What Are Fish Oil Pills Good For?

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Have you seen fish oil pills turning up everywhere in the media? They’re being proclaimed from the rooftops as a cure-all but until your read the reports or see your doctor, you might wonder what are fish oil pills good for.

It turns out, they’re good for everything. Really, 1000’s of studies from Harvard to the University of California show they’re natural anti-inflammatories. So, they reduce inflammation. Inflammation you may have heard is linked to virtually every disease including the common cold, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even heart disease.

It’s also good for your skin and hair and a study at the University of California found fish oil may even reduce aging. A six month study found people who took these oils actually slowed down their DNA than the control group who didn’t take them.

What’s the big deal with fish oil? It’s full of essential fatty acids. EPA and DHA “feed” your brain and body. In children they help develop the brain so children gain motor skills and perform better in skill.

Of course, it’s up to mom and dad to make sure they get the nutrition they need.

In seniors, these fatty acids can help keep memories sharp and reduce inflammation to protect them from diseases.

In everyone, studies show they can stabilize your moods and even make you happier.

It turns out fish oil pills are good for your health, your brain, your moods and your skin and hair. They’re rich resources in these “good for you” nutrients and doctors say most people are deficient in them.

I think you’ll agree, if they have so much power and can even play an important role in your longer, healthier life and the lives of your loved ones, they deserve a closer look.

Here’s what a Harvard University found: They linked a nutritional deficiency–specifically in omega 3 fatty acids–to premature deaths of nearly 100,000 Americans per year.

The reason is that our modern diets don’t include a lot of these nutrients which are found in fish and some nuts and vegetables. Fish by far are one of the best resources though. And fish oil supplements are popular because they’re easy ways to get the nutrients you need-without fear of mercury and other toxins that can be found in some fish.