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Plasma levels of orexin-A and BMI in the present study

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It has yet to be determined whether plasma and CSF levels of orexin-A correlate with each other, and whether plasma orexin-A levels are regulated by a negative feedback system of the arousal response. Reduced levels of orexin-A in the CSF and a substantial reduction in the number of orexin neurons, specifically in the hypothalamus, have been reported in narcoleptic patients. Combined with the lower levels of plasma orexin-A observed in narcoleptic patients, plasma levels of orexin-A may represent changes in the number or activity of orexin neurons in the CNS. It is possible that the regulation of plasma orexin-A levels differs between narcoleptic patients and patients with OSAHS. In the present study, we acknowledge one important limitation, namely, we did not obtain CSF samples from our patients to measure the levels of orexin-A. However, the correlation of plasma orexin-A levels and the severity of OSAHS, and the simplicity of specimen collection may support the usefulness of plasma orexin-A as a biological marker of OSAHS health care store.

No significant correlation was observed between plasma levels of orexin-A and BMI in the present study. However, Adam et al reported that plasma orexin-A levels correlated negatively with BMI and that lower levels of plasma orexin-A are present in obese individuals, suggesting that orexin is involved in the regulation of human energy metabolism. In addition to their potent effects on appetite, orexins may interact with the CNS system, controlling sympathetic outflow and cardiovascular function. Orexin-A, when injected into the lateral cerebroven-tricle, induced an increase of mean arterial pressure and heart rate in conscious rats. The effects of orexin peptides have been uniformly reported as excitatory, and orexin neurons project to monoamin-ergic cell groups. These findings may explain the relation between underlying narcolepsy symptomatology and orexin deficiency canadian healthcare. The posterior hypothalamus containing orexin neurons has been implicated in arousal state control. The projection from orexin neurons to monoaminergic cell groups, which include histaminergic, serotonergic, and noradrenergic cells, could be related to arousal-state regulation, while monoaminergic neurons inhibit the REM-activated neurons in the cholinergic nucleus. Therefore, it is probable that the orexin system may have a neuromodulatory effect on arousal states. Given the putative role of orexin in sleep-wakefulness function, increased orexin transmission, reflected as increased plasma orexin-A levels, may affect the arousal response in patients with OSAHS.

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Best Male Enhancement Pills Canada

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Most of men with small penises and poor penile erection during sexual intercourse are torn between using penile enhancement pills or not to use them due to safety measures. Many negative things have been said about the use of Viagra for stimulation of penile erection and enlargement. Some of these things are while others are just mere myths and speculations. This kind of information whether true or false are disheartening and discouraging, especially for people who are green about the use of hqcanadianpharmacy. It makes a good number of people, even when they have the urge to increase their virility to think twice. Even though the general feeling is that every man wants to gain maximum virility, many still end up holding back due to this negativity.

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This honest love and trust of this herbal Viagra by its users is unbeatable, since they can hardly find any enhancement pill in the market to compare with it. What this product offers to users is unique in its own ways. For instance, comprehensive survey and analysis of different Viagra products in the market place has revealed that the majority these products have considerable amounts of chemical contents.

The manufacturing of VigRX plus is in a way that the chemical contents are totally eliminated to give the customer a side effects free products to use. It is purely made from herbal products and this is one of the reasons other than its exceptional functionality that has ensured prowess of VigRX plus over Viagra.

Moreover, tangible research has proven that products made solely of herbs enables individuals to achieve total revolution and models. In this context, it is clear that herbal Viagra and frankly speaking VigRX Plus really helps you cure all your erectile dysfunctions than any other chemical Viagra in the market. So if you were wondering if this product can really fix your problems, the answer is undoubting “yes.”

The fact that Vigrx plus is superior to Viagra sildenafil in Canada in many aspects is no more secrets. Even though the world has in the recent past sunk deep in using Viagra to enhance virility in men, the side effects of Viagra still poses greater challenges to the users. This is the reason why people need to shift their consumption habits from chemical Viagra to VigRX plus. This is the only way in which people can be sure of having proper virility without compromising their personal health. It is worth preventing something than curing it.
With this information before you, it is believed that you can walk into a pharmacy shop knowing what is best for you.

