Female Genital Herpes

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Fact: 60% of women suffering from genital herpes do not know they have the disease otherwise known as HSV-2 and unwittingly pass it along to their unsuspecting partners. Signs of female genital herpes vary and transmission can occur in some unlikely ways.

What is HSV-2 and How Does It Affect Women
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HSV-2 in more commonly known as genital and in women just as in men it can take up residence in the sacral ganglion region of the spine. When the virus is active it may migrate to the vaginal, inner thigh or anal area of the women. At that time liquid filled blisters or pimple like pustules will form, eventually breaking open and scabbing over. The duration of a breakout may vary, but generally last between 10-14 days, depending on severity. The first breakout tends to occur within the first 14 days of contact with the infected person again, usually appearing around the vaginal and/or anal regions. In some more severe breakouts glandular swelling and flu like symptoms may occur. Such severe symptoms may need the care of a physician.


Female genital herpes transmission most often occurs with direct contact from a sexual partner when the partner is “shedding”. During “shedding” the virus is active on the skin, no symptoms may be shown, but this is the period when the HSV-2 virus is most contagious. Transmission can occur while kissing, during intercourse, from oral to genital, genital to oral contact and little known vehicle of transmission “sex toys”. It is recommended that “sex toys” not be shared or sanitized thoroughly as not to infect your partner. The herpes virus can also be spread from mother to child during birth; the virus can find its way to the uterus and urinary tract in women. Should a female be experiencing a genital herpes breakout during birth, the physician may recommend a cesarean birth.


Female genital herpes maybe diagnosed most commonly in one of two ways: visual inspection or blood test. The most common, the visual inspection, is a self-assessment in which either redness, blisters or scabbing are present, but you may still want to confirm with your physician. Less common, but more effective are blood tests in which your physician can check for HSV-2 antibodies in your blood confirming the presence of the virus.

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As of yet, there is no cure for female genital herpes, but there are several ways to both decrease the number and severity of breakouts. Everyday suppression techniques include stress management, eating food low in arginine and simple L-Lysine supplements. I highly recommend you seek out reading material regarding a healthier herpes lifestyle and confidently say you will live a happier, healthier almost herpes free lifestyle.