The Truth About High Cholesterol Medications

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Let’s face it, you could be one of the millions of Americans confronting the dangers of high cholesterol and the serious health challenges that excessive cholesterol brings.

Left untreated, high cholesterol can be the factor that causes a heart attack or stroke that either takes your life, or leaves you severely impaired causing negative life changes that affect you and your family, perhaps for decades. The good news is there are options for fighting high levels of bad cholesterol that may save your life.

What type of cholesterol medications are out there?

High cholesterol medications have been on the market for many years now and are referred to as statin drugs. Bad cholesterol known as high density lipoprotein has been a topicproper health care since the early seventies. The medical community became more and more focused on the correlation between what Americans were eating in their diet and the increase in heart disease and occurrence of strokes.

Treatment options for treating high (LDL) vary from brand name high cholesterol medications, such as Crestor and Lipitor, to all natural fish oil supplements. The medical community in the Unites states has accepted these drugs as the standard regimen for combating bad cholesterol.

As the medical community has studied the results of treating the causes of heart disease, more and more doctors are augmenting statins with fish oil supplements that contain powerful ingredients for reducing serum cholesterol as a whole, and particularly the most destructive; low density lipoprotein (LDL).

The results of statin drugs may surprise you

Though statin drugs have proven mostly effective in reducing bad cholesterol, high cholesterol medications have been shown to be a double- edged sword, when it comes to preventing bad cholesterol while causing other potential health problems.

Because the number of patients that need high cholesterol medications is increasing yearly, yet more side effects are also presenting potential problems, the use of fish oil supplements containing high levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids are being more frequently prescribed by doctors while lowering the dosage of statins simultaneously.

According to research conducted by the Mayo Clinic, high cholesterol medications have potential side effects that include, liver damage, damage and pain to muscles, and possible digestive problems. It’s common practice for prescribing physicians to require patients to have periodic blood tests to determine if any of these side effects are occurring.

Not everyone who is prescribed high cholesterol medications will incur problems. Those that are more susceptible include anyone suffering from type one or two diabetes, kidney disease, or those over the age of sixty- five according to the Mayo Clinic studies.

The case for fish oil supplements

Because of the natural ingredients of fish oil supplements, doctors are including these supplements containing the omega 3 fatty acids to the mix of therapies to increase higher levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and combat the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Fish oil supplements have been clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol in addition to providing many other health benefits. Added benefits include the all natural qualities of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acids found in cold water fish. There is no abrasive reaction to the liver that is sometimes manifested from high cholesterol medications.

Driving Precautions When You Have Diabetes!

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Diabetes can have an impact on your ability to drive safely in several ways. It puts you at risk of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, which affects your concentration and may impair your judgement and even lead to loss of consciousness. Or, your eyesight can be affected often due to high blood sugar levels distorting your lens, or because of damage to the retina, or cataracts.

Many diabetics though can drive safely and regularly. However, a small portion of the diabetic population may have an impairment in their driving ability because of their low or high blood sugar level and the presence of diabetes complications.

According to the John Hopkins POC-IT: Point of Care Information Technology Center, 0.4 to 3 percent of life-threatening motor vehicle accidents are caused directly by medical problems and complications. The most common condition responsible for motor vehicle accidents is epilepsy. The next most common cause of accidents is insulin-treated diabetes, which comprises 18 percent of cases. Acute myocardial infarction is present in 8 percent of cases.

In the United States, people with Type 1 diabetes have a 31 percent risk of being admitted to hospital due to accidents triggered by hypoglycemia. In Type 2 diabetes only 8 percent end up having this problem. In a survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was mentioned diabetic drivers have 1.44 times more “at-fault accidents” compared to drivers without this health problem. You see, cognitive dysfunction associated with acute and chronic alterations in blood sugar levels usually alters the ability of a driver with diabetes.

What causes the increased risk for accidents when diabetics are at the wheel?

Diabetics with unstable blood sugar levels have increased metabolic demands on their body, this leads to:

  • an increased heart rate,
  • greater epinephrine release, and
  • more autonomic symptoms,

making them more prone to road accidents.