Drugs and Risky Behavior: part 2

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As prostitution activities in this population are mostly drug driven, treatment of drug dependence can have a positive effect on that behavior. Meandzija et al. showed that the intravenous drug users they studied engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors, but methadone maintenance reduced sex for drugs or money exchange.

In fact, treatment may be crucial for reducing sexual risk in drug addicts, but it may be necessary to increase or find new strategies for risk prevention, as some studies show that there is no association between treatment and safer sexual practices. A longer treatment career may be effective as Longshore and Hsieh demonstrated that users with more lifetime treatment exposure had lower scores for risky sex. This is consistent with the hypothesis that successive episodes of treatment may have long-term cumulative effects on drug users’ HIV risk behavior. Until now, we have been discussing problems related to drug dependence, but we must now consider the influence of acute drug use and its possible influence on decision making regarding risky sex situations.

It would be reasonable to assume that the use of a mind-altering substance prior to sexual activity may result in impaired decision making about the whole situation, including prevention of STDs.
Research has shown that substance use (including alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines and others) prior to or during sex, is a significant predictor of high-risk sexual behavior, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation.


Nevertheless, some studies do not support the assumption of a casual relationship between substance abuse and risky sex even in high-risk samples. In Scotland, Leigh and Miller in a sample of more than 1,300 respondents from urban areas, examined alcohol or drug use in conjunction with sexual activity and the use of condoms and other contraceptives and concluded that people combining sex with alcohol or drugs are not necessarily more likely to engage in riskier sex. Miller et al. investigated risk taking related to sex and drug use to find that this behavior was neither entirely general nor entirely specific with distinct types of risk taking being distinguished.

Results from the study by Schafer et al., support an association between drug use (other than alcohol) and decreased likelihood of condom use with a new sexual partner. Individuals who used drugs and did not use condoms scored significantly higher on a scale assessing impulsivity, risk taking and sensation seeking. An explanation for the resistance or inability to change sexual risky behaviors among drug users has been advanced by Singer. This author proposes that sexual risk behavior may be understood and explained in the context of clients’ perception of themselves and their relationships, as a result of past traumatic events and current lifestyle.

There is sufficient evidence for considering that using drugs before or during sexual intercourse can, in certain circumstances, put the parts involved at risk of unwanted pregnancy or STDs. Prevention programs directed at occasional users of recreational drugs and risk prevention for drug addicts and their sex partners are thus a matter of health priority.

Drugs and Risky Behavior: part 1

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Particularly after the AIDS epidemic, health authorities became aware of the necessity of implementing measures to control the spread of STDs. In this context, researchers soon began to investigate the impairments in the practice of safer sex and, among many other hypotheses, they conjectured about the use of safe sex practices among people who were using mind-altering substances.

Thus, a considerable amount of research on the relationship of sexuality and drugs deals with the spread of HIV- and hepatitis-associated drug abuse and community efforts to prevent these infections. Could the use of these substances cloud the good judgment about a possible sexual situation in which the drug user is involved? Would people under drugs be less able to use safety measures regarding STDs? Or perhaps drug users are at risk not because of their drug use, but because of the characteristics of their personality?

First of all, it must be established that drug users do have a sex life. Sometimes, clinicians in drug therapy settings know that chronic use of drugs severely impairs sexuality and consequently they tend to disregard the sex life of their clients. Goldberg et al. stated that drug injectors with serious opiate and tranquilizer dependency are at least as sexually active as the general population. Our research shows that, at least for opioid-addicted men, there is a decrease in sexual activity, but the fact is that the majority of drug users, including drug injectors, are sexuality active with their partners or, in significant minority (mostly women) involved in prostitution.
Although some addicts may be reducing their HIV risk, abandoning the sharing of injecting equipment or the IV use altogether, they may maintain some risky sexual behavior. The levels of condom use, even for drug injectors, are low and inconsistent for both men and women.

The risk of HIV transmission among nonintravenous drug users is likely to be related to sexual transmission of HIV, particularly due to the prevalence of high-risk sexual behavior and STDs in this population.
Addicted women are more likely to have a sex partner who is a drug user and also to be living with a drug user. The same is not true for addicted men who, in many instances, have a healthy female for a sex companion or are living with a healthy female. The sexual risks involved vary, of course, with these different situations.

