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Acne – What to do if you are ill?

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If you are young and beginning or going through puberty, or if you are a female in your early 20s, you are probably going to develop acne sometime during this period. Now you can prevent most of it, but if prevention did not work and you wake up one morning with acne (pimples), here is what you need to do to get rid of them.

First Step

Do not panic! Your first action may be to yell out and then squeeze the acne. This is the wrong thing to do. All that squeezing the pimple will do is make it worse by spreading the infection, making the infected site more pronounced and could leave a permanent scar.

Second Step

Once you start seeing visible acne on your face, the next step is to take action to control it. There are several actions you can take and here are a few of the best:

Visine- Putting this on your acne will help reduce the redness. The best way I found to apply it is to put the Visine on a cotton swab, and then apply it to the infected area. Most who use this technique apply it at night about an hour before they go to bed and allow it to work as they sleep

Ice– This is a more labor intensive action to take. Place an ice-cube in a cloth towel and apply it to your acne every two hours for two minutes. This will shrink the pimple and reduce the redness.

Toothpaste– Applying toothpaste to the infected area of the face before retiring for the night will also reduce the redness and shrink the pimple.

Aloe Vera– Take the solution from the plant or buy a cream from your local store and rub it on the infected area, this should clear up the acne and also will help prevent further out break.

Third Step

Once you have your current outbreak under control, it is time to take preventive measures to stop your acne before it becomes visible.

Acne is caused by excess sebum (oil), excess dead skin and bacteria. By keeping your face properly cleaned, you can prevent future outbreaks of acne.

To do this:

Cleanse– Cleanse your face at least twice a day with a good cleanser designed for your skin type. Cleansing should be done once in the morning and again before going to bed at night. This will remove bacteria, oil and dead skin, the three items needed to prevent acne.

Moisturize– Keep your skin hydrated to prevent acne and give your face that youthful look.

Exfoliate– Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week to remove dead skin and expose new skin. This action will help remove dead skins preventing the clogging of your pores.


There are ways you can attack acne once it breaks out on your face, but the best way is to control acne by attacking it before it becomes visible.

5 Acne Skin Care Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Today

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Let’s face it. No matter what your age, acne can be embarrassing. Fortunately, you can do a number of things to make your skin less prone to acne flare ups. The following five tips will help you take control of your acne starting right now.

1. Cosmetics – Use cosmetics which are labeled oil-free or noncomedogenic. This will help you to avoid clogged pores and skin irritations which may contribute to acne. Cosmetics with facial colors that seem to shimmer sometimes contain mica which can clog your pores and irritate your skin.

Instead of using a high gloss lip gloss, use one that promotes a matte finish which will cause less clogging of pores. The more shine a lip gloss has, the more comedogenic content which means more pore clogging.

2. Hygiene – When washing your skin, be sure not to scrub to hard as this can cause skin irritation and may even cause your sebaceous glands to produce too much oil which can cause your pores to become clogged. Don’t over-wash your skin for the same reason.

Don’t use products with harsh exfoliation ingredients that can tear your skin. And avoid products which contain alcohol as they can remove the top layer of skin causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil which, again, will clog your pores.

If you do develop acne, do not squeeze or pick at them. This can lead to scarring.

3. Exercise – Stress is one of the causes of acne and a great way to get rid of stress is with exercise. However, you will need to take some care with regard to your exercise clothing, sports gear and equipment.

Tight nylon and lycra exercise clothing may look good on you but if you are prone to acne you will want to avoid these fabrics. Nylon and lycra trap in sweat and heat resulting in an abundance of bacteria.

Clothing that is made from cotton or other natural fibers will allow air to more easily get to your skin, helping to prevent bacteria from forming.

When your workout is over, remove your sweaty clothing right away. Get a shower and put on clean, dry clothing. Be sure to keep your sports gear and exercise equipment clean, also. If your equipment, such as sweatbands, is dirty it can irritate your acne prone skin.

4. Shaving – Shaving, whether you are male or female, is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells. This will help to prevent the spread of acne by removing dead skin from your pores. Don’t shave if the area is already highly infected (open acne, sores, redness, sensitive, etc.).