Points to consider while driving:

  • always be aware of your blood sugar level. In most cases, mild hypoglycemia may go undetected. Check your blood sugar level before you drive and every 2 hours when on a long trip. Your driving ability will be impaired if your blood sugar goes below 72mg/dL (4mmol/L).
  • keep glucose tables or a rapid acting glucose drink in the glove box of your car.
  • if symptoms of hypoglycemia occur, pull over and stop driving. Don’t resume driving until your blood sugar is over 99mg/dL (5.5mmol/L). Your thinking and judgement may take up to an hour to return to normal.
  • alcohol in the previous 12 hours increases the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • the risk of hypoglycemia is increased after playing sport.
  • try to avoid driving if you have made major changes to your insulin regime.

Motor vehicle accidents directly caused by diabetes is relatively rare, says John Hopkins POC-IT: Point of Care Information Technology Center. However, blood sugar level awareness is still necessary to avoid possible accidents from occurring. The more cautious you become in monitoring your blood sugar level and by being aware about the possible symptoms of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, the safer it will be for you.

What to Expect From An Indian Face Massage?

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It is possible to improve one’s complexion without the use of unnatural chemicals or painful surgeries. Natural techniques, such as those used in the Indian face massage, rejuvenate the skin and add youthful elasticity to one’s face. The Indian face massage is one of the oldest methods of therapy that was effectively used long before the modern day face-lift came into existence.

By using massage to activate the cells in the skin and to stimulate muscle tissue, the body does the healing that is required for better skin. As the cells and tissue are stimulated, the elasticity of the skin is increased and the muscles become more defined. Fluids in the deeper tissues flow more regularly increasing blood flow and decreasing swelling or puffiness.

During a typical 60 minute facial treatment, various massage techniques are used by the therapist to rejuvenate specific areas of the face. Below is an explanation of of the benefits one can expect from this soothing Indian face massage.

Softer Skin– Gentle massage and acupressure helps in softening the skin by stretching of the muscle tissues all over the face. Regular sessions of face massage helps in softening the skin by stimulating further skin cell growth.

Increased natural elasticity of the skin– The stretching of the various muscle tissue groups on the face allows the skin to regain natural elasticity. Continuous therapy on the face can help the skin glow radiantly with a younger look.

Improved Lymphatic Flow– Lymphatic discharge is triggered which removes wastes from the body. As toxins are removed the face becomes smoother and more defined.

Relaxed Muscle Tension – Those who suffer from chronic muscle tension may experience pain relief as muscles naturally relax.

Reduced Wrinkles and Expression Lines – Part of the therapy session includes repetitive upward gliding strokes of the therapist’s hands. This can help lessen wrinkles and expression lines on the face of the client. It only makes sense that because gravity pulls the face down that only an “upward” pull will reverse these effects.

Improved Blood Circulation – Continuous stimulation to the face helps the blood flow and circulate to the under-surface of the skin. Improvement in the blood circulation of the patient can greatly contribute to a healthy body condition especially with blood pressure.

Improved Contours of the face– Muscles can be assisted in creating a lift that will reveal cheek bones and the jaw line. Looks cannot be created, but can be revealed.

Gentle Techniques– Even though there is pushing of the skin and the underlying tissues, the pushes are meant to be gentle. The skin and muscles on the face or more sensitive than the rest of the body. They respond to the slightest pressure.

More Expression– Muscles in the face, in time, may contract restricting facial expressions. As these muscles are stimulated, facial expressions return.

The overall benefit of this natural treatment has a radiant effect. But even if you are already beautiful with young looking skin, you can still benefit from the soothing and relaxing feeling of a gentle face massage. Everybody has stress or tension in their life. What better way to feel relaxed and to forget about the troubles of life than by getting a spectacular face massage.

3 Alternative Ways to Avoid Back Discomfort

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Every day, we do certain activities that contribute back discomfort. Some of these activities include lifting of heavy objects or even the slightest activity like sitting; can cause our back to experience discomfort. It hurts because of the force applied in our muscles located at our back.

There are alternative ways in avoiding back pain and discomfort. Listed below are the three ways to prevent back straining in each activity.

1. Lifting – Almost every day, we lift different kinds of things from the ground. Whether it’s a pencil or a small object that is fallen on the ground, we lift the object and use our muscles at the back. When we lift light objects, it doesn’t require too much pressure for our back to experience pain. However, the heavier the object being lift, the more force and pressure is applied to our back. And so, having a correct posture can eliminate the back discomfort from lifting heavy objects. You must first bend your knee and hold the object at each end before lifting. If you are used in bending your back before lifting, then you’re doing it wrong. It can even cause back injury, if your back can’t handle the weight of an object. Hence, proper posture is very important in lifting to avoid back pain.