Healthy female partners of male drug users in stable relationships, although theoretically knowing the risks involved in using drugs may feel as though that risk would not apply to their partnership and act accordingly with a very low use of safety measures against STDs.

In this way, drug users can be at risk for STDs or putting at risk their sex partners as there are relatively high levels of sexual mixing between drug injectors and noninjectors and between drug users and nonusers. Prostitution can be a source of income for drug addicts. In a recent study, we found a significant number of female drug addicts engaging in prostitution activities, and the age at which these activities began correlated with the age at which they began the daily use of drugs. In this money for sex exchange, it seems that STD prevention is uncommon. High levels of unprotected anal intercourse are found among prostitutes and drug users.

Early Death? Choose to Opt Out!

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When we decide to opt out of something, it means that we choose not to participate. Typically we don’t associate “opting out” with early death. In reality, however, we can choose to” opt out” of the diseases most likely to kill us, through healthy lifestyle changes.

The term “opt out” is often used in reference to things such as email marketing, telemarketing, or perhaps even doing the dishes or renewing NFL season tickets! But, have you ever considered “opting out” of early death? Were you even aware that you had this choice?

You may at this point suggest that “opting out” of early death cannot be guaranteed. That is true, but then again, nothing in life is for certain. Then, why bother to opt out of anything? When we opt out of junk email or telemarketing, we still get some anyway, but probably much less than we used to receive. Perhaps we get 90-95% less of these nuisance emails and phone calls. So, although not guaranteed, we are really stacking the odds in our favor. Well, then, what if you could reduce your chance of premature death by 90 or 95 %? What if you could reduce your chances of a heart attack to virtually negligible? Would you do it? Would you choose to”opt out”?

Well, we do indeed have the choice to” opt out” of most heart attacks and strokes as well as diabetes and obesity. We can also opt out of many cancers, such as lung, colon, breast and prostate. How so? By adopting a healthier lifestyle, which protects us from these and other chronic diseases, stacking the odds in favor of longevity… instead of early death.

The environment within our bodies can be conducive to disease development or it can be protective against disease. A healthy lifestyle, including nutritious meals, regular exercise, and inner peace contributes to a strong immune system which fights off disease, often in the early stages, before the disease process debilitates or kills us. A healthy lifestyle can also can reverse narrowing in our heart or neck arteries, that otherwise would contribute to heart attacks and strokes. A healthy lifestyle often can reverse impotence, without Viagra. It also reverses diabetes and hypertension, decreasing the need for prescription drugs (and their many nasty side effects).

We are really the first generation of Americans who have the choice to opt out of early death due to these typically American or so called Western diseases. Fifty years ago, medical research was not adequate to recommend what constitutes a truly “healthful” meal. Bacon and porterhouse steaks were considered healthful meals, but in truth, when eaten too often, they were contributing to many heart attacks and strokes and subsequent premature deaths. We now know that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains optimize our bodies’ natural healing elements.

Fortunately, medical research now strongly supports healthy lifestyle changes for preventing and reversing many diseases, including those which kill most Americans… .So consider making healthy lifestyle changes today.

You really can make the choice to “opt out” of early death!

Am I Crazy – Or Am I Just Electrosensitive?

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Electrosensitive people are often misunderstood and judged. Friends just don’t get how electromagnetic exposure can cause really uncomfortable symptoms in someone, if they themselves feel fine around it. And many doctors don’t understand either, because they aren’t aware that electrosensitivity exists.

Electrosensitivity is a Real Disease

But if your whole body starts getting weird whenever you hold your cell phone or walk into a building with Wi-Fi, don’t let anyone label you as “crazy”. You’re not a hypochrondriac. You are electrosensitive.

And you’re not alone. In today’s world you can’t avoid electromagnetic fields (EMFs); and like you, more and more people are suffering from electrosensitivity.

Common Electrosensitive Symptoms

There are lots of different symptoms of electrical sensitivity. You may have a few of these most common ones:

  • Recurring headaches
  • Brain fog and memory loss
  • Sleep and digestive disturbances
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Irritation

Where Can You Go if You’re Electrosensitive?

Cell phones and Wi-Fi aren’t the only things electrosensitive people have a hard time with. If you’ve been in high density electromagnetic exposure for a long time, even the electricity and appliances in a room can get to you. Sometimes just getting outside can be such a relief–until you get too close to cell towers or high power lines, that is! Unfortunately, for some electrically-sensitive people, there are few places they can feel at all comfortable in today’s world.

