How to Grow Your Hair Naturally

Friday, March 25th, 2011 No Commented
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Falling and thinning hair and getting bald are just among the common problems that many people have encountered when it comes to their crowning glory and sometimes these problems can lead to frustrations. Of course, you won’t find it attractive losing your hair, but you can actually do something about it. In fact, you can find ways to grow it back naturally.

If you find yourself facing these types of problems with your crowning glory, may it be thinning or too much falling hair every time you shower or if you have noticed you are starting to go bald, here are a few tips that may be helpful in finding ways to grow back your hair naturally.

1. Nourish your hair with proper nutrition by maintaining a balanced, nutrient-packed diet. Yes, the health of your hair does not depend on how classy your salon is or how expensive your shampoo or products are. In fact, it boils down to what you eat. The health of your hair springs from the nutrients you are getting from the food you take. To help you maintain a healthy and promote its growth, check out what you eat. You have to have enough Vitamin B complex, B6 as well as Vitamins E and C in your diet to make sure you have healthy hair. Aside from these vitamin groups, you may also need daily doses of other vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of your crowning glory.

2. Get rid of habits that can deteriorate the health of your hair. Avoid smoking, caffeine and soda which do not only pose health risks but can also hinder good growth and health of your hair and skin. Cut your hair regularly. Especially if you have split ends and damaged ends, it is important to get rid of them to maintain a healthy growing hair and of course, a stronger one far from balding. You may also need to get rid of unnecessary combing and harsh brushing as well as too much exposure to the sun to avoid weakening of your hair.

3. Avoid too much exposure to hair chemicals and heat. With the aim of making your hair beautiful and shiny, you may be tempted to get the latest technology on salon treatments but keep in mind that these may cause your hair to be weaker and drier in the long run. In fact, too much exposure to heat, hot water and other salon treatment can stress it and make it more prone to damages as well as weakening, falling and thinning.

4. Use natural products to help grow your hair naturally. Coconut oil is said to make it grow stronger and darker. Coconut oil massaged regularly onto the scalp is also a good way to grow your hair naturally and treat hair loss. Ginseng is also another natural remedy that promotes blood circulation and promoting re-growth as well. Saw palmetto is another effective natural treatment to grow it back and in fact, it is a common ingredient in many hair re-grow shampoos.

5. Have regular exercise. Regular exercise promotes blood flow in all parts of your body and that includes promoting a healthy scalp which also helps in the re-growth of your hair as well.

You can start with these tips to re-grow your hair back. If you go for natural treatments, make sure that you are also well-informed. Re-growing your hair back cannot happen overnight, thus you have to be patient too.