Simple Home Asthma Remedies

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Asthma is a respiratory ailment where the sufferer has a predisposition to inflammation of the lungs in which the airways are narrowed causing difficulty in breathing. Affecting three hundred million people worldwide and causing over 4000 deaths a year in the US asthma is a very common condition that can also be deadly if not treated. This condition varies in severity where some people only have mild asthma whose symptoms can be relieved by various medications. Untreated asthma could lead to bronchitis or emphysema which causes irreversible obstruction of the airways.

Anyone thought to be suffering from asthma should seek medical advice to get professional advice and the right medication for their specific case. The following are simple remedies to relieve asthma attacks and should only be utilized after consultation with a doctor. One of the most effective ways to reduce asthma attacks is to avoid contact with allergens that cause asthma attacks. Many people are allergic to pollen and dander and as a result are more likely to get attacks during the seasons when there is more pollen in the air. Dust is also another trigger to asthma and this can be simply avoided through regular cleaning and allowing good air circulation within the home or workplace.

One simple remedy to reduce the severity of an asthma attack is using water salt and baking soda. One cup of warm water a pinch of baking soda and half a teaspoon of salt are mixed together. With your head over a sink running the solution through your nose will open your airways and flush out your nose allowing for easier breathing.

Another asthma remedy is inhaling eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil can be placed on a hand towel and put near the head of the patient to inhale as they sleep. Eucalyptus does not only relieve asthma but colds and other respiratory ailments.
Hot water is yet another asthma remedy that can be utilized on the onset of an attack. Drinking hot water as you feel an attack coming on will open up the airways and reduce the progression of an attack. It is important to make sure the water is very hot but not hot enough to scald.

There are numerous home remedies to relive asthma attacks as well as other respiratory conditions; these home remedies however should be taken after consultation with a doctor. For other remedies check out the links.