergies Especially Headaches

I’ve heard stories of people experiencing unnecessary illnesses including headaches whenever they consume MSG. Well we can’t blame them; allergies are normal to one’s life and MSG is just one cause of them. Some are allergic to sea foods, eggs, chicken, perfume etc. and if you know the food item or substance that is causing your headaches then try avoiding them. We cannot control our body if it rejects certain substances from entering its system.

Consuming MSG in my opinion is not bad. I know old aged individuals using this food addictive and they get along well in life. And I have observed that people who are claiming MSG as a harmful substance are those individuals who have many diseases in life.

Finally, do what you think is comfortable and will give you peace of mind. It is not beneficial concluding that one substance alone is the main cause of cancer and other major illness out there because there are many substances which are far more harmful than MSG. If you are happy using MSG, just use it sparingly, enough to make your food taste better. On the other hand if you experience allergies happening like headaches whenever you consume them or if you think it will cause certain diseases then avoid and don’t use them.

Headache Remedies to Cure a Headache

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If you suffer from painful headaches, you may be looking for headache remedies that will help. To cure a headache there are several different ways to approach treatment options. The first is to look at preventative methods and the second is to reduce the pain of an existing headache.

Headache Remedies: Preventative Measures

For most people, looking at ways to prevent a headache or migraine tends to be the most successful. Once you have a migraine attack it is more difficult to get rid of it. So if you can look at ways to reduce the risk of getting a headache in the first place, you will be in far better shape.

Adjust Your Diet:

One of the easiest ways to prevent headaches is to maintain a balanced diet. By eating a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, you will be getting the proper mix of nutrients that will help keep your body well hydrated.

Another thing to look at within your diet is the drinks that you consume. Water is the best fluid to consume during the day. It will help keep you hydrated and minimize the risk of getting a headache caused by dehydration. Caffeine can trigger headaches and migraines, so monitoring your intake of caffeine is also important. One tricky thing about caffeine is that caffeine withdrawals can trigger headaches. So if you are looking to reduce your daily consumption of caffeine, be sure to gradually reduce your caffeine intake. If you try to quit cold turkey, it will most certainly cause a painful headache.

Headache Remedies: Adjust Your Lifestyle

Stress and anxiety can also cause headaches. One of the best ways to minimize the risk of getting a tension headache is to control the stress in your life. While it may sound easier said than done, there are a couple of easy steps to follow to try to minimize the stress in your life.

The first is to get plenty of sleep. When sleep is deprived, your body naturally goes into defense mode and opens you up to getting sick. The goal is to get 8 hours of sleep per night. While this may not always be possible, it is a good goal to set. The second adjustment that you can make to your lifestyle is to get plenty of exercise. By taking care of your body, you will be less likely to get a headache. Exercise also reduces stress and anxiety, so the positive aspects of a daily exercise routine are limitless.

Fish Oil: Giving Stress the Slip

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Without stress we would be able to accomplish nothing, however too much stress forces us to do nothing. Individuals who are unable to control the stress in their lives become depressed, suffer from anxiety, are prone to outbursts of anger, and increase their rate of cardiovascular events by more than 25%. Being chronically stressed out brings out many negative personality traits and puts undue stress on your heart and nervous system as a result of the hormones released into the bloodstream. An over abundance of the fight or flight hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol help to increase your chances of coronary artery disease.

The effects of stress on your physical and mental well-being are well documented. Persons who consistently demonstrate high levels of stress in their lives are less effective in their work, suffer from memory lapses, and are less able to deal with family and personal issues. Essential fatty acids play a significant role in helping people deal with emotional stress. A British study done in 2001 found that volunteers who were given 7 g of fish oil per day for three weeks were better able to deal with a series of mental stressors than the control group who did not take the supplementation.

It had been reported previously that omega-3 fatty acids may actually do more harm than good when persons were placed under mental stress, but those findings were refuted in the professional journal Free Radical Press, as their studies indicated that EPA and DHA actually reduced the oxidative stress brought about by external stressors. They further went on to mention that the elasticity of major blood vessels was improved by the addition of essential fatty acid supplementation to patients who had already been diagnosed with hardening of the arteries. The final finding of this panel concluded that the overall inflammatory response from all disease processes in the test subjects had been reduced by 23%.