5. Diet – Although studies have shown that diet does not play a part in either the treatment or cause of acne, it is still a good idea to eat a healthy diet. After all, if a healthy diet is good for your body then it follows that it will be good for your skin. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of your body.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, be sure to take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral at least once a day. Doing so will give your body the elements it need to fight off an acne outbreak.

How To Get Rid Of Acne For Real

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In this article I want to share how to get rid of acne for real. After many years of suffering from severe acne I tried lots of different treatments from Accutane and antibiotics, to dozens of topical cleansers and creams. To be honest none of these had any long lasting effect on my skin in terms of clearing up my acne for longer than a few weeks.

It wasn’t until I started to look into natural causes of acne and natural cures that I began to get some stable long term results in clearing up my skin. But even then there was a lot of wasted time, effort and money trying things that didn’t work.

An example of this is a program quite well known on the internet called Acne Free in 3 Days. In this program it teaches how the cause of acne is due to toxins in the colon. It further teaches that by doing a cleanse called the 3 day apple diet, consisting of eating nothing but apples for 3 days, you will clean out the colon and your skin clears up with it.

I tried this and while the results were great and my skin did clear up for a few days, my acne came back. The program taught that you had to do the 3 day diet regularly to stay clear. This wasn’t an option for me due to losing weight on it and being slim naturally, as I was concerned I would lose too much weight and be too thin to keep doing this program. It’s also pretty tiring doing a 3 day apple fast as it gives you no energy to live normally or actively during the fast.

So I went on to finding out more about acne and discovered there was a secret root cause of acne which turned out to be a specific kind of hormonal imbalance. By balancing these hormones naturally I saw my acne go from severe to completely clear in just a matter of days.

One of the things suggested was to avoid certain foods that cause hormonal imbalance. One of these is vegetable oil. These are used as cooking oils sometimes and as an ingredient in some foods like junk foods (think cookies and potato chips), as well as pre-made meals.

By using butter to cook with instead of vegetable oils like sunflower oil, and by being careful to avoid choosing foods with lots of vegetable oil in it as an ingredient by checking the ingredients label, I saw a dramatic clearing up of my skin like nothing before. You too can experience clear skin by using this information and other ways to balance hormones leaving your acne with zero chance of surviving.

10 Facts About Acne

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If you are someone who has been unaffected by acne, you are definitely one of the lucky few. With 85 percent of teenagers getting them and quite a few adults struggling with this problem, acne remedy is something which is sought after by most. Who won’t give anything to have clear skin? Especially in this day and age when looks are actually everything.

So here is 10 facts about acne which will help you understand and deal with acne prone skin better.

During adolescence, the body produces excess sebum in the skin. Sebum attracts growth of acne causing bacterium called propionibacterium.

Which brings us to the next point, frequent washing. If you frequently wash your face, chances are that you will be removing sebum from the skin, not giving room for acne causing bacteria to grow.

However, most teenagers cannot be washing their faces between classes and most adults cannot keep cleaning their faces in between work hours. Which is why there are so many solutions out there to help you deal with acne prone skin.

Most adults on the other hand suffer from acne due to improper diet. Excessive intake of fatty substances also stimulates the liver into producing increased levels of androgen which in turn elevates the sebum levels in the skin, resulting in acne.

Adult acne often reduces with proper weight control. However, as weight control is easier said than done, dietary supplements are used to help burn fat in the intestines which in turn reduce acne from forming.

One needs to choose their acne remedy based on the type of acne they have. While adolescents can treat their acne externally, most adults need to treat their acne from inside out.

In both cases treating acne as soon as it occurs is best. As leaving it too late may result in acne related scars which need to be removed by more drastic methods such as microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, laser, injections as well as punch techniques.

While there are tons of remedies out there, each one works differently on each person. While products may be considered wonder drugs, others don’t seem to have any effect at all on some people.

The best way to choose a product that is good for you is to try it out, make sure it does not have any side effects and you may just find the acne miracle drug that works wonders on your skin.

One last thing, an acne product which has a money back guarantee is highly recommended because it will ensure that even if the product does not work for you, you will get your money back at least.