EMF Protection Counteracts EMF Exposure

But take heart-you don’t have to suffer any longer. You don’t even have to give up your wireless toys. You just need EMF protection. But shop carefully for effective EMF protection devices–they’re not all the same. Some companies focus specifically on electrosensitivity, so they understand your condition.

ed medications australia

Sometimes you need to get more than one kind of device to protect you from different sources of EMFs. Not all devices protect you completely from all EMFs in your environment, as some companies promise. Read carefully all information given about a product to see what it is designed to do. And make sure the company has a money-back guarantee and they give you enough time to test their products. Read more on electrosensitivity.

Effective EMF Protection

Don’t get discouraged if you actually feel worse when you first try EMF protection devices. Effective products generally cause electrosensitive people to detox at first. This is a good sign–it means they’re working! So be patient. Your symptoms should slowly begin to ease.

No matter how electrosensensitive you are, you don’t have to hide from electromagnetic exposure. With good EMF protection, you can feel good while staying fully involved in today’s world.

Opening Your Own Massage Clinic

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Finally having your license to perform massages for the public is quite an accomplishment! You are now ready to start your own business. Here are some basic tips that can help you as you begin this new adventure. Keep in mind that every situation is different. However, there are some practical ideas that remain the same anytime a new business is launched.Don’t even consider practicing until you have your business license and have been approved. You will need to review the regulations in your part of the country and fill out the required forms. Many of these forms will probably be available online. You must find a location to set up your clinic. Look for a location that is easily located and seen by the public. A background check, zoning referral, fingerprints and other important documents may be needed.

Another important aspect of opening your new clinic is advertising. It’s important to remember that while people have varying ideas about advertising, the main key is to let people know about your new business. It’s especially important in the early stages of your business so people can learn about your business, what you offer, where you are located, how to reach you, etc. Plan to spend as much as you can on advertising, within reason. In order to get the word out as quickly and least expensively as possible, be sure and hire an advertising agent who is efficient and effective.
Canada health care mall
Once you have permission to open your business, you can start looking for the furniture and equipment you will need. You will need an adjustable massage table, warm lights and other important items. One of the most important ingredients to a good massage clinic is the atmosphere. It’s important for your clients to be able to relax and enjoy their massage. Soft music playing in the background, a heater in the winter to keep the room toasty warm, and of course, a convenient place to change their clothes – these are some of the key elements that can be a part of your new massage room.

Finally, your main objective is to build a clientele that schedules regular visits with you. Be sure and have an attractive business card handy for customers. As they come back more often, be sure and get feedback about the visits, how they felt after they went home and if they would like for you to do anything differently. It’s important to communicate with your customers on a regular basis as this type of business usually grows through word of mouth.

Starting a massage clinic will require hard work, perseverance and patience. Your business will grow, however, as you begin to make contacts. You may experience ups and downs, but through it all, you will eventually be able to enjoy a business that will be both successful and profitable.

The Benefits of Massage to Aid Vacation Relaxation

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Are you planning on a late summer vacation and feel as though the stress of the summer is just starting to catch up to you? Have you been looking forward to this vacation for weeks, and now just need to find a way to de-stress? Well, if any of these things are true for you, you may want to consider a relaxing massage when you get to your final travel destination.

Everyone that has ever had a massage knows that it feels good. Lying on a massage table with soft music playing and aromatherapy candles burning can be an incredibly relaxing experience. But, massage doesn’t just feel good, it actually has many incredible health benefits. There is research that shows that massage touch can be a good treatment for injuries, help with chronic pain and alleviate stress and every day tensions on your muscles.

Other incredible benefits of massage include:

*Improve your mood
*Reduce fatigue
*Increase your circulation
*Alleviate back pain
*Increase range of motion
*Enhance immunity by encouraging lymph flow
*Increase joint flexibility
*Lessen anxiety
*Relax tired and over-used muscles
*Improve sleep quality
*Decrease stress and tension

Just one hour of massage can help to make all your troubles melt away, and start your vacation off on the right foot. If you are looking for relaxation during your vacation, you should consider finding a spa or massage therapist near to your hotel, or see if your hotel has a spa of which it is affiliated. Even better, some hotels and inns offer in-room massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist on staff. If this is an option for you, even better! Vacations should be all about relieving stress and with the hassles of traffic, airline travel, rental cars and planning your itinerary, the stress and worry can really build up in your neck, back and shoulders. To start your vacation on the best possible note, a massage is a very wise option!

