Asthma Eating Habits – They Are Killing You

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Bad Asthma Eating Habits

It’s no secret that most people these days tend to have poor diets but when it comes to asthma we really should be watching what we eat after all it affects us asthmatics a whole lot more than the average person. When you have asthma you will usually be breathing in double the amount of oxygen than a normal person does and as a result asthma symptoms begin to develop. You will need to watch your diet closely because it affects your weight which in turn affects your breathing all this has a sever impact on your asthma if you are not eating the correct foods.

You should never eat before going to sleep as an asthmatic. This fills your stomach and causes you to sleep deeper, the deeper you sleep the greater chance of you inhaling more oxygen than on a normal night, it also will make you pick up weight a lot faster when you eat a few hours just before sleep, you should aim to eat around 4-5 hours before sleep. Eating before you sleep also creates heat in your body. Asthmatics should always sleep in a cool room, not to warm and not to cool.

When you body is too warm, it will then try to cool itself down when you are asleep, one way that your body tries to accomplish this is through deeper breathing and like i said you cannot breathe deeply when you are an asthmatic, the result would be that you have to use your inhaler.

You can naturally reduce your asthma by simply eating healthy rich raw foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Your diet should contain dates as dates tend to help people with asthma and at all costs avoid anything which is processed, these tend to be the fast foods that so many people have incorporated into their daily diets as well as most tins foods.

For the most part avoid chocolate and anything that contains high dairy. If you eat foods they should be warm and not too cold. I’m sure by now you know that by eating high dairy enriched foods closes your chest such as ice cream, ice cream is also cold and as a result your chest will begin to start wheezing if you eat loads of ice cream.

You should incorporate a good exercise program into your daily life, this will help keep any excess weight off of you and also help your breathing, one of the best forms of exercise tends to be swimming as this helps asthmatics regulate their breathing pattern.