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Gospel contains remedies for all diseases, all affected feelings, for disbelief and despair. However, you must know how to use these remedies.

If a person puts himself to a current of 2,000 volts, he will die, but if he puts himself to the effect of a current of more than 20,000 volts, he will renovate and clean himself without burning. Physicists say that the molecules of the current of 2000 volts are so great that by passing through the tissues of the human body, they destroy them and kill man.



Molecules of the current of 20 to 50 thousand volts are quite small, as a result of which they pass freely through the tissues of the human body, massage them and instead of causing a trouble, they renovate and clean it. So, there are several types of warmth, light and electrical energy that affect differently the organisms. The smaller particles of these energies are, the more favorably they act – renovate, clean, and built the matter.

No mexican pharmacy online in the world can give people what Nature gives them. One must acquire magnetic energy from Nature and give from it to his fellows.

If one’s stomach system is upset, it shall be treated by food. If his respiratory system is upset, it will be treated by light, warmth, electricity and magnetism. And finally, if the brain system is upset, he will be treated by thoughts and feelings. If you want to treat your brain, you should not allow inside any negative thought, grounding on the law that God is the absolute Love, the absolute harmony.

There are not only harmful microbes, but also such ones, which once introduced into the organism, improve it. In their practice, future doctors will use the benefits of those microbes.

While believing in the methods and drugs of ten doctors, the patient will never recover. To recover, he must believe only in one doctor, but healing powers hide in the water, air, light and food. Everyone is a conductor between Nature and himself, so he can heal himself alone. Viagra sildenafil online

When you heal yourself alone, you acquire confidence in yourself and your powers. If one leaves himself to a doctor, he relies completely on him and gradually he loses faith in his powers. Diseases are nothing, but tasks that must be properly solved. If they are not properly solved, then real diseases, which are healed with difficulty, come. Knowing that, do not be afraid of diseases.

If you want to heal one, who is ill, you should introduce into him the simple truth that he will recover. And by accepting that truth in himself as a seed, it will grow and give fruit. By sowing in you the thought that you are healthy, you will really be healthy.