Combined with anecdotal evidence from around the world this study clearly shows that cultures and individuals who have a higher than normal intake of omega-3 fatty acids either from diet or supplementation are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular events. The American Heart Association in its scientific findings on the consumption of fish, fish oil, and fish oil supplements also came to the same conclusion after years of study and follow-up. The AHA determined that the normal individual should have a minimum of two servings of cold water fish per week or they should take 1 gram of fish oil per day.

The British researchers concluded that fish oil, high in DHA and EPA content, promoted cellular repair and nerve transmission within the brain. It also help to control the fight or flight response which reduced levels of anxiety when volunteers were placed under stress. All test subjects reported they were better able to sleep and felt less depressed when taking the supplements. While not conclusive, the studies do provide baseline evidence that fish oil, and omega-3 supplementation will help you to cope with your daily life in a more effective way. The effective dose used during these tests ranged from 1 gram per day to his high as 10 grams per day. It is important to have dosages above 3 grams per day monitored by a healthcare professional.

Overall a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Fish oil appears to help people deal with psychological stress and maintain a more calm attitude. High levels of mental stress maintained over long periods of time have actually produced cellular damage within the brain. Patients suffering from psychological stress have reported less physical problems and are better able to cope with their day-to-day lives when taking fish oil supplements.

Type 2 Diabetes – Foods For Diabetics To Avoid!

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People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are often misinformed as to what foods they are supposed to stay away from. Simply listing a category of food isn’t enough as it is not always such a clear-cut case. Sometimes it is better to be much more specific so that a diabetic isn’t limiting themselves unnecessarily.

Sugar, for example, is a definite enemy. But there are many other places white refined sugar can hide instead of in the obvious doughnut or brownie. Your favorite condiments, from mustard to ketchup and relish are loaded with it. White bread is notoriously high in sugar. (Also, any food such as bread made with white refined flour is bad for you… it starts out naturally brown and is whitened by a chemical process which forms another substance called alloxan, which is known to destroy pancreatic function!) In fact, white bread breaks down into pure sugar before it can even be swallowed. Crackers, waffle and pancake mixes are also full of the “white stuff”.

You were probably told to avoid foods with a high concentration of fat, but what does that really mean? Avoiding all saturated and trans fats would be good, but this would take a lot of policing to accomplish. It’s almost impossible to completely eliminate all saturated and trans fats from your food. The best way to handle fat in your food, is to limit it as much as possible. Look at food labels and take into account how much fat is in each serving… not the entire container. This is the key.

Vegetables are good for you, so they can’t be on the list of foods to avoid… right? Wrong. Having a free-reign on all vegetables is never a good idea. First, you have to see the way the vegetables are packaged. Canned vegetables can still be high in sugar. Frozen vegetables can be stripped of vital nutrients with harmful preservatives added back in.

Even in their raw form, there are some vegetables to stay away from. Corn, certain types of squash, sweet potatoes and the dreaded white potatoes all should be avoided whenever possible.

Are you eating sugar-free products? You may unknowingly still be consuming sucralose, an artificial sweetener not recommended for diabetics. Read labels if you want to find the hidden ingredient of sucralose or other artificial sweeteners. Also remember, many sugar-free foods are not healthy for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Foods can also have another hidden danger: salt. Otherwise known as sodium, salt can inflict an incredible amount of harm on a body in a relatively short amount of time. A major problem with salt is that it can be hidden in virtually any type of food imaginable. Frozen foods are laced with it as part of their processing. Canned foods, especially the seemingly harmless vegetables and canned meats, are filled with salt. This is what gives them their long shelf life.

Processed foods, no matter what kind you are talking about, are loaded with salt. The best way to identify the salt content is to look closely at the label. Remember to take into account the number of servings, and not just the salt content per serving.

If you want to limit salt, always go with fresh foods.

