Different Medicine for Hypertension

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Hypertension is a medical condition that affects many individuals; apart from conventional medication people have sought alternative medication to help lower blood pressure levels. Some of these include natural remedies, herbal medication and alternative treatments.

Today alternative treatments for various diseases, apart from conventional medication have become popular among many. There is interest nowadays for alternative treatments to lower blood pressure. This trend is understandable, since many regular medicine used to lower pressure posses side effects that are undesirable. Some of the side effects include allergic reactions, nausea, impaired judgment and sleepiness which in some cases have resulted to life threatening accidents.

Most alternative treatments used to lower blood pressure cure this condition without a person experiencing the unwanted effects. Many people will not see symptoms which suggest they are suffering from hypertension, the condition manifests itself initially quiet unnoticed. Too much stress can result to hypertension; however, tension, anxiety and stress are not similar to hypertension. An individual is diagnosed by a doctor when their blood pressure is above 240 mmHg, at the same time blood pressure diastolic may rise above 120mmHg. When these finding’s are diagnosed, then it leaves no doubt.

When an individual suffers from symptoms like regular headaches, he may be suffering from malignant hypertension, which can result to various health problems including heart attacks, kidney failure. If a patient is suffering from diabetes, high or low blood pressure can cause serious problems to them. The reason for this can attributed to the fact that diabetes usually weakens the arteries and heart walls, in this case, hypertension can lead to more complications which are fatal.

Hypertension can not be said to be an illness by itself, but can progress to serious organ damage. If the patient does not lower blood pressure to controllable levels they are at risk to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease and eye sight problems. In pregnancy hypertension cannot be ignore since if brings about complications to the pregnancy and can even cause a miscarriage.

There several things a patient can do to reduce pressure of blood, for one they should change their lifestyles.

For patients who are fat:

  • They need to begin exercising regularly.
  • Avoid using excess salts in their diets.
  • Consume plenty of green vegetables and fruits.
  • They should try taking up yoga and eliminate all sources of stress from their lives.
  • If your job is too stressful think of switching to a less stressful job and moving to a less noisy neighborhood.

It is very possible to reduce pressure of blood without the use of pharmacological medicines. For example, a lot of patients have found more relief through using hawthorn. Research has revealed that many patients suffering from type two diabetes who have used hawthorn for about sixteen weeks showed a significant lowering in their DBP.

Alternative treatment used to lower pressure of blood is popular, but be warned it can be more harmful if ignorantly done. To lower blood pressure using herbal medicine is not safe when used by amateurs. So seek more information before deciding on alternative medication to lower blood pressure.