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The 1st Step to Overcoming Social Anxiety

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 No Commented
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Everyone experiences some form of discomfort around certain people at certain times, this is natural and is often just a sign that your brain is adjusting to an unfamiliar environment. Where it becomes a problem is when it happens too often and the person buys into the illusion that they don’t have the means or resources to return back to their normal comfortable state other than when they are on their own. This then, in turn can cause them to loop round in a self-destructive cycle that can play havoc with their happiness, social relationships and life chances…

There are a wide variety of thoughts and theories as to where this phenomenon originates. Genetics, child development, chemical imbalance and nutrition have all been cited at some stage as playing their part in the make-up of what can often, on the surface, appear a complex problem…

With my own background being in NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), change psychology and hypnosis I am hugely biased towards the belief that feeling unnecessarily anxious or phobic around people is a neurological pattern that is learned and re-enforced through time and, as such, can also be un-learned through time. I’m not making the bold claim that everyone who experiences it can be cured almost instantly with a few techniques. While most have their similarities each case is obviously unique and it can often take a bit of exploration to find what works with each particular person.

I have, however, seen far too many examples of people who have made incredible improvements in a short space of time to believe anything other than change happens fast. It may sometimes take a bit of time to dig and figure out what will make the greatest difference but once you do, change certainly doesn’t hang about. It’s kind of like the game domino rally. Once you’ve set the game up and knocked over the first domino, the rest follow suit in dynamic and inevitable fashion.

This belief that social anxiety is simply a pattern that is learned, repeated and re-enforced over time is, for me, the crucial distinction that someone who is trained (and experienced) in NLP makes in comparison to someone who is not. From the initial diagnosis by a GP to the numerous sessions with a psychiatrist the language that is almost always used creates and re-enforces the in accurate and dangerous assumption in the patients mind that ‘they have got something’, like a cold or some sort of illness or virus.

Not only does this operate from the belief that you are in some way broken it also implies that social anxiety is ‘a thing’ and not a process. This, in my opinion, is one of the most in-accurate and dangerous belief systems that you can buy into and unfortunately the one that most health care services in the western world create and re-enforce.

Let me be blunt about this…Social anxiety is not a thing! You cannot go down to the shops and buy a lump of social anxiety…It may feel like a thing but it’s not so stop talking about it like it is a thing as this seriously hinders your ability to relax and be comfortable around people.

When you really get down to it, it is a group of limiting beliefs/mis-informed opinions that you have created (usually with good intentions and out with conscious awareness) about your relationship with people that have left you with a hugely un-helpful pattern or patterns that you play through way too often.

These patterns, in the form of internal pictures, movies, sounds, internal critical voices and feelings can often cause havoc to the quality of your life but at the end of the day it’s not a thing but rather just your own going experience heading in an un-useful direction.

You are not broken…your brain is like a well oiled machine, a finely tuned instrument…It may be playing the wrong tune but it’s playing it incredibly well…

Just knowing these two distinctions is such a powerful first step for those who feel unnecessarily anxious around people. The distinctions that:

1. Social Anxiety is not a thing it is a collection of limiting beliefs/mis-informed opinions that were created with good intentions but now have left you with some destructive neurological patterns that you keep playing through.

2. You are not broken you work perfectly…You may be working perfectly in the wrong direction but your brain is doing what it feels it should be based on the inaccurate limiting beliefs you bought into at some stage in your life.

So here’s my invitation to you…if you have been viewing social anxiety as ‘a thing that you suffer from’ or some form of ‘illness’, suspend those old beliefs for a moment and become open to these two new important distinctions…because it’s from this position that you can start to make some serious progress.

The Common Causes of Anxiety

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The causes of anxiety are numerous. It can be caused by the effects of drugs, a physical or mental condition, or a combination of any of the above. First it is necessary to determine if it is a physical condition.

Some common causes may include several different medical conditions. Some of the same symptoms associated with panic disorders are also symptomatic of anxiety. Things such as palpitations, shortness of breath which can be caused by other things as well. An excess of caffeine, speed(amphetamines),or overactive thyroid. There are several different causes for all of the symptoms such as mitral valve prolapse or other heart abnormalities. Generalized anxiety disorder, phobic disorders or stress disorders are also common causes.

Some external causes for anxiety may include your stress at work or your stress from school. Money, marriage, illness can also be counted among the causes. Some medications that are prescribed can cause it and many illicit drugs such as meth or cocaine can definitely cause many of the symptoms of anxiety. High altitudes, COPD or blood clots in the lung which cause a lack of oxygen and subsequently all of the symptoms.

While depression and an anxiety disorder may have similar symptoms, treatment is very different. One of the problems with anxiety disorders is determining that the symptoms are in fact due to the anxiety or depression. Consultation with a physician or psychologist can determine this after a comprehensive examination.

There are many causes which include anxiety disorder and determining if it is shyness or an actual anxiety disorder. An understanding of social phobias or social anxiety will produce the answers to some of your questions. Children as well, can have panic attacks, anxiety and social phobias. What may appear initially to be shyness may in fact be anxiety. The fear of meeting and interacting with new people can cause a child to become anxious. If this “shyness” is carried to the extreme, some counseling may well be in order.

