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Air, water, food, light and warmth are the elements, through which the new science uses as methods for cardinal solving of life issues. One, who understands the properties and applications of these elements, may recover in 5 minutes.

prevention and erectile dysfunction

prevention and erectile dysfunction


You live in Nature, but you cannot profit from it. Why? You do not know its laws. If you want to be in harmony with it, to benefit from its wealth, start learning its language. In order to learn the language of Nature, you have to study the forms of the bodies, their content and meaning.

Every person benefits of the goods of Nature, depending on the degree of his development.

One shall live according to the laws of Nature. If he does not obey these laws voluntarily, Nature will compel him by force to obey them.

There are three sources, through which the Divine world influences us: through food that comes from the plant kingdom, through the air, which includes light, warmth, magnetism, and electricity, and through thoughts and feelings. Therefore, these are the three most important tributaries that constantly come from the Divine world. If you close any of these tributaries, you will find yourself in a great contradiction. So, one may perceive the Divine through food, through light, warmth, electricity, and magnetism, and finally through all the rest powers, acting in nature. One may perceive the Divine also through the most sublime and pure thought.

Enormous energy is locked in rocks, seas, Cosmos, and people have not yet used the full potential of their brains, nor have used these extraordinary sources of energy.

When talking about healthy, normal life, it means proper usage of the energies from the external world, from the rational Nature.

Once the digestive system is blocked, the respiratory is also blocked and breathing becomes rapid and irregular. That is why these two systems must be kept in good state. Eating, in general, means a process of perception: perception of the living powers of Nature. These powers are taken in through food, through the air, water, light, and warmth, and finally through the living thought. The rational man has ways, through which he may extract the living powers from these environments. One, who knows carbon, its properties and compounds, he may always extract life from it.

Do not think it is easy for one to cope with the powers, acting in Nature, as well as in every living being. If you touch a person, whose energies are opposite to yours, you will spoil your state. And then some time shall pass until you cope with these energies. For instance, it is not one and the same who will sew your clothes. Choose such a tailor, whose energies match yours. In other words, be friends with people, with whom you are in harmony. Use the services of those, with who you are in agreement and unity. In this respect, birds have solved this issue. To overcome difficulties in their lives, they have developed in themselves the art of sewing clothes by themselves, painting and arranging them by themselves. One must be careful when he chooses his tailor, cook, as well as the books he will read. It is not one and the same who the author is. It is better if you read the books of that author that suits your character. It is good to read books that author with whom you set up in a range. It is not important if these books will be scientific or fictional.