Use Gloves – Keep Yourselves Protected From Contaminants

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If you are concerned about getting infected by various contaminants, you can use exam gloves that provide adequate protection. Different kinds of gloves offer protection from different sort of contamination. Consider the kind of work and the area that you come in contact with before choosing your gloves.

Exam gloves are made of different materials like latex, nitrile and vinyl in order to lubricate them, they are powdered with various substances that make it easier to put them on the hands. The basic purpose of exam gloves is to provide protection from the bacteria and germs. Disposable gloves are perfect for the prevention of any kind of contamination. Gloves are also useful for non-medical purpose as these offer good protection from germs and chemicals. Gloves are perfect for various household chores like gardening and dish washing.

Latex gloves provide protection from chemicals while using them for industrial purposes such as dealing with automotive, janitorial and doing various activities in the salons. The powder that is used for manufacturing these gloves is made of cornstarch that doesn’t harm the skin. These gloves don’t contain any traces of chlorine which makes them suitable for being used in kitchen. If you are going to use gloves for a longer period, latex gloves are the best option as these provide much comfort making them easier to wear for a long time. If you encounter any allergic reactions caused by latex gloves, it is advised that you use nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Nitrile exam gloves offer adequate protection in the high-risk places. These provide you excellent freedom of movement and dexterity while proving to be resistant to damage. These are best suited for those who are allergic to latex or other substances like powder and rubber proteins that are used for the manufacturing of most common sorts of exam gloves. These are the most popular kinds of gloves among health care professionals. Since they are free of rubber proteins, nitrile gloves don’t result in various allergic reactions. These are highly durable and resist the transmission of chemicals and other contaminants. These are designed to provide an excellent fit and maximum comfort to the wearer. Latex free synthetic gloves are also a great option for those who have a sensitive skin that is prone to various allergies caused by natural rubber proteins. These gloves are very flexible and offer a comfortable fit.

Vinyl gloves offer a great protection, and elasticity that makes them fit perfectly. These gloves are basically used in times when there are minimal possibilities of exposure to bodily fluids as the risk of getting infected is very low. The best examples where you can use vinyl gloves are for food preparations, cleaning the surfaces or emptying trash cans. Vinyl gloves also provide a good grip and proper movement of the fingers. You can also opt for synthetic vinyl exam gloves that are made of a stronger and better material which offers an adequate protection from any sort of contamination.

While choosing gloves, make sure that they fit and contour to your hand for a comfortable prolong use. The gloves that you choose to save you from chemicals must be soft and comfortable to wear. Pick up gloves that don’t cause any skin irritation while you are wearing them. Apart from providing protection from germs, these gloves help in keeping your hands soft and gentle.

If you want to eliminate the chances of getting contaminated, you can search the Internet and find various companies that offer ample range of exam gloves at very low prices. There are plenty of other products that are offered by companies such as tranquility briefs trash can liners and reusable apparel.

Can HGH Therapy Improve Your Height?

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The most common question that most people ask the first time they hear about the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is whether it can help them grow taller. The answer to that question is a resounding “no”. That is, unless you are a child who is still at your growing phase.

HGH is manufactured in the brain by the pituitary gland and is responsible for growth and development of the human body. However, the pituitary gland is not always at its peak of producing HGH. Several reasons such as an abnormal pituitary gland or a hormonal imbalance can result to insufficient levels of HGH in the body.

Children who suffer from deficient HGH production usually have slower growth in height. Some children with lower HGH levels in their bodies usually have more body fat around the waist and tend to look younger than their real age. Some may even experience a slower dental development.

If you think your child’s physical development is slow, you should consult your pediatrician as soon as possible. Treatments are more effective when given during the child’s early development years, before the child’s bone structure stops developing. Human growth hormone injections are often used to bring the child’s development at speed and about six injections per week have to be given to the child. These are prescribed HGH injections which are not just time consuming, but also very expensive.

HGH injections with IGF-1 will help increase your child’s height by stimulating the cells on the bones. These injections, however, are not just expensive, but they don’t really work with people who are just naturally short and do not have any hormonal deficiency. It is also quite difficult to control the dose, unless administered by a medical professional.