Having an extreme amount of anxiety that is related to your work can cause you to lose your job. Perhaps you want to change jobs due to the stress of the type of work you do or the people you work with. This is not uncommon. By making your plan and carrying it out, you will relieve some degree of that anxiety.

There are people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder or eating disorders that will cause them to injure themselves. While these may extreme cases, much of the manifestations can be attributed to anxiety. Having an impulse control disorder, such as pulling your hair out can be linked to anxiety or depression.

Physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, all are numerous and if they persist medical help should be sought after. They don’t get better by themselves. Occasionally, in milder cases taking some lessons in relaxation can improve your anxiety quite a bit. If it does not, a psychologist or medical doctor may be needed. Teaching yourself breathing exercises is usually the first step in achieving a more relaxed feeling and allowing you to go about your normal activities of daily living.

Anxiety and Panic Attack Treatment

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 No Commented
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If you have been struggling to find the safest and best anxiety and panic attack treatment that works for years now, this Panic Away review is what will give you an unbiased opinion that will help you choose the right treatment for you. The Panic Away program has been used by over 40,000 people worldwide to eliminate panic disorder and anxiety from their lives with absolute success. It is the most effective, evidence-based treatment system for the treatment and elimination of panic attack, agoraphobia and general anxiety disorders.

You might think that it sounds too good to be true, but I’m telling you, it works. I know you will not believe me because some scam artists have told you lies in the past. I’m here to tell you that the Panic Away program works, and you can start seeing remarkable improvement much sooner than you can imagine right now without the need to swallow antidepressant pills like

My only quarrel with the system is that it comes in a downloadable eBook. What about those who cannot read? Okay, you will say they should look for someone who can read and teach them how to use the system. Fine! Some people learn faster by watching than by reading. This Panic away review will seek to help you make an informed decision before you buy. The program comes in a set of simple techniques that anyone can do regardless of age to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks from their lives.

Written and updated regularly by Barry Joe McDonagh, the Panic Away program provides anyone with the right technique necessary to quickly and effortlessly stop panic disorder and agoraphobia naturally. It provides step-by-step instructions to overcome the fear of another attack and systematically stop the vicious cycle of general anxiety disorder. You do not need to know anything scientific or technical to put the technique to good use.

You will never need to spend more than a couple of hours on this before you can achieve your goal. Now, if you are frustrated that nothing you have tried before worked, I completely understand how you feel. Truth is, so I was. But once you understand how to use the Panic Away program, eliminating the fear of job interviews, the fear of making a speech or presentation and other social anxiety disorders will become as easy as strolling.

If you are uncomfortable being the center of attention in a social event or being called to make a speech and don’t know how to get over it, push all your anxieties aside now, because the Panic Away program is the tool you need to become an effective and confident speaker like President Barack Obama. I have used this same anxiety and panic attack treatment myself. They are proven. They work for anyone who is willing to give it a try. It’s virtually impossible not to stop anxiety and panic disorders.

There are plenty of proofs and testimonials for you to read to get informed on their website and the Panic Away Forum. Best of all, you will get a refund if you try the technique for 60 days without achieving your desired results.

Panic and Anxiety Disorder

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 No Commented
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Anxiety and panic disorder had a hold on my life for more than 5 years and the things most people wouldn’t think twice about were making me extremely fearful of contemplating.

My attacks were all related to traveling, usually when I was driving. It never used to be a problem and I could drive feeling normal, then slowly the panic disorder symptoms started to appear, especially on long journeys. The trip would start and straight away the panic would set in, centered around what might go wrong. What if I got stuck in a traffic jam or even at traffic lights? What if I had an accident with no one around to help me? The weather might turn against me or I might be stuck on a bridge. Situations that I used to take in my stride were now gripping me with fear resulting in a tight chest, sweating and gasping for breath, which led to regular panic and anxiety disorder attacks.

Long journeys by car were now out of the question and using buses or trains gave me the same problems, so this meant family holidays almost stopped. The trips always brought on intense fear and numerous attacks, so this put huge pressure on our relationship.

Everything the doctors suggested was having no effective results and other treatments weren’t working, but I knew I had to find an answer before my marriage suffered anymore and my condition stopped me from going outside.

Online I found yet another cure that promised the answer, so I thought why not give it a try and see what happens, but was by no means convinced. How wrong could I have been, this was a simple, easy to understand treatment that produced instant benefits.

I began doing different types of journeys using the technique and as I completed more I learned how to deal with each situation and the attacks began to stop. I started driving on my own again, managing longer trips each time, traveling on trains and buses was now OK and the greatest achievement was flying off for a family holiday for the 1st time in ages. Anxiety therapy has given me my life back and I’m taking every opportunity to make the most of it.

Finally I have a panic attacks treatment that actually works and lets me live a normal life again. My last attack was a long time ago and the panic and anxiety disorder that used to be brought on from driving and traveling is now a thing of the past.