Acne: What Causes It and What Treatments Are Available?

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Waking up with little mysterious friends on your face and not know where they came from? Acne can appear at any point, more commonly it frequents the faces of young teens undergoing puberty. However, adult onset acne is just as common.

There are some common causes and actually some myths about these causes which we can clear up.

Overproduction of sebum or oil (Fact) – oil can at some points become overabundant due to some factors such as hormones. Oil typically travels up hair follicles and when these hair follicles become clogged the oil has nowhere to excrete

Dead skin cells that shed abnormally and result in the hair follicles on your skin to become irritated (Fact) – when skin cells shed abnormally they can fall back into the actual pore of the hair follicle causing it to become clogged which causes oil and bacteria buildup.

Eating greasy foods (Fiction) – Unless you are constantly rubbing french fries on your face, eating greasy foods isn’t going to give you acne. Although there are ongoing studies that show that super starchy foods which increase blood sugar could potentially cause an increase of acne.

Only people that don’t wash their face get acne (Fiction) – Having a dirty face really doesn’t have much to do with having acne. In fact, over cleaning may actually cause your skin to produce even more oil. However, being able to keep dead skin cells clear from your face might help the cause a little.

Buildup of bacteria (Fact) – When bacteria are built up in your hair follicles with nowhere to go it in turn clogs the pore which causes acne irritation.

What Type of Acne Treatments Are Available?

There are a plethora of acne treatments available either over the counter or by prescription. Depending on the severity and the actual cause of your problem you and your doctor should discuss which type of acne treatment may be right for you.

  • Over the counter treatments over the counter acne treatments typically come in the form of lotions. These lotions actually have the job of drying up any excess oil that may be being produced. These lotions can also kill bacteria and help the process of taking off dead skin cells. This topical acne treatment has very mild side effects such as mild skin irritation along with drying and flaking. These side effects typically dissipate after the first month of use.
  • Prescription strength treatments if you have tried over the counter acne treatments and they don’t seem to work the next step could be getting a prescription from your doctor. These are basically the same as the over the counter treatments just kicked up a notch. Sometimes more than one topical ointment will need to be used to get the optimal results. These typically promote cell turnover and help the actual hair follicle from getting clogged up. Yet another topical acne treatment method actually has antibiotic features in it. These antibiotic topical creams kill whatever bacteria may be lurking on your skin. Oral antibiotics are one other way your doctor may try to treat your acne. These oral acne treatments keep the bacteria from accumulating on your skin. Doctors may recommend tapering off of these oral antibiotics gradually after severe systems seem to pass because the body actually builds up a very fast resistance to them.

Which Are The Real Causes of Acne?

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There is a lot of debate about what causes acne. At least amongst people who don’t really know. The truth is that doctors are well aware of the real causes of acne so there is really no need for the debate. In fact most of the things that people think cause acne are not in any way involved. Eating chocolate does not cause acne. The real causes of acne are the hair follicles becoming blocked. The only thing that differs in each case of acne is what is causing the hair follicle to become blocked.

The real causes of acne are the no mystery; it is caused by a bacteria on your skin in its interaction with your hair follicles. In order to grow hair you have a hair follicle and under that you have a sebaceous gland. As part of the growth process of hair the sebaceous gland will create a substance called sebum which is supposed to hydrate your hair and skin. There is a bacteria on everybody’s skin that uses this sebum as a source of nutrient. The problem occurs when people have more of this bacteria than they should. It attracts white blood cells to the follicle and this is what causes the outbreak of acne.

The question then becomes where does the excess bacteria come from. This is actually the result of the hormones that cause hair to grow. The hormones produce more sebum than you need and with this source of excess food more of the bacteria will grow. This is why acne is so common in teenagers. During your teenage years you will produce more hormones than you will as an adult and that will produce an increase sebum. In the case of acne amongst adults it is usually a hormone imbalance that is causing the increase in sebum.

