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Bulging Disk

Friday, July 30th, 2010 No Commented
Under: Health care

How is your lower back holding up?

Do you have a bulging disk that is causing you problems?

1.) Introduction to This Article
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Bulging disks can cause you a lot of problems, both emotionally and physically. Not only do you have to wince in pain when the disk problem flares up, but you will then have the let down of having an injured back. It is no secret that a bulging disk can bring your lifestyle to a grinding halt, unless you face your problem and do something about it.

2.) Definition of a Herniated Disk / Bulging Disk

Herniated Disk: Displacement of at least part of the nucleus, of an intervertebral disk. This displacement of part of the rubbery centre of an intervertebral disk can then place pressure upon the spinal cord. This can cause pain down one (or both) of your legs, including the possibility of feeling numbness as well.

3.) Treatment Options

Treatment depends on the severity of the bulging disk. Sometimes for a minor instance, rest can be all it takes to help you get better. However, if your problem is more common than this, then bed rest and a variety of other options should be considered. This includes orthopedic support and physical therapy. Surgical removal of the protruding aspect of disk can help reduce symptoms as well.

4.) Braces For Support

Surgery for a disk problem is possible, but your physician will most likely tell you that they would like to try conservative treatment options first. Rushing into the surgery is not what a quality physician would like to do, unless they think it is your best option.

Many physicians will recommend that their patients use a low profile, light weight back support to help reduce pain and promote healing. They are aware of back braces for the lower spine because they are medically documented in the health field. They can help reduce pain because they will off load your spinal structures by using biomechanical principles, like increasing intercavitary pressure. This slight increase can help alleviate the pain caused by a bulging disk.

If the pain is not totally alleviated, a well designed back support can also help to stop you from making certain movements that will further your lower back injury. The other good thing about back supports is that they will be easily hidden by the use of a t-shirt as well. So this is not really a problem at all. – If you have back pain problems due to a bulging disk, you should consider using one today.

*This is health information. Speak to your physician about medical advice for your particular situation. We believe in the benefits of lower back support, but you should speak to your doctor for medical advice.

Lower Back Spasms

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 No Commented
Under: Pain Management

Many people will at some stage in their lives experience the pain and discomfort of a lower back spasm. It often occurs when you least expect it and leaves you wondering what on earth has caused such a debilitating pain in your lower back.

Furthermore back spasms are not always selective which means that active as well as sedentary people can experience this excruciating back pain.

5 Causes of Back Spasms:

  • A back spasm usually affects the lower back muscles rather than the middle to upper back muscles of the torso and are often the result of an injury or inflammation of the spinal area or the spine itself.It is also thought that the spasm is the body’s response to protect and immobilize the spine from further aggravation.
  • Weak abdominal muscles often cause more strain and stress to be placed on the spine which can cause injury and subsequently a spasm to isolate the spine from further stress or injury. So over exertion with weak abdominal will likely result in a back spasm to prevent further damage.
  • Sportsmen may be prone to this type of condition through repetitive motion injuries or chronic overuse injuries. For instance the repetitive motion of a golfer’s swing could eventually cause spinal inflammation and injury or damage to the vertebrae or spinal discs & ligaments which will trigger a spasm as a protective measure.
  • People with weak back muscles will also be prone to this injury as extra strain will be placed on the spine for instance when lifting something heavy or perform any type of movements that could place stress on the spine.
  • Poor posture is another cause of lower back pain as it can cause the back muscles to be over strained in trying to maintain spinal stability.

In conclusion it should be noted that usually people who are not overweight, lead a reasonably active lifestyle and are in good physical condition are less prone to suffer from muscle strains and therefore less likely to experience lower back spasms.

Smaller and Lighter Breast Benefits

Friday, December 11th, 2009 No Commented
Under: Women's health

Carrying excessively huge breast is not always an advantage for most women. If you are one of those women who have oversized sagging breasts you know the discomfort and pain of carrying huge breasts. The unwanted attention and teasing is humiliating. The chronic back, shoulder and neck pain are so disturbing that it can affect the quality of your life. An effective breast reduction method can be very helpful because the benefits of smaller and lighter breasts can make your life better.

One of the benefits of smaller and lighter breasts is the freedom to wear the clothes you want to wear. You do not have to wear unattractive loose clothing just to make room for your excessively large breasts. You can wear attractive and beautiful clothing if you have smaller breasts.

Getting rid of the chronic shoulder, neck and back pain is one of the most important benefits of smaller and lighter breasts. The burden on your shoulder, neck and back in carrying huge breasts will be eliminated. It is a great relief and you will enjoy physical and sports activities without the pain and worries about your big breasts.

Of course one of the benefits of smaller and lighter breasts that will make a great difference in your life is the self-confidence that you look great and you can get rid of the uncomfortable feeling when people are staring on your huge breasts. People will start to look on your face and not on your huge breasts.

Imagine how great it is to enjoy the benefits of smaller and lighter breasts and improve the quality of your life. You will finally get rid of the unwanted attention and discomforts of carrying huge breasts. Of course it is best to find a safe and natural method of reducing your breast size to avoid the risks and side effects of surgery.