Strategies To Stop Smoking

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Smoking is bad for your health – we all know that. Because it is an addiction, quitting is a big problem nearly every cigarette smoker faces. Most strategies like gum, patches and so forth are a waste of time because you are still addicted to the substance – nicotine. What needs to be done so you stop smoking then?

Actually, substance abuse can be treated through hypnosis and self-help. The causes of cigarette addiction are similar to any substance abuse. It can be due to biological, social, or psychological factors. Oftentimes, children of parents with nicotine dependence are more likely to be addicted to cigarette or chain smoking.

Psychological factors specify the use of nicotine as a coping mechanism to relieve tension or stress, decrease psychological pain, or increase the feelings of influence over other people (hypnosis is a good tool when you need to overcome these factors). Social factors include experimentation or curiosity over the substance that leads to addiction. The addiction is caused by nicotine. Nicotine excites parts of the brain that emit happy feelings. Symptoms of cigarette addiction include yellow teeth because of tar, dark gums, and bad breath. These are the physical symptoms while the emotional symptoms are agitation, irritability and anger once smoking is stopped immediately. These symptoms make smokers go back to smoking because they cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms.

Below are some ways that will help you to quit smoking:

  1. Understand why you need to stop smoking. Probably, this will help you realize why you really need to stop smoking. This will help you develop determination in doing so. You can fool others but you can’t fool yourself. Hypnosis helps here.
  2. Most people think you should stop gradually not abruptly. They say that addiction does not develop overnight. It took you years to progress from that addiction that you have now. Interestingly, hypnosis has immediate positive results when you want to stop smoking – the sooner you stop the better.
  3. Increase your determination. You might want to try leaving a couple of smoked cigarettes in the last pack. This would assist you in removing the addiction every time you see it. This will assist you in empowering your thoughts.

Smoking is not just addiction. It has thousands of toxins. In every stick you consume, you are going to inhale 4,000 chemicals. Think what your family breathes in when you smoke. It is more dangerous for them. You can try talking to people who already stopped smoking to gain confidence and knowledge. You will be able to think of it as encouragement to quit smoking.

When you’re ready to see why Hypnosis can be your best resource when you want to quit smoking.