Damaged Skin from Smoking

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Listen up! This article is going to be about how to repair damaged skin from smoking, and just because you may not smoke yourself doesn’t mean that the information here doesn’t apply to you to. While people that regularly use cigarettes are the ones hardest hit by the effects that the impurities in cigarettes contain, those being exposed to second hand smoke can be affected more than they would like to believe as well.

Smoking is one of the habits that can negatively affect you entire being. Not only has cigarette smoke been linked to such illnesses as emphysema, heart disease, and a variety of types of cancer, but it also causes your skin to wrinkle prematurely. Not only will smoking cause you to develop wrinkles earlier than your non-smoking peers, but your wrinkling will be more severe.

It is imperative that you learn how to repair damaged skin from smoking. Inhaling cigarette smoke constricts your blood vessels, which will impair the flow of oxygen and essential nutrients to your skin. Smoking has also proven to cause your collagen and elastin to break down, which is not good since the production of these two important tissues is already in decline. Those regularly exposed to second hand smoke also experience these issues, although to a lesser degree.

The only thing that those inhaling their neighbor’s smoke don’t have to be concerned with is what is known as “smoker’s face”. The constant squinting of the eyes and pursing of the lips that do, they tend to develop deep creases in the skin surrounding the eyes and mouth. These mouth and eye lines will be far, far worse then those suffered by people that have never lifted a cigarette to their lips.

If you are a smoker, then for your health more than your appearance you really should stop. With that being said, what you need in order to combat the damage that time and your own bad habits have had on your skin is get your hands on an all natural anti aging skin care formula. Much of the damage your skin has incurred is oxidative, and can easily be reversed by using the correct formula.

How to repair damaged skin from smoking is by using a formula featuring ingredients rich in antioxidants such as natural vitamin E, grape seed oil, Maracuja passion fruit extract, Babassu wax, and active Manuka honey. This last ingredient is a truly potent antioxidant, and is such a powerful antibacterial and antifungal compound that regularly applying it to your skin can actually boost your immune system. Active Manuka honey also encourages collagen creation.

The two best natural compounds for replenishing your collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are also loaded with antioxidants. Cynergy TK, which is made up of proteins and enzymes, is extremely effective in promoting the creation of new collagen and elastin. Phytessence Wakame kelp extract will keep your hyaluronic acid from being broken down, which greatly increases the presence of this vital polymer.

Make no mistake about it. How to repair damaged skin from smoking is something that smokers and non-smokers alike need to know.