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Therefore if monotony appears in your life and the effect of this is sedative, start taking such thoughts into your head, which to bring some variety. It is better if you alone take them into your head and influence yourself than if others influence you. One can make use of suggestion to strengthen his health, to develop his abilities, to strengthen his memory, etc. In whatever conditions you are, keep in your mind a positive thought that you can still find a fertile soil to work.

Each bad thought is a dissonance. Correct it immediately. Dissonance is two scales that are disharmonious. There is no correspondence between them.

Replace immediately the bad thought by a bright and harmonious one.

Glands are to be developed. When you are in a difficulty, turn your attention to the gland, which is in the throat, or to the one that is in the pit of the stomach and you will get a response on how to get out of the difficulty.

Think for two minutes on the words “love” and “agreement”. If you do it for ten minutes a day, you will see the results. You shall strive to have harmony in your mind at each moment. Your mind should get used to focusing. It diverts a lot, but when you focus on harmony for 1-2 minutes, your mind will get used to focusing. By doing exercises, your cells, your nerves will start to train and if you have a headache or any discomfort, it will pass. If you do exercises of the kind, you can be treated. Each treatment is cleaning, and cleaning is health. By doing exercises for harmony, everything in you will be cleaned.

Air, water, fire, and earth – these four elements are symbols and show the different types of matter, of which man is made. There is consciousness and life in these elements. If a person attracts a certain type of matter through his thoughts, he will also acquire states and moods relevant to the matter. If he attracts solid matter by his thoughts, some hardening will also take place in him. People are worried what will happen to them when they get older, who will look after them and in this way they attract solid matter toward them and begin to harden and suffer with atherosclerosis. The latter disease occurs, because of disbelief. To make an old man to turn to God means your hair to turn white.

While thinking, you will often notice light, bright dots that appear from the left and then go the right and disappear. When the dots go from left to right, the thought that is projected towards you, is ascending. That thought is useful. And when that light dot goes from right to left, it is descending. This idea is dangerous and useless for you.

To be healthy, you have to connect mentally with good, strong, healthy people who have no weaknesses and infirmities and take a part of their energy. If you want to get up early, grab the thumb of your left hand with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand and say: “I want to get up tomorrow at 4 a.m.” Do the same with your right hand and say the same words. In this way you connect with the powers of the rational world and call them as witnesses.