HGH supplements are more preferred than HGH injections, because you can easily control the dose and they don’t have any known side effects. HGH supplements and HGH releasers contain the same amino acids that stimulate the body’s natural human growth hormone.

For several years now, HGH supplements are also gaining popularity among adults who want to delay the aging process. Although many have found these supplements effective in restoring the body’s normal functioning and delaying the aging process, there is really no scientific evidence which establish the effects of HGH on an adult’s height.

But even with no direct effect on an adult’s height, you can still benefit from making HGH supplements a part of your daily routine. Popular brands such as HGH Advanced can improve your immune system, restore skin suppleness, help you keep a trim body due to a faster metabolism, develop your stamina and improve your muscle tone.

Dream Interpretation

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Carl Jung managed to discover the real meaning of the symbolic dream language. However, you won’t be able to completely understand the meaning of dreams based on his vague, obscure, and complex method of dream interpretation.

My simplification is necessary if you want to immediately understand the dream language. I had to discover the meaning of many dream symbols translating numerous dreams for many different people for two decades before I could clarify and simplify Jung’s complex method.

My discoveries after continuing Carl Jung’s research prove to the world that he was a genius who discovered the dream logic. However, my discoveries also prove that the human race is too far from sound mental health. Our dreams work like psychotherapy because we need treatment. We are basically absurd from birth.

First of all I’m going to explain why you can absolutely trust the dream translations based on the scientific method of dream interpretation.

Even though many people believe that they are able to interpret the meaning of dreams, the truth is that the dream language is very complicated. Without understanding the dream logic, you cannot understand the dream messages. You have to get used to the symbolism used by the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

Everything becomes simple only when you respect the unconscious logic, which is based on different criteria. The unconscious mind is not an idiotic primate like you. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin. It is a superior mind. You must learn how to follow the superior logic of this wise ancient mind that attained perfection.

If you’ll try to translate the meaning of dreams based on your conscious logic, you’ll never be able to see the hidden unconscious messages. Dream translation could be compared to discovering a different picture hidden behind another picture, if we pay attention to different details.

When we translate the meaning of dreams with the right method, which is the scientific one, we discover the unconscious words contained in the dream images. These words give us many important messages and trustful information. The unconscious mind is our natural protector.

This is why dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a very serious practice. When you learn the right method of dream translation, you understand the superior unconscious guidance in your dreams.

The symbolic meaning of the dream language is always the same for everyone. For example, a snake always represents a bad event that will put an end to a mistake you are making, without understanding how dangerous you attitude is.

Behind all the deceptions of life, you’ll find your anti-conscience, ready to imprison your conscience into the labyrinth of craziness. The anti-conscience is your wild and evil conscience. It can only lead you to violence, terror, craziness, and despair. If you’ll follow its absurd thoughts, you’ll lose your mind.

The snake in a dream is a protection. It represents the intervention of the divine providence, which helps you avoid the anti-conscience’s traps.

The snake shows you that you will be punished for making a serious mistake, but thanks to this punishment, you’ll stop making a horrible mistake that is ruining your life, and avoid tragic consequences.

The snake is the medicine that cures your psyche. It makes you regret for doing what is bad, or for not paying attention to the unconscious warnings. This is a sacred meaning that you should respect. You must be careful and discover your mistake. Stop closing your eyes before what is bad.

My work gives you all the answers you need because I continued Jung’s dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche, where we could find craziness. Jung knew that craziness was inherited – he knew that it already existed in the human mind, but he didn’t know where all the absurdity we inherit was.

I discovered that all the craziness, the evilness, and the violence that characterize the human being belong to our anti-conscience, the wild side of our conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side. The anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain. Even our tiny human conscience is under-developed and one-sided. This means that we are totally absurd.

We need help in order to evolve. The unconscious mind sends us protective messages in dreams in order to save our mental health. Since we already are absurd from birth, we can very easily acquire worse mental illnesses. We need protection from many dangers.

Therefore, if you’ll see a snake in a dream, you must understand that you will face a big problem in the future. There is a bad event awaiting you. This is a serious warning.

