Colors and Emotions

Friday, April 16th, 2010 No Commented
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Spring is a very beautiful season. Days become longer and longer and I do not think about depression. And today I want to tell you how to create positive attitude to life using different colors.

I worry that somebody can say that everything that I write in my blog is nonsense. However, I think that if even one person can get over his/her depression and find the way to happiness, my efforts are not vain. Nevertheless, I should continue. Let’s talk about colors and their influence on our emotions.

Firstly, all colors can be divided into two categories: warm and cold.

Warm colors such as yellow, orange, green, red and others create a good mood, positive attitude to live. Cold colors, for example, blue, violet and other colors in this range relax people.

Moreover, I would like to add that, according to several sources, huge amount of blue color around you can provoke depression. Yellow shades, in opposite, help people to get over this depression and form positive attitude to life. If you add this color in your clothes, it can help you to be more energetic and sociable. Orange is also one of the colors that can help you forget about fatigue and anxiety. Please, add this color in your interior and in near future you can feel enthusiasm.

Green color is the perfect one in order to create feelings of stability and peacefulness. Moreover, this color can help you to relax.

Violet is a very dangerous color. Bright colors of violet can be very fatiguing.

One of the best colors, from my point of view, is white. Many people perceive this color as a symbol of happiness, wealth and joy. I like this color and can say honestly that when I wear white clothes, my thoughts about depression go away. I recommend people who lose their life meaning to buy something white.