How to Manage Healthy Blood Pressure Naturally

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High blood pressure is one of the most serious risk factors for coronary disease, kidney disease, stroke and heart attacks. It has no symptoms of its own, earning it the nickname of the “silent killer.” Treating hypertension has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry, headed up by pharmaceutical companies that offer expensive pills and medications with serious side effects. In many cases, hypertension can be controlled naturally through lifestyle changes, diet and natural supplements.

Managing your blood pressure naturally requires a commitment to healthier living, which is more difficult – but in the end far healthier and more effective – than taking a daily pill for the rest of your life. If you’ve been prescribed medication for hypertension by a doctor, be sure to keep taking it and discuss what you’re doing with your doctor so that he can keep an eye on things and re-evaluate your need for medication on a regular basis. For some people, even adopting healthy habits and abandoning unhealthy ones won’t be enough to bring hypertension back to normal. Many others, though, find ways to manage blood pressure naturally without the use of medication with all of its side effects.

1. Exercise regularly to help lower blood pressure naturally.

Regular activity is one of the best ways to lower your pressure naturally. Exercise is effective in lowering pressure because it helps release nitric oxide, a substance that helps keep your blood vessels open. When you exercise, your heart pumps more blood through your veins, which stimulates the endothelial layer – the inner surface of your blood vessels – to produce more nitric oxide, which in turn keeps the blood flowing through your veins by keeping them wider and more able to carry more blood through your veins.

2. Substitute plant sterols for higher cholesterol animal fats.

Plant sterols are naturally found in nuts, beans, vegetables and whole grains – in essence, they are plant-based fats. Unlike cholesterol, fat from animal sources, plant sterols and stanols seem to help increase the good cholesterol in your blood, which helps lead to lower pressure naturally. Many herbal supplements include plant sterols along with other herbal substances that help lower your blood pressure.

3. Cut back on the amount of salt you use.

Sodium has been implicated in hypertension. One of the most important ways to lower blood pressure is to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet.

4. Eat a heart healthy diet.

Grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits are another natural way to lower your blood pressure. They contain substances that support the functions of your heart, liver, kidneys and digestive system, making them more efficient at using nutrients and disposing of waste, thus lowering blood pressure by reducing cholesterol and plaque buildup in your veins.

5. Take support supplements.

There are many dietary supplements on the market that help support your efforts to lower your pressure. They can be a valuable way of adding support nutrients to your daily intake. Talk to your doctor about which ingredients in herbal supplements can help lower your blood pressure naturally – and be sure to let him know about anything that you take so that he can monitor your blood pressure and adjust your medication if needed.