Cheap Gout Relief Remedies

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If you are looking for cheap gout relief, try making, and drinking some black bean broth. Black beans are a natural remedy that is very rich in anthocyanins…the same ones that are found in cherries and other dark berries.

All you have to do is simmer seven ounces of black beans in two liters of water. Start timing after it has come to a boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for ninety minutes. Strain out the broth, and toss the beans. After it cools, drink one fourth of the liquid. You can drink it daily as a preventative measure, or at the first sign of a gout attack.

Certain bacteria consume uric acid before it can cause a problem. If you have gout, it is an indication that there is an imbalance in the intestines. Get some cheap gout relief by eating lots of raw vegetables and fruits (more fruits than veggies), and eating some yogurt. Cultured cabbage juice is really good, too.

But at the same time you need to be avoiding the foods that exacerbate the problem…like yeast, alcohol (especially beer, since it contains yeast), fatty meats, seafood, and mushrooms, to name a few.

For a topical treatment, you can rub rosemary oil in the inflamed area, avoiding any broken skin. If the oil itself seems to irritate the area, dilute it by adding some olive oil to it.

The bromelain in pineapple reduces inflammation, allowing blood to get to the area and easing the joint much faster. Burdock is a plant high in bromelain, but it is grown mostly in Japan and Europe, making it a bit pricier than pineapple

You cannot beat fresh fruit (when it is in season) and eight or more glasses of water per day for cheap gout relief. But be aware that it takes a lot of fruit…a pint of strawberries or half a pound of cherries every day to make a difference. Tree of Life makes a cherry concentrate that can be mixed with water, and there are cherry extract capsules that you can use if you don’t mind a small expense for taking this route.,

There are other options available; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. On the Internet, there are lots of reports and e-books, but one of the best ones I found comes without hype or lies. It’s a short report that spells out where you can get inexpensive gout help that’s natural and easy to implement.