You must learn how to avoid facing it by following the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

If you’ll stop making the mistake that this bad event is going to eliminate, you can avoid passing through the bitter experience that will make you stop doing what is bad for you. Follow the unconscious guidance in the dream messages, and you’ll avoid the bad event predicted by the appearance of a snake in your dream.

The snake is an archetype; a universal dream symbol that never changes. The snake in a dream always represents a very serious warning that you had better respect.

In order to give you this explanation I had to translate numerous dreams for many people since 1990, and compare their dreams one to another. I saw many repetitions in many people’s dreams. Then, I related the meaning of their dreams to their life stories.

I had to simplify a very complex method of dream interpretation that depended on time and perseverance. Jung was not able to immediately and clearly translate a dream like me. You are lucky because you can learn all this complication in a very simple way today.

You have the chance to eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited before it manages to destroy your life. Now you can prevent worst craziness thanks to dream translation, or find the psychotherapy you need. After following dream therapy you’ll acquire sound mental health forever.

Parenting an Autistic Child – Nutritional Treatments and Vitamin D

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One of the things that you might want to think about when parenting an autistic child is diet. More specifically, diet and nutritional supplements. Many autistic kids are deficient in different vitamins and nutrients, and adding them to your child’s diet can sometimes make a world of difference.

Vitamin D and the Autistic Child

Vitamin D is one such vitamin that can help many children with autism. People usually don’t think about Vitamin D very much. But Vitamin D actually has been shown to be critical to a several different body functions. It is also the most common vitamin deficiency that people in America have. How does this relate to autism? There are some new theories suggesting that a lack of maternal Vitamin D, as well as the child’s levels of vitamin D, could lead to a higher risk of autism.

Vitamin D is really a hormone in the human body, not a vitamin. It is created in response to sunshine, and also can be found in some foods.

What does Vitamin D do?

Vitamin D helps with bone mineralization and formation. A lack of Vitamin D can often cause bone weakness. Vitamin D also helps control the calcium level in your body, which benefits the immune system by helping with immunosuppression. Without proper Vitamin D, rickets can develop. Finally, Vitamin D can have a role in cancer, depression, and other kinds of diseases and mental illnesses.

What is the connection between Vitamin D and autism?

There are cases from both Minnesota and Sweden that show some alarming trends. In Stockholm, Sweden, the rate of autism spectrum disorders for Somali immigrants is three to four times that of non-Somalis.

In Minnesota, the story is very much the same. In 1993, many Somali refugees immigrated to Minnesota. A few years later, the autism rate sharply increased. By 2007, Somalis far out represented members of other ethnic or racial groups in city autism special education programs. City officials tried to figure out why. Autism was very uncommon for the Somalis.

What was happening here? One theory has to do with the amount of sun in both climates. The skin creates Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. In Somalia, there is much more direct sun than in either Minnesota or Sweden, which are located in very northern latitudes. Also, dark skinned people create less Vitamin D than light skinned people do. Another added complication is that many Somalis in foreign countries are likely to wear headscarves and cover their body, therefore negating any chance of being able to get Vitamin D from the sun.

Because of this, Vitamin D deficiency in both mothers and children was thought to be one possible cause of the increased autism rates.

It’s probably a good idea to get yourself and your kids tested for Vitamin D deficiency. You can increase your Vitamin D levels with supplements. Vitamin D supplements are relatively inexpensive and worth a try for increasing your child’s health. Decisions on supplements are just one of many decisions you will have to make when parenting an autistic child.

Pre-Diabetes Exercise

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Dealing with pre-diabetes is never easy – you have to make changes to your lifestyle to accommodate to the condition, and it may sometimes require quite the serious sacrifices from you. On the other hand, you must always keep in mind that this is still far better than having to deal with actual diabetes, so don’t treat the condition lightly and try to approach it as fast as you can. The first thing you should consider changing in your lifestyle is your diet – there are plenty of things you can get rid of in order to live a healthier life, better adjusted to dealing with pre-diabetes.