There is another related cause of acne although exactly why this is the case isn’t clear. In this situation your follicles will become blocked and the sebum won’t be able to get out. The reason that the follicles become blocked isn’t clear but it seems likely that it is an excess of oil on your skin that causes it. Normally with this type of acne you will get blackheads rather than the type of red acne that you get with excess bacteria.

Knowing what the real causes of acne are can help you to treat it properly. Knowing that the main cause of acne is a bacteria it should be obvious that you will need to use antibiotics in most cases to get rid of it. On the other hand the advice about keeping your skin clean is a good way to prevent acne from forming. This is why it is important to contact a dermatologist to help you deal with your acne. Although there are some home remedies that can work in some cases in general you are going to need medication to deal with the real causes of acne.

Get Rid of Acne Fast and Quick

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Acne can be a big problem for most teenagers. However, you can get rid of acne quick and fast with some simple tips and tricks.

Here are a few:

1. Drink Plenty of Water – Water is great for your body and health. It can help flush out toxins from your system. This can be great to calm down acne flare ups. Another benefit of drinking a lot of water is that it can keep your skin smooth and supple.

2. Avoid Junk Food – Junk foods specially those that are rich in fats and sugars can aggravate acne. You must try to avoid such foods.

3. Apply Ice to Your Pimples – This can be a great way to feel the cool effect. It can actually reduce swelling and make the pimple less prominent.

4. Wash Your Face Twice a Day – Washing is important but over indulgence can be counter productive. Moreover, it is important to use a mild cleanser that is light on your skin. A harsh or strong face wash can strip your skin off its natural oil barrier and this can make your skin produce even more oil which can further deteriorate the condition. Hence, it is best to use a mild face wash.

5. Reduce Stress – Stress is not just bad for your overall health but for your skin as well. Stress tends to increase the production of hormone Cortisol that is known to aggravate acne.

6. Watch Your Make up – It is important to avoid oil based make up since it can further deteriorate the condition. Use water based or natural cosmetics.

7. Get Your Beauty Sleep – Sleep deprivation is one of the causes behind acne flare ups. Lack of sleep tends to build stress which is again bad for your skin.

8. Have Antioxidants – Green tea is a great antioxidant. It helps your body get clear of harmful toxins and other chemicals. Not just this, it is also proven to be highly effective in curing skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Last but not the least, get a good anti acne product that not only treats the problem locally but also cures it from the inside. It is important to keep in mind that acne is not just a skin deep problem. It is deeply rooted and your hormones are involved in those flare ups that you really hate.

Try to cure acne with a complete acne system that consists of a face wash, conditioning lotion, vanisher mask and a great antioxidant that can help you clear pimples and prevent future flare ups as well.

Getting Rid of Acne Made Simple and Easy

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Looking for some reliable and effective tips to get rid of severe acne? You have definitely come to the right place. This article is all about showing you the best tips on how to remove acne for good. By using the tips contained in this article, you will undoubtedly achieve great results.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the best natural topical solution for acne. It is very effective because it contains highly effective antibacterial properties that can help kill the bacteria which causes the development of acne in the first place. It is a very good solution to deal with the infections on the skin. Highly recommended.

2. Drink more water

Water is essential to sustain life. It is also required to maintain healthy skin and ensure smooth detoxification. Water helps to remove the toxins that can disrupt your body’s immune system and hormonal system. With a better immune system, you will be able to prevent future infections and accelerate the healing of current blemishes. A regulated hormone system will prevent excessive production of facial oil which leads to pore clogging and ultimately acne.

3. Carrot Juice

Carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A and fibers. Since eating raw carrots is hardly anyone’s favorite activity, drinking a pure carrot juice can easily provide your body with all the vitamin A and fibers required to clear up your skin. Vitamin A helps to control the sebum production. Fibers ensure good detoxification.

4. Garlic

Garlic is one of the most commonly used home remedies. In the case of acne, garlic is very effective as well. First of all, it improves the body’s immune system greatly. Secondly, it is anti-inflammatory. This means it helps to reduce the redness and swelling caused by acne.

5. Sleep

Sleep helps to regulate hormone levels, repair damaged skin cells and tissues, and improve the immune system. As you can see, it is very important that you get at least 8 hours of restorative sleep on a nightly basis so that you stay healthy.

