Tribulus Terrestris

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There are many known factors that cause high blood pressure and a lot of people are known to suffer from this condition. There are a lot of people however, who do not know or are unaware that they do have this condition and eventually develop other complications and health problems. This is why this condition is also termed as “silent killer” as there are people who live with the condition undetected. And because this condition could be left undetected, it is then vital for each and every one of us to be well educated about it, its causes, and ways of lowering it.

There are many known causes of high blood pressure that one must look out for. The most common cause of this problem is salt and sodium intake. Too much salt accounts for the major causes of heart attacks and strokes. Smoking, poor eating habits, stress, lack of physical activity are also other causes of hypertension. Another factor that causes this is heredity or family history.

Knowing about the different causes of an increase in the pressure of your blood you now have an idea of how you can lower or even prevent it. Since salt or sodium is one of the major causes of hypertension, this means that you should lower your salt and sodium intake. Poor eating habits or even poor diet also cause it so it is important for you to watch what you eat. Too much calories, fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates could lead to a rise in your blood’s pressure. Too much fat and cholesterol could also lead to the clogging of the arteries. You should also engage in more physical activities to lower your high blood pressure as being active helps you maintain a healthy weight and even helps you get rid of those unwanted fats and cholesterol stored in your body. High blood pressure is helped lowered by quitting smoking and reducing or regulating your alcohol intake.

Another way of controlling hypertension is through taking herbal supplements. Nowadays, there are a lot of different kinds of these supplements available for each kind of health problem or concern. For controlling hypertension, you can find heart care herbal supplements. These heart care herbal supplements contain ingredients that are known to improve the heart’s health and even treat different heart problems. Tribulus Terrestris (Gokharu Ghana) is one of the ingredients contained in herbal supplements as this is believed to help lower pressure. It is also used as a rejuvenation tonic. This herb is also used in addressing problems such as urinary disorders, kidney diseases, impotence, gravel, gout, and a lot more. It is also very helpful in addressing diseases of the heart and a lot more other conditions.