2. Standing up and Stretching – If your job is to work in the office, sitting for more than 8 hours a day, then you should’ve experience back discomfort. Sitting too much applies tension in our back. The only alternative way for these office workers are to have time to stand up and stretch your back from time to time. You can do the stretching during break hours. This can help your muscles relax.

3. Daily Exercise – Whatever your task is, you must spend some time to do an exercise. It will help to increase your stamina and will cause your muscles to become stronger. It does not only help avoid back discomfort, but has many benefits for the whole body. Examples of exercises that can avoid back discomfort are jogging, jumping jack or use a jumping rope, stretching or even yoga.

If you can apply these steps in each situation you are in, then back discomfort can be prevented. Having no pain at the back is really a relief. Now, you can focus more in your work and go home happy without stress of experiencing back pain.

Parenting Autistic Children

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Friendship can be a difficult issue that comes up quite frequently for those who are parenting autistic children. There is no doubt that most children with autism want friends, but they just lack the skills to be able to make them. Friends end up being just one more thing they have to learn; one more thing they have to figure out; one more thing that just doesn’t make any sense to them. What comes intuitively to those parenting autistic children comes with a lot of work to autistic children themselves.

Why do children with autism have so many problems making friends?

Well, autistic kids can’t read social cues, or easily understand the “street slang” that many neurotypical kids use. Children with autism aren’t able to talk casually and easily like other children their age do. As a result, they can be shunned. Autistic kids can’t easily enter into conversations. Those parenting autistic children often see their loved ones being isolated, and not fitting in.

For autistic children who want friends but who cannot quite get the hang of how to get them, it can be quite painful. These kids try as best they can to engage other kids. Unfortunately, their way of speaking or the conversation topics they choose rarely matches the interests of other children their age. For those who are parenting autistic children, we stand at the sidelines watching our autistic loved ones fail time and again.

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Their peers aren’t interested in spaceships, the history of paper clips or Bugs Bunny. No matter how much they might try to emulate the manner and ways that their friends speak and the words they use it comes out sounding forced…like reading off of a script. Sadly, most of the kids their age won’t make the effort needed to put up with their awkwardness and difference.

Four Roadblocks to Overcome

To make friends those parenting autistic children must first understand the major roadblocks that prevent their autistic children from developing friends. Once we understand these roadblocks we can help our autistic children to overcome these hurdles. When parenting autistic children, the following four issues that often inhibit friendship development:

1. Odd mannerisms: kids with autism often talk too loudly, and can’t modulate their tone of voice. They might interrupt others and not realize it, they might avoid eye contact, and they might violate the physical space of people around them without being aware they are doing it. It also goes without saying that many children with autism will likely talk excessively about their favorite topic.

2. Rule oriented: Many kids with autism are very rule oriented. This doesn’t work always well with other kids, who don’t want to be so bound down with following rules (or may not even be aware of what the rules of a particular situation are – many kids like to make up their own rules when playing different games.)

3. Immature interests: Often kids with autism will have interests that are more typically found in age group several years younger than they are. This makes it harder for them to connect with their peers. Those parenting autistic children may notice that their loved ones tend to get along better with children several years younger than them.

4. Sensory issues: Kids with autism get overwhelmed very easily by the environment around them. This is another problem that can get in the way of doing things with friends.

Each of these issues is well known to therapists and various methods and treatments can be used to teach your autistic children how to improve their friendship-building skills.

Helping your child to make friends can be difficult, but it can be done, if you understand what the issues to overcome are. Parenting autistic children comes with many challenges, but you can overcome them with time.

Diabetes And Hypoglycemia

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Hypoglycemia symptoms is not a phrase that brings fear to the heart. Anyone hearing from a doctor that they are hypoglycemic is often left feeling totally confused and none the wiser. Nor would they know that diabetes could be an end result of hypoglycemic symptoms.

In fact, amongst the general population less than half even know the word exists. In a way it’s a pity it brings no fear because if it did people would react more appropriately to an approaching serious disease of the body.

It brings no fear because the symptoms of hypoglycemia, (or at least initially), are low-key – more like signs of being unwell rather than a serious illness. Such signs are:

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  • Nervousness
  • Headaches
  • Faintness
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Constant worrying
  • Drowsiness
  • Obesity
  • Lack of co-ordination and concentration

To bring fear into one’s thoughts one need only discuss the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes sweeping the United States and the Western world. In Type 2 Diabetes people become debilitated but keep living for many years. Hence, it is a very costly disease, costing the U.S. more than $200 billion per year. (You would expect to pay at least $240,000 per year for kidney dialysis.) The numbers of people falling to Diabetes is growing every year.