6. Zinc

Zinc aids to regulate both hormone levels and facial oil production. Other than that, zinc boosts the body’s immune system greatly. The easiest and best way to obtain sufficient amount of zinc is by taking a good zinc supplement.

If you use these tips on a daily basis, there will be no reason why you can’t achieve a clear skin!

Top 3 Ways to Treat Severe Acne

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One of the most common cause of acne is a surge in hormonal activity in your body during puberty. While a lot of people get mild or occasional acne, some people can get really severe acne. Such acne is usually a difficult to treat with the help of home remedies and spots creams. Treating severe acne requires much more than that.

Top 3 Ways to Treat Severe Acne

  1. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is an excellent source to clean your pores and remove dirt or grime from your skin pores. It is a great antibacterial and germicidal and one of its most properties is that it does not make your skin dry like soap. One of the most common mistake people do when trying to cure acne is that they tend to wash their face too often. This can strip your skin of its natural oil barrier which can make it produce more oil.A face wash containing tea tree oil is the best ways to cleanse your face and clam down pimples. Not just this, it can also moisturize your skin without making it oily.
  2. Try Witch HazelWitch hazel is one of the best treatments for acne. It is a natural astringent and is far better than those that contain chemicals. Once you have cleaned your pores it is important to have them closed with the help of an astringent and witch hazel proves to be an excellent astringent. Not only this, it also makes your skin smooth and destroys free radicals.
  3. Green TeaGreen tea is great for your overall health and body but it can be equally effective in curing acne as well. This is because it is rich in antioxidants that flush out toxins from your system.

There are some brands of green tea that are specifically aimed at treating acne. They blend chysanthemum, licorice root and peppermint with green tea formulate a high quality anti acne tea.


Acne is basically an inflammation and such an acne tea tends to serve as a great anti-inflammatory agent. Licorice root can be extremely effective in curing acne since it helps eliminate bacteria that causes acne. Peppermint, on the other hand, prevents future flare ups.

When all of the three are used in a combination, they can cure even the most stubborn pimples or sever acne and make your face acne free.

Changing Your Diet To Reduce Acne

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By now you know very well that acne is a very difficult thing to get rid of. You may have already tried everything you can find in stores such as creams, astringents, exfoliates, and more. I’m going to tell you the biggest secret to getting your skin clear and how to make it stay that way. Simply put, it is your diet! What you put into your body on a daily basis greatly affects how your skin will react and change.

Here are 5 diet tips that are sure to improve your skin and reduce acne:

Drink More Water: One of the most important things to remember is to drink more water! Your body should have at least 2 litres of water put into it every day. Hydration helps the skin shed old skin cells and not having enough will lead to clogged pours causing further acne.
Eat Fresh Nutrient Rich Foods: Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, and whole grain foods. You want to be eating things that are high in fibre and that will provide nutrients for the whole body. Easy ways to add more of these type of foods to your diet are by snacking on nuts or dried fruit and by having at least one salad a day.
Supplements and Vitamins: It is sometimes difficult to get a complete balance of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins from the food we are eating. To aid in our diet we can take a few helpful supplements to get everything we need. Important vitamins needed for your body’s well being are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc. A good multivitamin can go a long way in treating and protecting your skin.
Cut Back on Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates: Research has confirmed that refined carbohydrates and sugars lead to boosts in insulin levels in the body which in turn causes the body to produce more sebum. Sebum – the greasy oils found on acne prone skin – promote bacteria growth and worsen acne.
Reduce Caffeine Intake: I know we all love our morning coffee, but the caffeine is not helping with the acne. Caffeine raises the stress levels in your body and can aggravate your acne. Try to avoid coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, tea, and other stimulants as much as possible.

Getting rid of acne may seem like a daunting task but really if you follow some simple guidelines you can not only make your acne go away but make it stay away!

Treat Your Acne With Over the Counter Products

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Acne is something that many people live with, but they do have several options to attempt to treat it. While many feel that they cannot get rid of their acne unless they endure costly fees and trips to the dermatologist’s office, they can still receive many at home acne treatments that are inexpensive and easy to use.

