HCG Hormone For Weight Loss

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The HCG hormone for weight loss is a revolutionary concept of reducing weight. Previous to it, our idea of losing weight is limited to performance of rigid daily exercises and not eating much. We believed the combination of the two will surely lead to reduced body weight. Unfortunately, given that most people are too busy making a living or too occupied with TV watching, most efforts often fail to obtain satisfactory results. The HCG hormone because it does away with time-consuming exercise presents overweight people with opportunity to reduce without routine activities being disrupted, something that greatly increases their chances of finally succeeding to eliminate unwanted body fats.

This hormone was discovered by DR. ATW Simeons who worked for years with pregnant women. He observed that the HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, helps pregnant break down all the foods they eat into useful nutrients to sustain their bodies and babies. This is the reason why expectant mothers do not gain much weight even if they eat a lot. From this observation, the Doctor conceptualized the idea of using the hormone as a substance for weight reduction.

We become fat because our metabolism is unable to burn all the fats our body takes in. To make matters worse, they are not flushed out of the body but stored instead in unlikely places. The results are double chins, bulging stomachs and thighs. The HCG hormones help reduce weight by helping our metabolic process work like the way it works in pregnant women – efficiently breaking all foods into useful nutrients or flushing wastes out of our systems.

It must be noted, however, that the powers of the HCG hormone cannot work alone. To be useful, it needs the HCG diet specially formulated to activate the hormone and detoxify the body of harmful wastes. We can see easily the purpose of the very low calorie but protein and fiber rich diet – lessen the fats we consume to focus our metabolism on burning accumulated fats and ridding our bodies of waste materials. There is no better way to lose weight fast.