How To Identify Anxiety Attack Symptoms

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We all know that anxiety is normal. In fact, a person is not normal if he has never felt anxiety at any point in his life. It is the feeling you get when you are nervous about something like before a big event in your life or before when you have to give a speech to a huge crowd for instance. As you stand there, waiting for your name to be called you feel your hands getting clammy. As you wait some more, you feel your heart beating loudly in your chest. You break into a cold sweat and you feel dizzy. As you take the first step towards the podium, you find it difficult to breathe and you start to feel nauseated. This is a classic example of the different symptoms that a person goes through during an anxiety attack. It is important that you know how to identify panic attack symptoms so that you have an idea on how to deal with them before they get too severe.


The Heart

Your heart is one of the first body parts that usually show anxiety attack symptoms. This is usually the first sign that you are having an attack. You begin to feel your heart beating really fast, like it is about to burst out of your chest. Then you start to feel a tightening in your chest area. For some people their chest feels so tight that they find it difficult to breathe. These symptoms can also be mistaken as the signs of a heart attack. It is best to seek medical attention if it becomes too much to bear and especially if you have a medical history of heart problems.


As you start to go into a panic, you begin to feel as if you are trying to catch your breath. Your chest begins to rise and fall rapidly as you try to take in more air into your lungs. Because of the shortness of breath, it is normal for you to feel dizzy and lightheaded. For some it gets so severe that they reach a point where the vision begins to become blurry and then totally black. This is the sign that you are about to pass out. Passing out in public places can be a problem so it is important to find a cure for the difficulty in breathing that you feel.

Visions Of Doom

When you are having an anxiety attack, you constantly think of all the things that could go wrong. It is like with every single step that you take outside your house, the many ways that you could die on the way to the grocery store are flashing before your eyes. This can cause severe paranoia and stop you from living a normal, happy life.