Diabetes leads the list for causing amputation and blindness to say nothing about heart disease.

But why am I talking about Type 2 Diabetes when we started with hypoglycemia? Precisely because the consequences of hypoglycemia are, in many cases, Type 2 Diabetes. Don’t nip hypoglycemia in the bud now and one of the big diseases, including diabetes, will eventually nip you in the bud.

The only way to look at hypoglycemia is as a warning of what is to come if you do nothing about it. Those signs of low blood sugar must be seen as early warning signs of diabetes. Once diabetes takes hold you begin an endless series of visits to the doctors or hospital. You lose your independence and you become reliant on regular insulin dosing normally given by injections.

Far easier to make the decision that hypoglycemia goes no further today – make changes in your lifestyle by exercising, change your diet and change your level of knowledge of health by finding out how and why hypoglycemia so often leads to other serious illnesses like stroke and especially diabetes.

By doing this you will heave a sigh of relief knowing that you have brought peace of mind to yourself now and for the future.

Myriad Diabetes Complications

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Diabetes is a common disease that seems to affect many people and cause many diabetes complications to occur. There are many side effects and complications of the disease. The disease can affect some specific parts of the body. This is the reason for you to try and control the disease as early as possible. Early identification of the disease and appropriate precautions will prevent many if not all of the diabetes complications.

Some of the common complications caused in diabetes are listed here.

1. Diabetic neuropathy

The neuropathy is the damage to the nerve that occurs because of increased diabetic levels. Neuropathy causes damage to the muscles and there can be muscle weakness or paralysis. Other than this, the sensation in the foot or other parts of the body may also be lost. This in turn leads to diabetic foot complications including foot ulcers. Foot ulcers are the leading cause of amputations in diabetics.

2. Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinopathy is nothing but damage to the retina. As the diabetes is uncontrolled in nature, the nerves that help in proper vision are affected. Many people start becoming blind because of the retinopathy. It is important to reduce the complications of diabetes by regularly visiting the Ophthalmologist to get the eye checked.

3. Diabetic Vasculopathy

Lack of blood supply to the extremities is also another major problem in diabetes. Vasculopathy is a diabetic complication that can lead to the formation of gangrene. This can also lead to amputations of the lower limb. Since this is a severe diabetes complication, prevention is the key.

4. Amputations

Though amputations are not a direct diabetes complication, there are many people who suffer from diabetes undergoing amputation to prevent septicemia from occurring. The neuropathy and vasculopathy that is seen in diabetes is a deadly combination that can kill a person. Any injury to the foot or even other parts of the body can cause the wound to become bigger.

Lack of blood supply delays the healing of the wound. There is also a high risk of infection in the wound. All this can cause septicemia to occur. When septicemia occurs, the risk of the patient dying increases. Amputation is the only option that is left to save the life of the person. On the other hand, many research studies have shown that amputations can lead to a decreased quality of life. Amputations will also increase the mortality rate of the person because of various related diabetes complications.

Hypertension: Managing High Blood Pressure

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Managing our high blood pressure is challenging, especially for those who are recently diagnosed as having hypertension. We must accept that there is no “cure” for our condition. That means stepping up to the challenge of managing our condition. Where should we start? The starting point may surprise you.It is….

Accepting responsibility

For very many of us, we are used to visiting our doctor’s office or the pharmacy to get a cure for our ailment. We have abdicated responsibility for our treatment to the physician and pharmacist. Our health is too important to do that, we must be responsible for our health and that includes managing our high blood pressure. I say “managing” our condition because there is no cure for hypertension only management. That means we must…

Modify our diet

We have all heard and read the healthy eating advice. Now is the time to put that advice into practice. In doing so, we are going to have to change our dietary habits, which will take time. Some diet companies say it can take as long as 38 days to permanently change our eating habits. So, do not try to build Rome in a day. The dietary advice is simple:

  • reduce the amount of salt you add to your food. Work towards cutting out additional salt altogether
    cut down on the high fat highly processed foods and snack foods
  • eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of all colours
  • choose lean white meat instead of fatty red meats
  • eat at least two portions of fish a week, one of white fish, the other being an oily fish
  • grill, bake or poach your food in preference to frying
  • cut back on sodas and caffeinated drinks and try to drink about two litres of water a day

Having a healthy balanced diet is a great start to managing our high blood pressure, but we need to do more….

