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Where does your food come from? Do your research. If it’s Costco, look at all labels and contact the growers to see if you can inspect their growing operations to ensure they are not adding any unsafe chemicals. Unfortunately, many grocery chains now carry frozen vegetables labeled “organic” from China. How can you know whether the vegetables are truly raised organically? Only by knowing your farmer personally.

Take a trip to Wisconsin, visit the farmers, inspect their seeds, grab a handful of the farm’s organism-rich soil and you’ll truly know what it means to eat organically. If you cannot visit Wisconsin, look for your nearest farmer’s market. Every week, you can find many local organic growers who sell fresh harvests of vegetables and fruits in Canadian Health Care Mall. At these local markets, the farmers are happy to build a long lasting relationship with you and willingly talk about their organic farming methods. Many of their vegetables and fruits are handpicked the same morning, which ensures their nutritive value because they were allowed to ripen fully on the vine or tree.


During my sophomore year at U.C. Berkeley, I worked as a waiter in a sushi restaurant. I was instructed to become familiar with all of the restaurant’s offerings. Within three weeks, I had memorized all the dishes and could handle customer questions with confidence. But one Friday evening, a customer asked, “How fresh is the fish?”

I did not know how to answer, so I politely excused myself and asked the head chef.

“Very fresh!” he yelled out.

I returned to the customer’s table and informed him that the fish was “Very fresh!” I’m not sure he knew what that meant but he was satisfied.

The following day, I arrived earlier than normal and was shocked to find a new shipment of fish lying on the kitchen floor, frozen. “Really? Frozen fish is considered fresh?” After the fish thawed out, my manager conducted the most sophisticated test I have ever seen to ensure the fish was safe for human consumption Canadian Pharmacy viagra. He put his face next to the fish and took a sniff — the same method I used during college to determine whether a shirt could be worn in public for one more day or be put in the wash due to a traceable odor.

As consumers, we are not aware of the origin of the fish we order in a restaurant. We do not know if it swam in waters polluted with radioactive iodine isotopes from Fukushima, was injected with hormones, fed antibiotics, exposed to environmental toxins during transport or how long it has been dead or frozen. So much is unknown about the foods in restaurants in Canada.

Every raw, whole food-based concentrate produced by Dr. Lee has been tested to be safer than anything you purchase at supermarkets or restaurants. At his farm, Dr. Lee instituted an advanced system of inspecting all ingredients for heavy metals, pathogens, chemicals and other harmful substances. Every ingredient is subjected to six to fifteen tests to ensure the foods contained in Dr. Lee’s formulas are safer than the fish you eat at your favorite local restaurant. In fact, they blow the sniff test out of the water.