If you are interested in starting your vacation out with a massage, there are a few things you can do before you arrive at your destination. Call your hotel or inn and check with the front desk to find out what massage options are available to you. Is there a spa located within walking distance to your hotel? Are there Licensed Massage Therapists within the hotel that can come to your room? If so, consider making an appointment before you go on your vacation, so you will be sure to secure a time that suits you. If you’ve been planning your vacation for ages and looking forward to the relaxation it will provide, don’t forget to plan for that much-needed massage as well. With a massage to start off your vacation, you can be sure that your mind and body will both feel fully relaxed and refreshed; ready to start your well-deserved vacation off on the best foot!

Use Gloves – Keep Yourselves Protected From Contaminants

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If you are concerned about getting infected by various contaminants, you can use exam gloves that provide adequate protection. Different kinds of gloves offer protection from different sort of contamination. Consider the kind of work and the area that you come in contact with before choosing your gloves.

Exam gloves are made of different materials like latex, nitrile and vinyl in order to lubricate them, they are powdered with various substances that make it easier to put them on the hands. The basic purpose of exam gloves is to provide protection from the bacteria and germs. Disposable gloves are perfect for the prevention of any kind of contamination. Gloves are also useful for non-medical purpose as these offer good protection from germs and chemicals. Gloves are perfect for various household chores like gardening and dish washing.

Latex gloves provide protection from chemicals while using them for industrial purposes such as dealing with automotive, janitorial and doing various activities in the salons. The powder that is used for manufacturing these gloves is made of cornstarch that doesn’t harm the skin. These gloves don’t contain any traces of chlorine which makes them suitable for being used in kitchen. If you are going to use gloves for a longer period, latex gloves are the best option as these provide much comfort making them easier to wear for a long time. If you encounter any allergic reactions caused by latex gloves, it is advised that you use nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Nitrile exam gloves offer adequate protection in the high-risk places. These provide you excellent freedom of movement and dexterity while proving to be resistant to damage. These are best suited for those who are allergic to latex or other substances like powder and rubber proteins that are used for the manufacturing of most common sorts of exam gloves. These are the most popular kinds of gloves among health care professionals. Since they are free of rubber proteins, nitrile gloves don’t result in various allergic reactions. These are highly durable and resist the transmission of chemicals and other contaminants. These are designed to provide an excellent fit and maximum comfort to the wearer. Latex free synthetic gloves are also a great option for those who have a sensitive skin that is prone to various allergies caused by natural rubber proteins. These gloves are very flexible and offer a comfortable fit.

Vinyl gloves offer a great protection, and elasticity that makes them fit perfectly. These gloves are basically used in times when there are minimal possibilities of exposure to bodily fluids as the risk of getting infected is very low. The best examples where you can use vinyl gloves are for food preparations, cleaning the surfaces or emptying trash cans. Vinyl gloves also provide a good grip and proper movement of the fingers. You can also opt for synthetic vinyl exam gloves that are made of a stronger and better material which offers an adequate protection from any sort of contamination.

While choosing gloves, make sure that they fit and contour to your hand for a comfortable prolong use. The gloves that you choose to save you from chemicals must be soft and comfortable to wear. Pick up gloves that don’t cause any skin irritation while you are wearing them. Apart from providing protection from germs, these gloves help in keeping your hands soft and gentle.

If you want to eliminate the chances of getting contaminated, you can search the Internet and find various companies that offer ample range of exam gloves at very low prices. There are plenty of other products that are offered by companies such as tranquility briefs trash can liners and reusable apparel.

What to Expect From An Indian Face Massage?

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It is possible to improve one’s complexion without the use of unnatural chemicals or painful surgeries. Natural techniques, such as those used in the Indian face massage, rejuvenate the skin and add youthful elasticity to one’s face. The Indian face massage is one of the oldest methods of therapy that was effectively used long before the modern day face-lift came into existence.

