Waking Up With a Headache

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No matter when or where it occurs headaches are one of the most common ailments around. You will be in the middle of something and your head starts to ache. Maybe it’s just a little pain in your forehead or maybe it feels like someone dropped a hammer on the top of your head, either way it is annoying if it is happening to you. Of course one of the worst times to have a headache is when you first wakeup in the morning.

What causes headaches?

A headache is a pain that is found in the head or the neck. There are three basic types of headaches, primary, secondary and facial pain.

  • Primary headaches are caused by tension. Migraine is considered a primary headache.
  • Secondary headaches are caused by such things as bleeding in the brain and tumors,
  • Facial pain headaches occur in the neck or due to nerves in the brain.

There are many reasons why they occur. One of the most familiar reasons is stress. If you are in a particularly difficult situation that you aren’t quite sure on how it is going to turn out, stress will usually set in and so will the headache. In fact any stressful situation can cause a headache.

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So what would cause a headache in the morning?

When most folks think about a headache in the morning they think about a hangover or drinking way too much the night before and that would certainly make your head ache. But there are also other reasons. Surprisingly enough you may be dehydrated. Your body needs lots of water each day and unfortunately a good number of folks don’t drink very much water. Water is good for you not only for headaches with other things as well. Another related problem is drinking too much caffeine in the night which causes you to make too many trips to the bathroom when you are supposed to be sleeping. Another bad thing about caffeine is that it will keep you up when you should be sleeping and in the morning you will probably need another fix of it to drive away the headaches.

Have you ever had any problems sleeping, because that do can cause headaches in the morning? Lack of sleep and being unable to fall asleep can be very stressful which in turn will bring on the headaches when you wake.

A sleep disorder that isn’t too common but is quite a problem to those that have it is bruxism or teeth grinding. By grinding your teeth you tense up the muscles in your face while you are trying to sleep and as you probably guessed this could bring on quite a headache in the morning.

There are quite a few things that can cause headaches when you wake up the morning if this becomes a recurring trend for you then seek help from your doctor.

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