Treatment Through Movement

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Each our external action is an expression of an action that takes place in the spiritual world.

Any disharmonious movement in the physical world produces disharmony in the astral one. Any disharmony in the astral world also affects the mental one. Once the inner world balances, harmony in the movements of the external limbs will restore.



So, thoughts affect movements and movements affect the mind.

Every movement leaves cliches in the invisible world. And every cliche is an imprint that has its consequence. And that consequence, that result brings joy or sorrow.

By his movements, one regulates the energies of his organism. Movements jolt the air, whose vibrations are transmitted to the physical body through the doppelganger. The doppelganger of somebody is an antenna, through which he perceives impressions from the outside world. This is why the doppelganger wraps the human body and protects it from misfortunes. The better one regulates his doppelganger, the more correctly he perceives the impressions from the outside world. Knowing this, you have to adjust your antenna often.

When human movements are dictated by harmonious thoughts and feelings, they are always beautiful. The greater harmony exists in man, the more beautiful his movements are.

Arm movements affect the brain, the nervous system. If the movements during writing letters are correct, they affect favorably the memory, and hence, the development of the mind. They develop the mildness and stability of the human character. In general, all movements that you make determine your state and character.

Correct movements are those, during which the whole body takes part. The head shall be moved together with the legs, and the whole body shall move wave-like. If you walk in this way within mountainous areas, you will not feel any fatigue.

Rational movements help avoiding many painful conditions with humans. They regulate the nervous system, which bears the vital energies. The nervous system takes in the living powers of Nature. When the nervous system is in good condition, all body functions are carried out properly. When the nervous system of a person is not in good state, then no doctor is able to help him.

If you do not know how to step, how to walk, how to move, you will lose all conditions that you have gained from breathing, from the air and food. From the gait of a person you may see that he is a candidate for prison. See how animals and birds move. Your movements shall be beautiful, smooth, natural, and plastic. It is important with which leg you will get up in the morning. It is important with which leg you will start off to work, whether you move your arms slowly or fast, how you look. Lots of misfortunes befall you because they pay attention to these important matters. Through the movement of the arms, through touching, you may treat yourself, and you also may cripple yourself if you do not understand.

One must know how to stretch out his arm, how to stretch his legs. There are powers in the earth, which you will be able to take by stretching your legs and thus you will transform your state. If you are sad, desperate and if you know how to stretch the left arm and left leg, the earth will attract all the weight from your legs and you will feel a relief. Then you shall stretch your right arm and right leg.