Why Pursue a Healthier Diet

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 No Commented
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I can say that I now know why I am pursuing the healthier diet. It sparked in my while listening to Brain Tracy’s book, “No Excuses”. He says (I paraphrase), if you come from work and for dinner eat a large slice of apple pie topped with a big scoop of ice cream, how much desire to eat healthy will you have afterwards?

The Sliding Scale

This got me to thinking about my own diet history and how our eating habits are on this ever moving sliding scale. The healthier I eat, the better I feel; the better I feel, the healthier I eat. When you are eating healthy, which we’ll define as eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of salads and lean proteins, very little junk food and sugary drinks, you feel motivated to eat healthy.

Now one evening you either go out to eat or to a friend’s house for dinner and you slide down to a less than healthy meal. It’s not big problem for a meal but sometimes that one meal sets into motion a downward slide. You begin craving fattier foods and the healthier stuff isn’t looking so exciting. And you watch yourself slide toward the unhealthy side of the scale.

But it works in the other direction, too. You begin eating some fruit, eating lighter maybe salads for lunch. Then you find yourself not so hungry during the day and craving less junk and fattening food. You reach for an apple when you want a snack. So you bump it up to a healthier and healthier level. You begin sliding up the scale of healthy eating because you made the shift.

The Shift

The shift occurs at some point, somewhere in the mind. It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s something that happens slowly over time. Time is a very important part of any shift that takes place in the mind.

The lighter and better we eat, the better we can think and work. As all things release energy, eating the raw, fresh fruits and vegetables aid in aligning ourselves with those energies. Being in nature does this too. These living things eliminate great vibes that the body can pick up and absorb. That is why walking outside is so therapeutic.

As your thoughts shift to better feelings and desires of a better body, you’ll reach for better feeling foods, foods that inspire and foods that have you feeling good after you’ve eaten them.

Eat to please and to nourish

Eat in ways that nourish your body, your spirit and your relationships. Enjoy those times you can celebrate with friends and family over cooked meals that bring you joy. Eat and drink the healthier foods when you need to connect with your Inner-Self or need to work better.

Bring yourself up in the food chain and you will see yourself taken to new heights. Eat real. And it’s ok to enjoy the preparations that you have come to love and enjoy but don’t let them become your only joy. Your body can handle absolutely everything as long as your mind is in full agreement. It’s your mind that decides. Let your food be thy guide not your only source of love.