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Viagra. Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction Issues Since 1998

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The introduction of Viagra almost 18 years ago has revolutionized the way erectile dysfunction is treated. Since the time US Federal Drug Administration has approved Viagra for the local market, the preparation has conquered 48% of ED pills market share, leaving Cialis and Levitra far behind according to IMS Health research center. According to FDA stats, Viagra was prescribed to 10ml people in 2014 with a total sales amount exceeding $2 bn in U.S. only. Viagra has become a first choice medication in so many cases and became a silver bullet solution of erectile dysfunction treatment.

What is Viagra?

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a brand name of the drug produced by pharmaceutical company Pfizer International Inc., and is the world’s first tool that is manufactured in the form of pill, having a large authentic effectiveness in millions of males. The unprecedented efficacy behind the Viagra lies in sildenafil citrate – the preparation’s active ingredient. The drug is manufactured in the form of 25, 50 and 100 mg pills.

How it works?

Understanding the nature of Viagra effect is hardly possible without knowing the mechanism of erection. Sexual stimulation contributes to an extension in blood vessels of small pelvis and increased rush of blood to the penis, so it becomes harder, and increases in size. After sexual arousal weakens, blood filling the penis decreases in quantity and the state of erection passes away. Taking certain medications (e.g., antihypertensive pills), and a number of chronic diseases impair vascular blood flow in the body, including arteries of the penis.

Sexual arousal does not lead to an increase in sufficient blood flow to the reproductive organ; and therefore an erection either doesn’t occur at all or becomes insufficient to initiate and sustain a full sexual intercourse. A repeated inability to have and maintain sexual intercourse during prolonged periods of time is referred to as erectile dysfunction. The phenomenon gathers a good number of of other manifestations, such as premature ejaculation, sexual fatigue and many more… and this is where Viagra comes to the rescue.

The preparation provides a selective effect that extends the vessels of the penis and leads to an increase in blood supply to the penis during sexual arousal, i.e. Viagra contributes to the emergence and maintenance of a normal erection. In addition to affecting the potency, Viagra improves more and sheer quality of sexual intercourse prolongs its duration, reduces the restoration and improves the emotional perception of orgasm.

How to take Viagra?

The original drug produced by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is offered in several doses 25, 50 and 100 mg, charged with sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient. For the first experience is better to pick up 50 mg pills. However, in many cases the adjustment of dose is required because of largely individual reaction of the drug. The dosage depends on many factors age, health background, individual tolerance and many more, so ideally, to press for an optimal effect, you should better consult your treating doctor. Self-medicate must be excluded if you suffer from serious liver, kidney or cardiovascular system diseases. The medication should be applied with caution if you are constantly taking any drugs or you more than 65 years old.

To achieve the desired effect and avoid side effects, you must follow the basic rules of administration. Thus, the drug should not be taken more than once each 24 hours, while the maximum dosage must not exceed 100mg. You should take the drug an hour before planned sexual intercourse; however, the onset of action differs from person to person, so it is recommended to measure the time to adjust the intake. Thus, the action of the drug begins 30 60 minutes after the reception and lasts for about 4 hours. Viagra pills must be swallowed without chewing and with a full glass of water. Viagra allows you to get an erection, affecting only natural mechanisms of the body, which means that nothing will happen without natural stimulation and uncontrolled erections are excluded. It is not recommended to take Viagra after a heavy meal, especially fatty foods. Such products slow the absorption of the drug, so an onset of action can be delayed by several hours. With regard to alcohol, it should be better excluded; nevertheless, small doses are acceptable.

What are the side effects of Viagra is?

Side effects of Viagra manifest in about 10 percent of men. Although it should be noted that most of these adverse events occur in mild form, have short-term nature and mainly do not require a complete withdrawal of the drug. According to the Pfizer data, the most common side effects are headache, redness of the face and neck as a result of a rush of blood, impaired sense of smell and nasal congestion. Less frequent symptoms may also occur, such as blurred vision, change in color perception, dizziness, nosebleeds, heart palpitations and nausea. In a few cases it was noted that over a long reception of drug painful erections occur; the cases required medical attention. Importantly, all of these side effects occurred more frequently in excess of recommended doses.

Any contraindications to keep in mind?

The drug is not intended for children and adolescents under the age of eighteen. You in any case should not take Viagra if: you on nitrate or donators of nitric oxide drugs. These drugs are prescribed to treat heart diseases, in particular angina pectoris, and exhibit hypotensive (blood pressure lowering) effect. Viagra in turn, also dilates blood vessels, and the combined use could lead to a critical drop in pressure up to the collapse. Never use Viagra along with other sexual stimulants. Individual intolerance can be expressed in different ways – from the appearance of allergic rashes and itching to facial edema and anaphylactic shock.

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