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J-Medicalinfo: Treatment Erectile Dysfunction

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What You Probably Know

These drugs, called PDE-5s by medical practitioners, have helped improve the sex lives of millions of men and their sexual partners. All three drugs work similarly, with their only significant difference being duration of action (Cialis erectile potentiating effects generally last longer than those of its competitors). The table below lists these products’ doses and time required for them to begin working. As you can see, Levitra® and Viagra® look very similar on paper while Cialis dramatically longer duration of action separates it from these two.



Although the PDE-5s have been an incredibly welcome addition to the lives of their men with ED, these Australia Pharmacy have three basic problems: first, they don’t work for everybody; second, in the people they do work for, some experience an incomplete, or somewhat unsatisfactory response (their erection is not as hard or doesn’t last long enough for them or their partner to have a mutually rewarding and satisfying sexual experience) and last, because of their mechanism of action (relaxing blood vessels), they can cause side effects ranging from mild (headaches, flushing, heartburn, nasal congestion and runny nose) to more severe (vision difficulty, dizziness and fainting spells that can result in injury). The likelihood of dizziness and fainting occurring are more likely if the person drinks alcohol or takes nitrates (nitroglycerin) for heart problems.

Does that mean the PDE-5s are bad things and their list of possible problems outweighs the benefits of using them? Absolutely not! These drugs are both effective and safe if used correctly. During the early years of their use, rumors abounded regarding risk of death with their use. The truth of the situation is that most of the initial users were older men, so it’s likely that many of these early users had heart problems. It makes sense that when these men with relatively severe medical problems began engaging in a vigorous activity requiring significant mental stimulation and physical exertion (sex), some would have heart attacks or other medical issues. Imagine the number of emergency department visits that would have resulted had these same sedentary men chosen to start playing racquetball or run wind sprints in their neighborhood instead of chasing their startled wife around the house with their newfound erections! Fortunately, the death risk was unsubstantiated. Long-term studies show the risk of a man dying from using PDE-5s for ED is the same as his dying from an automobile crash.

All that’s well and good; however, it would be nice if men suffering from ED had other treatment options which worked well and possessed few side effect concerns. Happily, men are in luck because numerous other effective and safe ED treatment options do exist!