Home Teeth Whitening Kits

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These days we’re greeted by bright, pearly white smiles every time we turn around so it’s no wonder that teeth whitening kits have become the next best thing since sliced bread. You see them blaring out at you from the magazines that surround you at the grocery store check out line. Everybody on TV has teeth so white you almost need to adjust the contrast on your set. Even you kid’s class picture has a few dozen little blazes of white popping in the background. So it’s only natural that you want to get your teeth as white as possible to. But how do you know which one of those teeth whitening kits are right for YOU?

Well, first of all, you could ask your dentist. And of course he’s going to tell you that none of them are and that you should pony up a few hundred bucks or so and make an appointment to let him do it for you – professionally of course. What he’s not going to tell you is that it’s going to take a couple of office visits for him to do it which is going to cost you a lot of time in the dentist chair not to mention extra money each visit. And he’s also not going to tell you that while he has you in the chair he’s going to find a lot of cavities that have mysteriously popped up, possibly a root canal that just appeared out of nowhere, and he’ll probably try to talk you into veneers, too.

In the early days of teeth whitening kits it was true that you’d get much better results from your dentist. But today’s kits have come a long way and when used properly your results may even be better than if you did go to your dentist simply because you’ll be in control of the chair so to speak.

Your dentist may also tell you that these teeth whitening kits aren’t safe for your teeth but today’s kits are approved by the American Dental Association and again, if you follow the package directions they’re perfectly safe.

You do need to keep in mind however that not everyone has that bright, pearly white smile that you see peering out at you from the magazine covers. First of all, all of those cover images have been digitally altered – airbrushed is what they usually call it and making the teeth whiter and brighter is the first thing these artists do. And no matter how many times you use one of those teeth whitening kits your teeth are only going to get as white as Mother Nature will allow them to get. So go ahead and get a home teeth whitening kit. They’re a lot less expensive than a couple of visits to the dentist and they’re very safe to use. Just make sure you warn me before you smile so I can put on my sunglasses!