However, a proper pre-diabetes exercise routine will go a very long way in helping you relieve the condition in the long run. You must develop a series of exercises which you’ll follow strictly every day, and this will halt the development of the condition to a good degree and give you some peace of mind.

The important thing is to give yourself enough cardio, no matter what you’re doing precisely – the specific type of exercise doesn’t really matter so much, as long as you’re pushing your heart heavily enough and you’re feeling yourself sweat up heavily. This will activate your metabolism in a mode where it pushes really hard, and does a great job converting those calories into energy for you to expend. You’ll feel your heart racing, and this is good – feel the burn and keep it up.

Any cardio is only effective if done for long enough though – so to get the most of your exercise, set aside enough time for it whatever you’ve picked as your exercise of choice. The durations will vary slightly with the different types of exercise, but in general, you should try to maintain a good pace for at least 30-45 minutes to get your metabolism activated in that truly powerful mode. After that, the longer you can keep up, the better, but don’t push yourself too much.

Not everyone is up to running for half an hour though – but since pre-diabetes exercise is a crucial factor in defeating the condition, you must push yourself to at least go until you truly can’t go any longer; riding a bike is a good alternative too, but you’ll likely have to increase the duration of the exercise to compensate for the lighter effort it’ll require from you.

Don’t forget about swimming as well – if you don’t know how to swim, why not learn now anyway? Swimming is commonly known as one of the best types of exercise for generally keeping yourself in a good shape, and this also makes it one of the best kinds of pre-diabetes exercise. It will not only do wonders for your metabolism, but it will also tone your muscles and strengthen your body all around – after all, if you’re going to be pushing yourself with extra exercise, you might as well get something more out of it as well and make yourself look good!

5 Acne Skin Care Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Today

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Let’s face it. No matter what your age, acne can be embarrassing. Fortunately, you can do a number of things to make your skin less prone to acne flare ups. The following five tips will help you take control of your acne starting right now.

1. Cosmetics – Use cosmetics which are labeled oil-free or noncomedogenic. This will help you to avoid clogged pores and skin irritations which may contribute to acne. Cosmetics with facial colors that seem to shimmer sometimes contain mica which can clog your pores and irritate your skin.

Instead of using a high gloss lip gloss, use one that promotes a matte finish which will cause less clogging of pores. The more shine a lip gloss has, the more comedogenic content which means more pore clogging.

2. Hygiene – When washing your skin, be sure not to scrub to hard as this can cause skin irritation and may even cause your sebaceous glands to produce too much oil which can cause your pores to become clogged. Don’t over-wash your skin for the same reason.

Don’t use products with harsh exfoliation ingredients that can tear your skin. And avoid products which contain alcohol as they can remove the top layer of skin causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil which, again, will clog your pores.

If you do develop acne, do not squeeze or pick at them. This can lead to scarring.

3. Exercise – Stress is one of the causes of acne and a great way to get rid of stress is with exercise. However, you will need to take some care with regard to your exercise clothing, sports gear and equipment.

Tight nylon and lycra exercise clothing may look good on you but if you are prone to acne you will want to avoid these fabrics. Nylon and lycra trap in sweat and heat resulting in an abundance of bacteria.

Clothing that is made from cotton or other natural fibers will allow air to more easily get to your skin, helping to prevent bacteria from forming.

When your workout is over, remove your sweaty clothing right away. Get a shower and put on clean, dry clothing. Be sure to keep your sports gear and exercise equipment clean, also. If your equipment, such as sweatbands, is dirty it can irritate your acne prone skin.

4. Shaving – Shaving, whether you are male or female, is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells. This will help to prevent the spread of acne by removing dead skin from your pores. Don’t shave if the area is already highly infected (open acne, sores, redness, sensitive, etc.).

5. Diet – Although studies have shown that diet does not play a part in either the treatment or cause of acne, it is still a good idea to eat a healthy diet. After all, if a healthy diet is good for your body then it follows that it will be good for your skin. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of your body.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, be sure to take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral at least once a day. Doing so will give your body the elements it need to fight off an acne outbreak.