Ethical Inequalities

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Maybe I’m just an old fashioned capitalist who believe in a free enterprise way of doing things. That’s the way I was brought up as a first generation American. That’s the way I was enlightened in graduate school. I also happen to believe that income inequality is not bad thing; it is a natural and desirable part of aforementioned free and prosperous way of doing things.

One of the many problems with this reporting is that it leads readers to conclude that if you are a minority you will be charged more for your loan. This is a huge misconception about the lending process and quite honestly we take offence to this naive interpretation.

First-year members are given a discounted membership fee rate, in recognition of their early career status, and the APA offers a graduated dues structure that slowly increases the rate marginally over an eight year period of time thereafter.

Researchers have recognized and identified the top causes of stress in the workplace. Being able to identify the triggers of your stress will help you avoid or cope with the situation that cause them to arise in the first place.

I was inspired by Sam Wilson of EcoEvents who has done so much homework in creating ways for events to be more ethically run, but also (and just as importantly) defined systems and mechanisms for measuring the successes and failures, and making the organizers of the events accountable.

This is the gap in your creativity. What you don’t have the resources or time to make yourself, but you still have a desire for, and therefore have to buy off the capitalist. S/he – on the other hand – has perceived your need and has gone into business producing it on your behalf, having done the research that there’s more than one of you out there.

A Maximum Wage Law would protect professional and skilled workers like the Minimum Wage Law protects the lowest paid workers. In most companies pay for all employees would increase. If no one in the company could make more than ten times the average, the leadership of the company would have a big incentive to make the company successful so it could raise the average compensation.

As therapists you willingly take on a highly responsible and often challenging job in the hope of enabling healing and growing. In both roles you have the desire and capacity to use your power magnificently to repair harm and to promote well-being. We all want and need to be able to use our personal and professional power to manifest our desires and goals.

There is an answer to our weakened economy, an answer to greed and irresponsibility an answer to the hard choices of lost homes, an answer to the costly health care and failing schools. The answer is for every student, business owner, consumer, and government official to be required to take classes in International Business Ethics offered at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Dreadlocks or bindis have been fondly adopted by many westerners and not merely despite but precisely because of their ethnic flavour.