Impotence – Eretile Dysfuction in Canada

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Am I likely to become impotent? I have had diabetes for five years.

There is no doubt that many men with diabetes worry about the possibility of developing erectile dysfunction (impotence) in the future. Our advice is to try to keep your diabetes under good control and this will reduce the risk of future complications. If you are unlucky enough to develop erectile difficulties, there are now a number of treatments available to help. Your doctor will be able to advise you and if necessary refer you to a specialist clinic. Impotence - Eretile Dysfuction

My husband, who is middle-aged with Type 2 diabetes, has been impotent for the past two years. Please will you explain what causes this?

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) worries many people and occurs in men with and without diabetes. It appears that one in five men with diabetes may develop this problem at some stage in their lives, though the condition may be reversible. Most men with erectile difficulties do not have diabetes and a number of other factors such as anxiety, depression, overwork, tiredness, stress, alcohol excess and grief can cause this problem. Any man may find that he is temporarily impotent and fear of failure can make things worse. Overwork or worry can lead to lack of interest in sex and erectile dysfunction. Excess alcohol, while not causing lack of interest in sex, may lead to impotence.

Some men with diabetes do develop erectile difficulties, as a result of problems with the blood supply or the nerve supply to the penis. This usually develops slowly and in younger people it can often be prevented by strict blood glucose control. Treatments such as Viagra® are now available and can be prescribed by your husband’s doctor. In older people the condition is more difficult to treat successfully, partly because there may be other medical factors in addition to diabetes. Your husband should discuss the matter further with his own doctor.

Recently, I have had trouble keeping an erection – has this anything to do with my diabetes? I also had a vasectomy a few years ago.

This is difficult to answer without knowing more about you and your medical history. Vasectomy may lead to impotence for psychological reasons but is unlikely to have caused any damage which might affect erections. Failure to maintain an adequate erection may be an early sign of diabetic neuropathy and you might need blood tests to rule out other medical causes. However, it is often a symptom of overwork or simply the ageing process.

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