10 Facts About Acne

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If you are someone who has been unaffected by acne, you are definitely one of the lucky few. With 85 percent of teenagers getting them and quite a few adults struggling with this problem, acne remedy is something which is sought after by most. Who won’t give anything to have clear skin? Especially in this day and age when looks are actually everything.

So here is 10 facts about acne which will help you understand and deal with acne prone skin better.

During adolescence, the body produces excess sebum in the skin. Sebum attracts growth of acne causing bacterium called propionibacterium.

Which brings us to the next point, frequent washing. If you frequently wash your face, chances are that you will be removing sebum from the skin, not giving room for acne causing bacteria to grow.

However, most teenagers cannot be washing their faces between classes and most adults cannot keep cleaning their faces in between work hours. Which is why there are so many solutions out there to help you deal with acne prone skin.

Most adults on the other hand suffer from acne due to improper diet. Excessive intake of fatty substances also stimulates the liver into producing increased levels of androgen which in turn elevates the sebum levels in the skin, resulting in acne.

Adult acne often reduces with proper weight control. However, as weight control is easier said than done, dietary supplements are used to help burn fat in the intestines which in turn reduce acne from forming.

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One needs to choose their acne remedy based on the type of acne they have. While adolescents can treat their acne externally, most adults need to treat their acne from inside out.

In both cases treating acne as soon as it occurs is best. As leaving it too late may result in acne related scars which need to be removed by more drastic methods such as microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, laser, injections as well as punch techniques.

While there are tons of remedies out there, each one works differently on each person. While products may be considered wonder drugs, others don’t seem to have any effect at all on some people.

The best way to choose a product that is good for you is to try it out, make sure it does not have any side effects and you may just find the acne miracle drug that works wonders on your skin.

One last thing, an acne product which has a money back guarantee is highly recommended because it will ensure that even if the product does not work for you, you will get your money back at least.

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