Get active

Building physical activities into your daily schedule is the best way to take exercise. Walking is the most natural form of exercise. Walk a little bit further and a little bit faster than you normally do. Do this for at least thirty minutes in total every day. Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. These simple forms of exercise are very effective at helping to lower your high blood pressure.

As a natural consequence of having a healthy balanced diet and being more physically active, you will…

Lose weight

Being overweight contributes to our hypertension and can also lead to the development of life threatening conditions, particularly if associated with a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Losing excess weight is an effective way of reducing our hypertension.

Reduce alcohol consumption

There is a direct correlation between the amount of alcohol we consume and our blood pressure. Although there may be some health benefits in moderate alcohol consumption, the more we drink, the higher is our hypertension. Sticking within the recommended weekly consumption guidelines will help to manage our condition within safe limits. We must also…

Quit smoking

There are many general health benefits to quitting smoking. Although smoking tobacco products does not directly cause our hypertension, indirectly it does make a significant contribution. Few people can give up instantly, most need to be weaned off “the weed” over a period of time. The beneficial effects of doing so for managing our high blood pressure are worth the effort.

Monitor your condition

When it comes to managing hypertension studies have shown that those who regularly monitor their blood pressure at home do a better job of it than those who do not. You should keep a record of the readings you take and show them to your doctor. This will help him or her make a more informed clinical judgment about your condition.

Modifying your lifestyle as suggested above is the key to effective management of your high blood pressure.

Autism and Immunizations, Is There A Connection?

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Autism, a complicated, not well-understood, debilitation that afflicts 1 in every 150 children, and it is more commonly found in males, than in females. Children, who live in an autistic world, are unfortunately often unable to be a part of our world. They are somehow locked up inside of themselves, with no way out. Autism is reflected in different ways, and to different degrees. Speech and communication are two major areas that are greatly affected in children with Autism.

Autism was rare until it started to appear more frequently in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. At the time studies show that it affected approximately, 1 in every 2000 children. Midway through the 1990’s the statistics showed a sharp increase in children diagnosed with autism. Less than a decade later, the numbers rose to approximately, 1 in every 700 children being diagnosed. Today, in the year 2011 we are seeing children with Autism at an alarmingly high rate of, 1 in every 150 children. Autism is affecting more and more children, why are the numbers going up? The incidence of Autism, is much too high, and the statistics are frightening.

In the early 1990’s, there was a change in how immunizations were mixed, before being administered to children. Prior to the 1990’s, the immunizations for measles, mumps, and rubella, were administered separately, and at different times of the child’s life. In the early 90’s however, a change was made, and all three immunizations were combined together, and were then mixed with preservatives, which were added to prevent one immunization from affecting any chemical change to the other. This new combination was than administered to children in one shot instead of three. Could this be a factor in the staggering number of children who are now affected by autism? Could the combination of the medications, along with artificial preservatives have an effect on the increase in Autism?

This information raises many questions such as, what effect does mixing three very powerful immunizations together into one shot, have on small children? How does it affect their brain, their organs, and other parts of their small bodies?

Many cases of Autism are diagnosed, only after receiving the immunizations. Why is it that parents and doctors alike, observed no autistic signs in some of these children, before they were immunized? Could it be that the immunizations with preservatives cause a serious adverse reaction in some children? These are very important questions that need to be investigated, to provide some concrete answers.
Is there a connection between immunizations and Autism? It appears that there are some implications that there may be a connection. In a logical deduction of the facts that we have, there is evidence that there may be a link between autism and immunizations.

Immediate, and in-depth research needs to be done, to determine if there is a connection between the two, and if there is, something needs to be done quickly, to stop the increase of Autism in our children, the future generation of this world.

Best Place for Generic Viagra Online

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All About Allergies: Homeopathic Allergies Treatment

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Studies indicate that one out of four Americans suffer from one or another form of allergy. Right now there is not a more suitable treatment choice than the allergies homeopathy treatment to eliminate allergies. Whether you are suffering from food allergies or respiratory allergies or skin allergies, homeopathy can guide you to cure just about all varieties of allergies. Here, we’re going to check out allergies homeopathy therapy.

