More Diet Tips

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 No Commented
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Some more dieting tips to help you on your journey:

First, when you work out mix it up. Try walking at a slightly faster pace than a stroll for a few minutes then pick up the pace to a jog or brisk walk for several minutes. Slow back down but do high knee lifts with every step for 2 minutes, and so on. Mixing up your heat rate allows you to burn more calories per workout and helps you feel better as well.

When you’re doing a workout try adding 5 pounds of weight. You can easily burn over 500 calories more with just this small addition to your routine. If you don’t want to hold weights, try using ankle weights and hand gloves with weights inside. This helps fee up your hands if that’s what you like. It’s also been shown that adding weights reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later years.

Just in case you didn’t already know, you need to remove junk foods from your diet. However sometimes it’s easier said than done. I have found that it’s much easier to avoid the temptations if I don’t have them in my house in the first place. I do my best (doesn’t always work) of only buying foods that are good for my body. Yet we all know that there are just times that chocolate (or whatever craving you have) just sounds WAY too good. In those cases, first of all wait at least 10 minutes to determine if it’s really a craving or boredom. If it turns out you still just have to have it, don’t gorge yourself. Eat only enough to get the taste and remove the craving, then put the rest away.

As long as you just take action your body will change. From personal experience though, instead of using a scale to track your results use a tape measure. Take measurements before you start this fantastic journey and then recheck those measurements weekly. This is a much more accurate way to track your progress, and more gratifying as well.

Just keep moving and changing things up so your body doesn’t get used to the same old routine and you will start to see the results that you are looking for. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen overnight. Remember the weight didn’t just show up that fast nor will it come off that fast. Have patience with yourself.