The Colitis Habit

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A good habit would be considered a good quality and a bad habit a bad quality, in our character. Whatever we consider to be our best qualities, we can usually identify as being a result of good habits. Colitis is a condition, not a habit; but it is the result of habits – habits which are not in our best interests. Habits are formed at various stages in our lives for many reasons. Some are purposefully established whether from our own choice or by the imposition of someone else such as a parent, teacher or officer. Bad habits are usually copied from peers or people we admire – for the wrong reasons.

The real consideration of any habit whether it be good or bad are the consequences. Let’s get rid of the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In doing so we will clarify an important aspect of our lives; no less the remission of colitis. In the case of colitis as with many other things in life, it is whether it is in our better interests or not. Ignorance is pain; ignorance of the consequences of any action will usually result in pain. An action that becomes a habit will be considered a good habit or a bad habit depending on whether it results in pain or loss.

A person who continues to practice bad habits which inflict pain and loss on themselves and those around them is misguided – or a fool. Isn’t a fool simply someone who hasn’t yet learned the necessary lesson which will stop the pain and the loss? (Been there…!) In a sense, pain and loss are both one and the same thing. Colitis is pain as anyone like yourself will testify. But it is also loss when you are unable to do the things you would like to do for yourself and for others to enjoy. Here’s a stinging question: What habits do you have that have greatly contributed to you experiencing the pain of colitis right now? Would you agree that the conventional habits of eating unnatural (overly processed) foods, quickly and irregularly, have contributed to the condition you find yourself in? The over consumption of branded, unnatural drinks that have been cleverly sold to you have also contributed to your suffering – Is there a lesson there too?

* Is it ‘cool’ to be a follower of the media madness that is modern mass advertising?

* Is it ‘cool’ to abuse your system that has taken hundreds of thousands of years to become what it is now: a beautifully formed functioning bio-system that should self-maintain itself for a hundred years?

* Does it make sense that massive profits are made by multimillion dollar manufacturers of artificial foods that have so cleverly been sold to the masses as to change the daily eating and living habits of hundreds of millions of people worldwide in just a couple of generations and have resulted in the devastating cost of digestive conditions (as well as coronary heart disease among other problems) such as colitis, IBS, and even such ‘minor’ conditions as chronic indigestion and constipation? Simple answer: NO! But you DO have a choice and the choice lies in the power of breaking BAD (Backfires Against Digestion) habits to making some new GOOD (Genuine Ordinary Old-fashioned Diets) habits that will eventually build a colitis resistant colon.

“Good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits”

Robert Puller

What did they (multinational food processing conglomerates) do? They changed habits. The result: They changed the health of millions of digestive systems in the process. All of these digestive dysfunctions are…. man-made. If they are man-made, then man can change them back again; this is the responsibility of the individual. New habits by individuals establish a new condition in the body. But first the mind must establish new patterns, attitudes and habits. This is done by seeing through the haze of fashion, ‘cool’ advertising, media lies, deception, big time money maker’s cynical and voracious appetite for more and more and more….. What they (multinational food processing conglomerates) do, is their business – what you do is yours.

Make your decision today and change those habits that require a change and replace them with habits that are in your own interest like health and wealth and happiness. Their (multinational food processing conglomerates) business is to maximize profits for their shareholders – your business is to safeguard your precious natural health. If being ‘cool’ means undermining your health then the price is high. If being seduced by expensive, hypnotic, cynical, clever, persistent, all-pervading expensive advertising (which accounts for a large percentage of products) that pulls you under the spell of jingles, offers and visual magic, then the sense of personal judgment has been eroded to a dangerous degree. And the price is high in quality of life and health. Pain and loss are not our birthright; health, optimism and happiness are in the main, the result of forming the ‘right’ habits. Colitis requires the right habits in order to reclaim a healthy colon.