By using massage to activate the cells in the skin and to stimulate muscle tissue, the body does the healing that is required for better skin. As the cells and tissue are stimulated, the elasticity of the skin is increased and the muscles become more defined. Fluids in the deeper tissues flow more regularly increasing blood flow and decreasing swelling or puffiness.

During a typical 60 minute facial treatment, various massage techniques are used by the therapist to rejuvenate specific areas of the face. Below is an explanation of of the benefits one can expect from this soothing Indian face massage.

Softer Skin– Gentle massage and acupressure helps in softening the skin by stretching of the muscle tissues all over the face. Regular sessions of face massage helps in softening the skin by stimulating further skin cell growth.

Increased natural elasticity of the skin– The stretching of the various muscle tissue groups on the face allows the skin to regain natural elasticity. Continuous therapy on the face can help the skin glow radiantly with a younger look.

Improved Lymphatic Flow– Lymphatic discharge is triggered which removes wastes from the body. As toxins are removed the face becomes smoother and more defined.

Relaxed Muscle Tension – Those who suffer from chronic muscle tension may experience pain relief as muscles naturally relax.

Reduced Wrinkles and Expression Lines – Part of the therapy session includes repetitive upward gliding strokes of the therapist’s hands. This can help lessen wrinkles and expression lines on the face of the client. It only makes sense that because gravity pulls the face down that only an “upward” pull will reverse these effects.

Improved Blood Circulation – Continuous stimulation to the face helps the blood flow and circulate to the under-surface of the skin. Improvement in the blood circulation of the patient can greatly contribute to a healthy body condition especially with blood pressure.

Improved Contours of the face– Muscles can be assisted in creating a lift that will reveal cheek bones and the jaw line. Looks cannot be created, but can be revealed.

Gentle Techniques– Even though there is pushing of the skin and the underlying tissues, the pushes are meant to be gentle. The skin and muscles on the face or more sensitive than the rest of the body. They respond to the slightest pressure.

More Expression– Muscles in the face, in time, may contract restricting facial expressions. As these muscles are stimulated, facial expressions return.

The overall benefit of this natural treatment has a radiant effect. But even if you are already beautiful with young looking skin, you can still benefit from the soothing and relaxing feeling of a gentle face massage. Everybody has stress or tension in their life. What better way to feel relaxed and to forget about the troubles of life than by getting a spectacular face massage.

Improve Your Health With A Thai Massage

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Of all the ways to relax and improve our general health and well-being, there is one activity, therapy, call it what you like, that has proven effective over hundreds of years. For some reason, in the Western world it is done by women much more so than men. It originated in India and can, on extreme forms, appear impossible for physically normal humans. However, anyone can do it and start at any age they like. What is it? Yoga! There are various levels of yoga, and probably as many reasons why people do it, but there is no doubt that it can help them. Also, there are some alternatives that may, or may not, be helpful.

Yoga comes from several religions in the area, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Its name also has different meanings in several languages. And, as mentioned before, there are plenty of reasons for doing it. Traditionally, believers in whichever religion perform yoga to discipline their minds and bodies and become closer to their god or gods. Nowadays, the activity happens in modern air-conditioned gyms and is taught and performed by those from all walks of life including professionals and housewives. In Buddhism, for example, it is used in some mild forms when meditating. In Thailand, there are plenty of people who do yoga, on a serious or very relaxed basis, to improve their health or even just as an easy thing to do at the fashionable gym. Thai massage the lazy person’s yoga, is maybe an extreme way of doing nothing while having your body put through some gentle therapy and exercise. It would be wrong to totally disregard Thai massage as a therapeutic, easy exercise, as there are plenty of benefits of a good Thai massage, but one needs to make sure it is administered properly. Otherwise, there could be no benefit, or even some negative affects.

To call Thai massage a lazy person’s yoga would probably be fair for those who know what they are talking about, but the phrase should not be overused to make Thai massage appear either a waste of time, or a viable alternative. Yoga is a very old, religiously traditional activity. It has been so popular in the East that those in the West have taken it up. Thai massage has also been around for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years and it too is connected to religion with its use in Buddhist meditation. One of the main differences being that one you can do alone, and it probably stimulates blood flow and improves discipline more than the other, which requires a masseur or masseuse and the recipient can relax, do nothing or even sleep.