Many years ago there were not very many products out there to help you cure your acne. You would have your choice of two or three product lines to choose from and many other products geared for women that were not suitable for men to use. Thankfully, over the past few years there are many more choices for over the counter acne treatment options. The first options are the products you can find in any local grocery store, which are cleansing pads and strips, toners, liquid cleansers and on the spot treatments. You should begin with a cleanser first and start using it in the morning and also at night, and continue using the cleansing product for a few weeks. Next, you can try any of the toning products to wipe over the skin after you have cleaned it with the cleansing wash in which you can apply a small amount of it with a cotton ball. Overnight the skin will use that toning solution to even your skin tone and eliminate any greasy spots. If you find you are experiencing blemishes and any black or whiteheads you can purchase a topical ointment to place on the trouble spots on the skin. There are many products that are specifically designed to treat blemishes and also ones for those whiteheads that are made with ingredients that are tough on those particular forms of acne.

If the over the counter products have only decreased a small amount of your acne and you are still suffering from it on your skin, you can turn to some stronger treatments you can purchase through the internet. Many dermatologists are creating their own skin care lines to help the millions of people suffering from acne prone skin to get the help they need right at home. One popular treatment is the Proactive line of skin care. It has received millions of customers and repeat clients that are pleased with their results. The line is more affordable than what you would have to pay if you received your treatment through a dermatologist, but it is more expensive than the over the counter products you can buy in the stores. Proactive is well-known for clearing up tough cases of acne and the line of products is fairly simple to use. They provide all of the instructions for you and ship it right to your home, you simply use the cleansing products and the spot treatments and masks as directed. Over the course of a few days you should see an improvement in your acne. There are also a few other lines on the web developed by major skin care companies you can try such as the lines by clean and clear, Clearasil and Neutrogena.

“Acne No More” Product Review

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Reading acne reviews is one of the best ways to determine if one of the many acne skin treatments and solutions on today’s market is worth the cost. With so many acne-related treatments and products on today’s market, it is important that consumers be as educated as possible about the purchases that they make, especially when it comes to products bought online. There is no better way to find out if a product or solution actually works than through reading the reviews of others who have actually tried it. Acne No More is one of the latest acne solutions created for the general public and those who suffer from frequent skin blemishes and breakouts. It is not a skin cream, ointment, medication, or skin cleanser that boasts unrealistic claims or consists of many of the same ingredients commonly found in many acne skin treatments that can be purchased for only a few dollars.
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Acne No More has numerous promising reviews online from satisfied customers, and that is because it is based on actual scientific and medical research, In addition, Acne No More is a natural, holistic acne treatment program that has no dangerous products or side effects. There is no risk of allergic reactions, dry skin, or other resulting skin problems that can only compound acne problems and make treatment more difficult. Acne reviews for Acne No More indicate a high rate of satisfied customers that have changed their lives through the proven methods indicated in this acne treatment program. Acne No More is a comprehensive acne treatment plan because it not only offers methods for keeping skin clear and treating skin blemishes externally, but also a plan for combating internal hormonal imbalances and immune response that lead to increased acne breakouts.

Reviews for Acne No More come from not only satisfied customers but also qualified medical health professionals that have reviewed the program. These medical professionals have found that the Acne No More is a safe, sane, and logical approach to treating acne and skin problems for little to no money and without the help of prescription medications or invasive procedures. Of the many acne products available on today’s market and found online, the Acne No More program has some of the best acne reviews. This is because it is a program that makes sense, is easy to follow, and easy to understand for most people. Since many of the causes of pimples and breakouts involve internal factors, treating acne from the outside makes little sense at all.
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Traditional acne treatments consist of topical creams, ointments, and medications that often do very little good. Acne reviews for many of these types of products have been poor at best, but the Acne No More program contains all of the information that those who are prone to acne breakouts need in order to effectively treat and prevent problem skin for the rest of their lives. Acne reviews for Acne No More are unmatched when compared to other acne solutions, and the program has been proven to work for people with all types and kinds of acne no matter their age.
Fighting acne can be tough without the right advice and knowledge.

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