Causes and associations in mood disorders

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Depression and other mood disorders tend to proliferate as a result of multiple. complex. biological, psychological and social factors, including war and other violent conflicts, natural disasters, poverty and limited access to resources. A combination of genetic and environmental factors join to unchain depression (Sullivan et al.. 2000: Wong and Licinio. 2001: Lesch. 2004: Hamel and Tremblay, 2005: Ebmeier et al., 2006). Multiple susceptibility genes of major or small effect, in interaction with each other and in conjunction with environmental events, produce vulnerability to the disorder.

A significant determinant of depression is the individual’s “personal threshold.” or vulnerability to depression. Some people are more likely than others to become depressed. but no one is immune. Depression can affect individuals at any stage of the life span. although the incidence is highest during middle age. There is, however, an increasing recognition of depression during adolescence and young adulthood (Lewinsohn et al., 1993: Taylor et al.. 2002)