Partner ED Syndrome

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 No Commented
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If you have a permanent or even temporary partner, another type of ED Syndrome may set in. This is what I call Partner ED Syndrome. Can you relate to some of these ED consequences?

– Her Post Coital Double Whammy. It’s a fact that men and women have different sex agendas. Women seek intimacy before and after sex whilst men seek intimacy through sex. After another Mr ED let-down you may beat yourself up, apologise and even worse, withdraw emotionally. Mr ED’s reaction is to drive an emotional wedge through your relationship because he’s far better off
keeping you all to himself. But let’s think about the partner for a second: she has just suffered a double whammy. Not only did she not have sexual intercourse with you but, in addition, she’s left with an emotional void just when she would like intimacy!

– Frustration for both of you. This is especially true if your partner thinks she might have an orgasm through intercourse if only you could get and keep your Dick erect for long enough! Frustration aggravates relationship issues. Some couples may try to deal with this by using other means to help her come. This is commendable but, let’s not fool ourselves and rely on this as a solution when it’s possible to overcome your ED issues and have a more fulfilled sex life. What have you got to lose? Apart from the speedboat you got for your birthday?

– Withdrawal from your partner. You feel you let your partner down. You may become angry with yourself and lose the special connection with your partner that you enjoyed during the early stages of your lovemaking life.

– You both lose interest in having sex together. After repeated failures, your partner may dread the thought of getting excited only to be let down by another frustrating non-event. She may start exploring other ways to fulfill herself which could undermine or ultimately ruin your relationship.

– She fears or does not want to hurt you and does not raise the issue. This internal festering of issues will eventually undermine your relationship. Worse still, she blames herself and thinks you don’t desire her any more.

– Even if you are trying to impress her with prolonged foreplay and get her turned on, your ED can get her to return to the unaroused state which becomes uncomfortable. And then watch the bedroom turn into Antarctica.

– She starts to wonder if your ED  is deliberate because you don’t care about her any more. She may think you want to deprive her of pleasure, or that you are being plain selfish.

– She can’t understand why you cannot have any control over your Dick. Anger and frustration follow. And if you’re really unlucky, her mother comes to console her.

– She tries various acts to stimulate you to get your Dick erect. Her actions interrupt your intimacy and you are both uncomfortable.

If one or more of these situations sounds all too familiar to you, you may begin to feel like the worst guy in the world. Or the first and only one to be such a burden or disappointment to your partner. But you should not feel isolated or inadequate. It’s a fact and I repeat: you are not alone. Oh dear, you may think, does this mean there’s a whole army of Mr EDs out there? Over half of all men between 40 and 70 suffer from some form of ED. So, you could say there is an army out there. But, it’s not an invincible army, and one that can be easily overcome.