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Many people have a fear of losing hair and many a times, their fear comes true. One of the reasons of this is they stress too much about the problem and this stress makes the problem even worse. The reasons for hair loss are not limited to just stress, there are a number of other factors too. Let’s take a look at the factors that cause this problem first and then jump on to the available hair loss products.

Hair loss causes

One of the main causes for hair loss is the excess production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a hormone produced by testosterone, again a hormone responsible for male reproductive growth. When your body starts producing excessive amounts of DHT, the hair follicles start reacting with DHT, which makes them weak. This can lead to the breakage or the thinning of the hair.
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Another factor is genetics. Yes, it is hereditary, which means that if your parents suffer from hair problems, chances are high that you might also suffer from hair loss. A weak immune system is also accountable for loss of hair. This is because when your immune system is weak, you are prone to be infected by viruses and bacteria. These microorganisms can also damage the hair follicles, making them weak.

Apart from these common reasons, there are also some other factors that cause baldness. These include certain medical conditions like cancer, certain treatments such as chemotherapy and some other problems such as diabetes, vitiligo, Down’s syndrome, anaemia, stress, depression, fungal infections and thyroid problems.

Treatment options available

Medical science has done a lot of progress and thanks to this progress, there are a number of hair loss products available on the market today. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

HairMax Lasercomb Advanced 7

This is an advanced laser comb that uses the low-level light technology to treat male and female pattern baldness and help you regain healthy hair growth. This HairMax comb is a sleek and smart design that gives you utmost ease and convenience to treat hair loss discreetly, within the comfort of your home. The laser beams emitted from this hand-held comb (7 beams at a time), target and stimulate your hair follicles to promote natural and healthy growth.

HairMax Lasercomb Professional 12

This HairMax comb is amongst the best-selling hair loss treatments available on the market. This FDA approved laser comb has won many awards since its launch. It boasts of a success rate of about 93% and is known to be durable for about 10 years. This laser comb emits 12 laser beams at a time and so, it is able to treat hair problems even faster than other devices. It works by stimulating your hair follicles and providing them with energy through laser light emission (12 beams at once). This encourages new hair to grow fast and they replace the old hair when the old ones shed away.

Also, there are many other hair loss products available on the market but the aforementioned ones are the best-selling and are known to be amongst the best that the market has to offer. Use it, without worrying about any side effects, and witness remarkable benefits soon.

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