Precisely how homeopathy treatment works?

The allergies homeopathy treatment method boosts the functioning of your body’s immune system. As a result this improves the threshold level of your body towards the materials that can cause allergies. Due to this, you must make a few dietary modifications that will enable you to boost the mineral in addition to vitamin quantities in your body. While allergies homeopathy therapy calls for making some changes in your diet plan, its principal objective is always to give you the total freedom to eat anything at all without getting an allergic reaction. Additionally, allergies homeopathy treatment also includes making some beneficial lifestyle changes such as including low impact exercise with regard to obtaining an overall excellent health and well-being.

To make this happen, in homeopathy, the affected individuals also are given constitutional treatments. These solutions not only have a positive impact on a portion of the system of a person but on the constitution in the complete system of the individual.

Exactly how homeopathy helps to treat food allergies?

Food allergies or even food intolerance triggers plenty of problems to the individual who is allergic. It’s mainly because; someone, that is allergic to food, is afflicted with a variety of symptoms including abdominal pain, heartburn, nasal congestion, gas, diarrhea as well as constipation. A person struggling with food allergies also exhibits some distant signs and symptoms including headaches and leg soreness.

Homeopathy helps you to cure food allergies from its underlying issues. This is apparently in large contrast than the standard medical strategy which usually focuses largely on digestive aid in addition to eradicating the food which causes an allergy. Homeopathy considers food allergies as a disturbance which happens in individuals as a consequence of inefficiency of the operating of the body’s defense mechanisms. The immune system is mainly responsible for maintaining the organs in addition to the tissues and intellectual together with emotional well-being of a person at ordinary levels. The disturbances which occur because of food allergies aren’t anything but a reflection of a deep breakdown. Homeopathy improves the performance of the excessively busy immune system and thus helps to treat allergies.

The fundamental strategy of homeopathy in treating allergies is it thinks that when an element can produce certain symptoms in a healthy individual, then the same compound might also cure the same symptoms.

Ways to get the most from allergies homeopathy treatment?

The simplest way to effectively treat allergies by using homeopathy is simply by doing it within the guidance of an experienced homeopath. This really is mainly because; a homeopath is normally aware of the power of a certain homeopathic therapy as well as the frequency in which it should be given so as to get an effective final result.

This was some fundamental information about allergies homeopathy therapy. If you don’t wish to go through the trauma that happens because of the unwanted effects that you experience from the medicines it’s recommended that you simply undergo a homeopathic therapy to cure your allergies.

Apply the Principles of Good Posture When Sitting

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A fairly high proportion of us spend up to eight hours a day working in an office environment. Bad posture puts pressure on your lower back, it is especially true when sitting, the spine is compressed which can cause inflammation and ultimately pain.

Bad backs occur slowly and over time, unless of course you have suffered a trauma of some kind. To avoid back ache you will need to maintain a good sitting posture. Orthopaedic surgeons will tell you not to just collapse into a chair when sitting down, slumping in a chair is definately one to avoid. Your chair should support your back well. This should allow the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your back to relax, and align the spine. If you do not have any activities because your job involves sitting down all day, then you will need to exercise to keep your back in optimum condition, consult with your Orthopaedic surgeon who may refer you to a physiotherapist.

Top Tips.

· Check your posture on a regular basis, be mindful of the pressure that bad posture puts on your back

· Sit without slumping; it is never too late to adjust how you sit

· Use a chair that is designed to support your lower back

· Use a chair that has a bottom-cushion or other support so that your buttocks reach the backrest while your back remains erect

· You will need a chair that is low enough to put your feet on the floor

· Seats that are too high make people slide forward into a slumped position

· Make sure your head and shoulders are not being pushed into a forward or awkward position

· Sit and stand in such a way that your bones are evenly balanced Since pain in the back is often caused by inflammation, the Arthritis Foundation recommends that you “chill the joint when you have a sudden flare-up”. Most offices have a fridge/freezer these days, apply a cold pack for 20 minutes, but make sure you protect the surface of your skin first.

It is estimated that forty per cent of UK adults had back pain in the previous year, with 15 per cent in continuous pain; the survey was carried out by the Department of Health 2010. To help you eliminate discomfort keep thinking about your posture, how you sit, the kind of chair you sit in, how your work space is arranged. Take time to stretch throughout the working day, this can also be done from a sitting position. Take care of your back, it is the only one you have.

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