Herbal Remedy For Panic Attacks

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The use of herbal remedy for panic attacks has become one of the more common methods employed today. This is because, unlike the use of drugs and other forms of medication, herbal remedies for panic attacks are not accompanied with any unwanted side effects. People do not have to worry about a dryness of mouth, dizziness or a change in appetite which they often experience with drug use. They also are able to benefit from many other positive effects by using herbal remedies.

There are many herbal treatments available for people who experience panic attacks. The decision of which of these will be used will depend on the needs of each individual.

Some of the more common herbs used include:

Chamomile: The use of Chamomile has been in use for many years. The effect of Chamomile tea loosens the muscles of the body leaving people feeling relaxed and refreshed. The actions of Chamomile can therefore be highly beneficial when taken by people who are experiencing anxiety attacks. Chamomile also helps combat many of the digestive problems that occur during panic attacks. For example, it is effective in curing instances of nausea.

Lavender: Considering that Lavender is such a lovely smelling herb, it is not surprising that its use can significantly improve the spirits of people who are depressed. Lavender can be used as an aromatherapy herb in a warm bath or mixed with massage oils. The simple sweet smelling presence of lavender in a room can also successfully lift the spirits of people around.

Passion flower: One of the common symptoms of panic attacks is a condition known as sleep apnea. This is characterized by rapid and labored breathing when people are asleep. People who suffer from this type of attacks often wake up suddenly in the night unable to breathe. The use of passion flower can easily prevent this. The passion flower herb acts as a mild sedative thereby allowing people to have a calmer experience while sleeping. It also ensures that people sleep for far longer hours, allowing their bodies efficiently recharge and rebuild energy levels.

There are many stores which offer Herbal remedy for panic attacks on-line. However, with most sources on the Internet, it is always important that people only buy their herbs from proven on-line sources. Panic attacks are unpleasant experiences which can creep up suddenly on anyone. With the use of the right herbs however, they can also just as easily be cured.